Reviews for Stronger Woman
jim89 chapter 1 . 1/30/2016
It's quite sad and powerful same time here is you bring some raw of feelings unconventional relationship

Narration from star here is sad she prefer a more open and maybe feeling before partner but she also realized that Sam in a way that comfortable with such things she's trying because she cares

Like Sam is like someone locks her doors a gated community is not needed, but what she does

As for Sam in a house that's a tough sell she knew Tucker and Danny for years, right before she invited them over. She'd known him since grade school and only at the beginning of high school did she let them visit. So again Sam's very close when it comes to doing things about herself

Not easy for her

The question started asks is how to make Sam comfortable enough to she's willing to let star all the way in. Star knows the very beginning. If you came on Sam scared fragile and broken. With that Sam is developed the very thorny around herself. So yes she thinks Sam was horrible me strong woman but she also knows she can see the reason why

What keeps star there, she sees beyond she knows this Sam could let go of some of the pain and let her in

At the end looks like star knows she loves Sam, but at this time is completely one-sided
Sam had her life or upside down there was a drowning woman star was the life preserver but nothing more

In the end it feels the sentence wasn't ready just couldn't see stars feelings in the depths of them
so she forsaken them. A ironically the same mistake Danny did when he let Sam know his feelings
he underestimated the depth of what Sam felt and was calloused to her. Now Sam same to star

Ironically, in the end of the a long time. Sam can feel and have a genuine healthy relationship
given how Sam's inability to feel right now and move on with the moment. It might be years before she realize she had star

So this is really quite insightful with psychological interest of both involve, shame it's a one-shot
and be very interesting to see the same story told again but from inside Sam's perspective

I don't usually bring up the possibility of follow-up. Especially with a one-shot, but I believe the so well done everything such a interesting psychological take. Any unique pairing Sam and star
I think all of us could agree to be nice see more of this

We shall see
KandiKitty chapter 1 . 5/25/2013
wow... i really liked this story. it was truely amazing
Dantalions chapter 1 . 1/12/2013
I've actually never read a femslash fic before, so i decided to read one written by you. and i wasn't disappointed! it was really good, and i kind of felt bad for Star and Sam, albeit for different reasons, obviously. and it was also kind of cool reading about Dash and Danny's relationship from an outsiders perspective.

it was just really good and i want to kick myself for not reading this sooner.
Polly Phobia chapter 1 . 2/21/2010
This is really beautiful. Powerful, digging into the raw inner psyche and all. It also manages to feel ... real. In unconventional relationships, there are often outside elements that people just ignore. It's easy to say "Oh, gays and lesbians are just like straight couples but with different genders," (if you support them at all), but even though that's true in a lot of ways, there are also lots of complications that get ignored. (I'm thinking mostly about the detail where Sam doesn't ever want to do more than kiss closed-mouth, doesn't want to get too into it, thinking it's "nasty" or "dirty"...)

The insight into Dash and Danny's relationship in the background also added another strong emotional element.

You're right about there not being enough properly-handled F/F romance. Or F/F romance at all, really.


CuCernunnos chapter 1 . 2/9/2010
Interesting story. A little fragmented at spots and there were a few places where I had to read twice before I could follow the story (most likely due to my advancing age) but it was good. You don't see many stories on Star, and this one made you think "outside the box" which too few writers accomplish.

So overall, great job.
Serenade Goryo chapter 1 . 11/19/2009
This was beautiful, Rin. I adore the fearless way you write. I might have kept the scene. The feeling of the piece wouldn't allow it to come across as smut.
Blitzdrake chapter 1 . 11/6/2009
I've never read femslash before. What a cute little story! I skimmed the naughty stuff, but only 'cause girl bits still make me blush even the...(whispers) boobies... It's a problem I'm working on! Still though, I feel so ridiculously bad for Star, though she was used for a good cause. That's a pretty important message to send across in a story. Soemthign I've learned myself from experience, it's always better to recover, than rebound, even if the rebound is from somethign that was one-sided!


Nice one
SetsunaNoroi chapter 1 . 11/6/2009
Wow. Sweet, and very sad. I feel bad for Star, which is a first really.

And yay. Updates. Always good to hear. XD