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Guest chapter 23 . 9/29/2016
Guest chapter 23 . 9/29/2016
Gabby-Hunter chapter 25 . 8/30/2016
If they have a daughter they should name her Carolina after their song
Gabby-Hunter chapter 16 . 8/30/2016
I'm surprised they haven't had sex in the auditorium or in the glee room since Rachel loves music so much
Gabby-Hunter chapter 13 . 8/30/2016
I hope it turns out to be twins
Gabby-Hunter chapter 7 . 8/30/2016
ceberle chapter 2 . 5/19/2016
Smytheberry1726 chapter 20 . 3/7/2016
Omfg this chapter too funny poor finn lol
Guest chapter 24 . 4/8/2015
Th last song shouldove been the ending song to the movie Grease!
mayasquared chapter 25 . 4/1/2015
AMAZING! I loved this.
Juli06 chapter 25 . 2/7/2015
First... I'm sorry for my english, I'm brazilian and I started learn hahaha But.. wow, I love your fanfiction. If this happened in Glee.. OMGG I was freaked out. I was Finchel but when Rachel and Puck were together in Glee I was so in love... And when I started read this I just.. can't stop. I know that I said before but I LOVE EVERYTHING, EVERY SONG, EVERY ROMANCE, EVERY SINGLE WORD. Congratulation! And.. I finished read some days ago and right now I have no idea what to do with my time... I'm so glad to find your story. Thank you... Thank You so much for share this with us.
joy 182737 chapter 25 . 12/30/2014
That was the most heart warming story ever! I puckleberry
SammiLoves2Write chapter 25 . 12/4/2014
JaToya chapter 25 . 12/8/2013
Great story. A little rough in the beginning but it smoothed out as it went along. Definitely a satisfying read.
Madilyn the Introvert chapter 17 . 12/7/2013
Okay, this story may be a few years old but whatever i love it!

Kurt is awesome in this story and and i'm definitely looking forward to when Puckleberry is born.
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