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Kallios the Scholar chapter 13 . 7/27/2011
Green thong, green thong *claws at eyes and whimpers* Ah, well, I guess I did ask for this chapter. Thanks so much for writing it. Ewan was adorable, and its kinda cute (or just creepy) that the knights want to protect him so much. I laughed, and laughed, until my face was aching from grinning.

Kallios the Scholar chapter 12 . 7/27/2011
Having been relocated to the living room because my bedroom is now swarming with bees (they were originally in the attic but managed to make a hole in my ceiling) everyone in my house is now staring at me while I'm laughing my head off. I love it when you update, since my day automatically gets better.

lycanus1 chapter 12 . 7/23/2011
*grins* If beta'ing means I get a heads-up on "Empire's" chapters, then it's sure as hell worth it. It's a sheer joy to read these, y'know ? Only snag is I'm only able to get to the serious work of beta'ing once I've sobered up & managed to get the uncontrollable giggling out of my system !

How you manage to sustain such a high standard of humour beats the hell out of me. Not once do the laughs flag & for that I'm eternally grateful.

There are so many funny parts & lines in this one I don't know where to begin. But when your boys go in for overkill, they sure go in for OVERKILL & don't hold back !

Nice ending - would just love to know who's responsible for the dismemberment & the smiley face.

As long as you keep writing these, I'll keep on reading ... I really need my "giggle-fix" & "Empire" provides it in spades !
lycanus1 chapter 11 . 7/23/2011
All I can say now is that from this day forth, the 4th of July - in our household - will be known as International Sarmatia Day ! Gods love Gaheris for that inspired statement ! One that's wholeheartedly endorsed by the unholy rabble over here ! ;)

As always brilliantly funny, yet with a very poignant ending. Really well done.
Kallios the Scholar chapter 11 . 7/10/2011
As usual, I was laughing so hard that my sides were hurting. The ending was wonderful.

Will there ever be a chapter featuring the knights and your son? He's mentioned several times to have interaction with the knights, but nothing more.

ArqanesQueen chapter 10 . 2/15/2011
Ahh, once again you have me completely bewildered and laughing so hard my sides are hurting. Oh, I think Valentine's might have been the most traumatic, yet interesting and well, yet.

The Cupid's and the pink Galahad (oh, god that imagine will be burned into the mind forever)and the hanging Mouse was just the beginning.

But really, the icing on the cake was the blue meanie's quest to retrieve the box of chocolates from Lance. Poor Arthur..well not really. He *did* cause it, so it's his own fault. Cowering in the closet...hmm, makes me wonder when he's ever going to come *out* of the closet if you know what I mean... I wonder what the blue one would say if Arthur told her he might be in love with Lancelot...

Ok, slightly disturbing, sorry, but nevertheless, an idea to toy with *evil laugh*

Amazing chapter as always and I am definitely looking forward to their next adventure...or mishap...or whatever.. D

Kallios the Scholar chapter 10 . 2/15/2011
I snorted chocolate milk up my nose from laughing so hard. This was really funny, and I loved it! Now... what holiday will the Knights decide to terrorize next?
lycanus1 chapter 10 . 2/12/2011
Oh, what can I say ... ? *sinks back on couch & wipes away tears of laughter*

This has to be the best yet. Seriously. Far too many things to list, but the image of "Cupid" Gawain & Mouse, as well as a Pepto Bismo-coated Pup, is now firmly embedded in my mind. Still feel cheated by not having Grav swinging about in a harness, clutching a bow & confetti etc though.

Best of all is the image of a bondage-clad Blue Meanie squabbling with & attacking Mouth with relish over a box of chocolates - that really sends me to my happy place, followed by the sudden appearance of the gutless wonder who's quaking in the closet. Absolutely priceless.

These just get better & better. And I find myself loving them even more with every chapter. Roll on the crew's Easter escapades - can already imagine the Whelp's sugar-high ! ;)
Vehome chapter 9 . 2/7/2011
This was just glorious! Nobody ever had me laughing so hard in a long time. Love it!

What I would like to read is certainly Valentine's Day and later the "Easter Bunny hunt" you mentioned in your "Christmas"-chapter.

Just imagine for Valentine's Day how annoying the trio of Artie, Guin and Lance would be. Or the many little girls standing infront of your door to give their cards to knights. However that day would go - I don't want to swap places with you.

Kallios the Scholar chapter 9 . 2/4/2011
You had me giggling inanely throughout this chapter. Great job!

And if you need ideas I've got a few: Valentine's Day Chaos and Possible Bloodshed, with Tristan getting really scared by all the pink and red hearts, and Arthur going all sappy and romantic and everyone mocking him for it. OR, the two Saxons could be showing up and fighting/bickering with the Knights. Your house might get turned into a battleground, though.

And a final note, because the Day of Romantic Sappiness is drawing near and I am not immune to its charms, if any readers get to send Valentine cards to the Knights could you please pass mine on to Galahad, okay? It's the one next to yours that has the box of chocolates attached. The poor guy needs SOMEONE on his side, seeing as everyone else is tormenting him without letup...

ArqanesQueen chapter 9 . 1/29/2011
HAHAHA! Yay, I loved it! Oh, the revelation of their ancestry is so shockingly exciting...even more so that Lancelot is French and not Welsh. Loved the dragon part, especially the stuffying of "Gallyhad"...Mordred can just be so insensitive sometimes...okay, almost always.

Love how you got them to stay really, couldn't have a done a better job than that. And anyways, you were looking out for them, so the gods should be blessing you for your good deed )

Oh, and I have to say, I forgot to review your Christmas chapter which was absolutely brilliant. Loved the traps, the reindeer luring (bad Tristan) and the consequential outcome of their actions...I'm sure they had a very distrubed Christmas after waking up...haha...

To be honest, I know this is short notice, but since you're an excellent writer, you should definitely do something for Valentine's have the blue meanie, sorry I mean Guinevere and Arthur get into an argument because Lancelot wants Arthur to be his Valentine too...or you could hand out fluffy pink cards to all the knights and explain to them the point of the holiday...although I don't think they'll appreciate the pink much...

Anyway, just an idea, I hope you update soon and sorry for the painfully long review. Thanks for keeping me laughing D

lycanus1 chapter 9 . 1/28/2011
Well, the old dragon really couldn't pass the chance to say something about this chapter, could she ? ;)

Had me in stitches. It was such an enjoyable read. And Beds ? Gods 3 him ! Seriously. I fear, he may well run away with "Empire" the way he carries on. Some of the stuff he comes out with is just priceless.

So many funny & great things in this to mention - I'd be here all day. But it's great you finally got the chance to wind up & confuddle the crew, insted of them pranking you as they usually do. Lovely job in confusing them about their nationality too. It was so easy to feel their shock, horror & disbelief as you kindly revealed that little nugget of info.

Also loved the way the Pup found something new to fixate on - the dragon. As well as the banter between 'Dred & Grav about stuffing Gallyhad with Galahad. ;D

This chapter, like the rest, certainly didn't disappoint. As always loved it & am really looking forward to what your crew expect you to explain next !
Kallios the Scholar chapter 8 . 1/11/2011
Yeah, I can just see them doing something crazy like this. Is Mouse an OC of yours, or is he a part of the Arthur/Knight legend?
Rhapsody's Raven chapter 8 . 12/29/2010
Hi there,

I'm really enjoying this story immensely. Its quite an entertaining read. :D.

Can't wait to see how you explain both New Years Eve and Day to everyone.

Excitedly looking forward to the next installment.

lycanus1 chapter 8 . 12/27/2010
If I thought the other chapters were great, this one blew me away. Totally cracked me up. There are far too many funny bits to choose just the one, but the idea of Santa-cide was just priceless.

As always, LOVED it ! Can't wait for the next installment. ;)
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