Reviews for Senses: Smell: The Scent Of Summer
Agafa Shelly chapter 1 . 12/27/2014
Is this g1, or the beymovies?i read green head so it cant be idw comics?
ghost-writer-88 chapter 6 . 10/10/2012
So, I must ask, would Tracks' human mate happen to be named Raoul?
StarCaptain299 chapter 3 . 11/4/2011
I LOVE that last scene! LOL
OrianPrime92 chapter 6 . 1/28/2010

YES! I wanna see their vacation! XD
crimsonseastorm chapter 6 . 1/27/2010
Poor Wise! Such an awful thing to happen to him...and Rodi saw the pictures? Oh that's painful...good thing these two are so awesome for each other it's ridiculous (in a good way lol) XD So So SO touching! makes me *wibble* and bonding is such a good idea *nods sagely* 'specially since they have such an awesome sparkling *cough*

They even moved in together! Squeals! Vacation? I like the sound of that! XDD
misswildfire chapter 5 . 1/8/2010
Aw! Wise, just tell him! Roddy will still love you!

Great story. Update soon!
thepheonixqueen chapter 5 . 12/7/2009
oh, is rodimus going to be angry when he finds out what the cons did to his 'wise! They had better watch out in the next battle! muhaha! Poor streetwise and first aid! They had such a bad experience when they were trying to help people. But cuddles (and bonding and sparklings) make everything better! XD great chapter!
crimsonseastorm chapter 5 . 12/7/2009
And I didn't even mean to give you an idea...lols but what an excellent one it turned out to be XD

Who doesn't have a weak spot for sparklings? They're so cute! *cuddles* and we all know Ratch is really just a big teddy bear XD

I agree with Aid...Rodi'll love Wise regardless, if anything he'll probably love him *more* for telling him.

Hehe..."If all your armour is up here..." hehe...such a great line XDD I bet Wise is all sexy skinny dipping XDD

Aw...poor Wise still has trouble? Poor Wise...Rodi was bound to notice eventually like Aid said, either the stiffness or the scars...but now he's noticed both and that's not so easy to write off.

I'm guessing it's going to be pretty hard to refuse Rodi, especially when he's so concerned...he's in luv after all XDD He's going to be worried XDD

Lucretzia chapter 5 . 12/7/2009
Yeah tell him 'Wise... I know it hurts... *sniffles*

So beautiful~

Well the naked 'Wise and the tenderness displayed by Roddy and his loving care.

Now... go and hump each other like Wheelie (movie-verse) does Mikeala! (granted that bitch is better off dead, but I'm getting off track)

Hopefully 'Wise will tell Roddy... he deserves lots of loving!
crimsonseastorm chapter 4 . 11/28/2009
These two are so adorable together! So adorable!

You have an excellent grasp of Rodi's insecure...which is a shame because he really is awesome...good thing he has Wise to show him how awesome he is!

Wise always seems to know what Rodi needs...he's cool like that. It's just lucky for us that what Rodi needs is so fun XD

Poor OP...walking in...I figured someone would (though I assumed it'd be Perceptor lol XD) Though he did deal with it rather well and approves! Whe! XD

And I wonder what this "situation" regarding Omega is? (lols...Optio maybe?)

And they're going to bond *bounces excitedly*

It's funny that they met's a small world I suppose XDD Such an awesome little thing...just one more that cements how perfect these two are XDD
Lucretzia chapter 4 . 11/28/2009

Those two are some naughty-naughty bots~

Poor Optimus, seeing two of his subordinates doing things he rather not know about... He seriously needs to get some himself~
crimsonseastorm chapter 3 . 11/12/2009
Aw...poor Wise just didn't know how sexy he was did he? How could he not be? He has those yummy doorwings and we all know those are smexy! XD

Good thing he has Rodi to set him straight and what a way to do it XD. It's the perfect way to show he only has optics for Wise now XD

Of course what Jazz was saying is true Rodi! After all he has personal experience with doorwings could you ever doubt him?

You go Wise! Catch him good XD I salute your very perfect reasoning for arresting Rodi! XD It's awesome that Rodi feels like he can be himself around Wise...that's definitely the mark of something special.

"I'm a rebel" lol XD Such a great a line...goes wonderfully with "I'm the *bad* cop" lol XD.

I'm curious to see what Wise is going to do with his "criminal" XD
crimsonseastorm chapter 2 . 11/8/2009
I'm falling in love with the two of them...Rodi because he's Rodi and Wise because he's so adorable! XD

You bring across Wise's insecurity well...definitely going to have some...issues? (iono...that's not exactly the word I want but I don't know what's close at any rate)

Apparently Rodi is even more oblivious than I thought he was...if passerbys aren't even questioning him carrying Wise around...and actually communicating it nonverbally...

Wise has pictures of Rodi? AW! If that doesn't say "I've loved you forever" I don't know what does...o...Wise is an artist? (I'm thinking nude modeling...but that's just my dirty mind working overtime probably lol XD)

hehe Rodi is in the shower...lalala I bet he's smexy...

Over-protective/worried Wise is adorable...really Wise is pretty much super awesomely adorable...

Doorwings are pretty much going to be Wise's undoing I think...Rodi certainly seems to be drawn to them...

Definitely a bond going on here...I bet Wise is just as lonely without that link-up...(oh and have I mentioned he's adorable? XD)

Your senses series is definitely the best thing I'm reading right are made of win XD
Hot Rod's Girl chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
Oh, remind me never to get on Aid's bad side when concerning his brother. Rodimus would never know what hit him, if he doesn't start acting on his feelings for Streetwise.

Please update soon!
Donna Noble chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
Do you have any idea how brilliant you are?

Honestly, you are incredible; I only stumbled across your stories yesterday and wow, I haven't even finish reading them all, but your blowing me away. I generally stay away from romances, but yours are so sweet, and so heart-felt, and so incredibly well done! Oh dear, I'm getting addicted!

And I love the way you're writing all the characters. Streetwise and Aid make me feel vaguely like melting into a puddle of warm, content goo (I won't though, because that would be messy and undignified).

By the way, revenge on the twins in 'Sight'? Bloody amazing. I bow down to your awesomeness all over again just for that. That's gotta be the most original eye-for-eye (or perhaps, eye-for-eye sore) I have ever come across. I almost pity them. Almost. (And in this prime example, we all learn a valuable lesson; do not piss off First Aid; he's scary when he's mad.)

I can't wait to see where this one's going. Poor Rodimus, stinking up the room and missing the obvious. Glad Ratchet and Aid verbally-brained him with the truth. :3 And Sleepy, half-armored 'Wise is adorable (for the four or five seconds he was awake ;P).

By the way, I really like your idea 'bout how armor can be removed. It always struck me as silly when people treat it as being a single cast piece of them. They're robots; having a big solid chunk of armor is pretty counter-point if you can't get to what's underneath it. I imagine the original reason for removable armor was for maintenance, but you, obviously, have thought of more entertaining reasons.

In any case, I'm all hyped up for the next part of this (and, in case you haven't figured me out by now, this is all sincere and absolutely shameless flattery; I'm buttering you up, subtle encouragement that I want more). Until then, I plan to read the rest of your stuff (you have been warned; barricade your doors, lock your windows, hide your writing under the bed or I will find it ;).



P.S.: If you're really are taking suggestions for 'Touch' and 'Taste', I'm gonna put my two cents in. I say Blades/Bumblebee for 'Touch', large due to the irony; Blades falls for arguably the least likely mech available, 'Aid and 'Wise get to snicker and say 'we told you so' and you get to exploit the fact Bumblebee's got doorwings now. Besides 'Bee lost that bet with Jazz; maybe you should be unmerciful and never let him forget.

And for 'Taste', Sunstreaker and Swoop. By the way, I love irony. Maybe Swoop (who for some reason is suppose to be really ugly by Cybertronian standards) could be fixing up Sunny, promptly licks him and states, 'You taste good!' Instead of perceiving this as the intended compliment, Sunny's thinks of it more as 'He's going to EAT me!' Did I mention how much I love irony?

Oh well, food for thought; I'm quite sure whatever you come up with will be more intriguing.
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