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isekasixa chapter 15 . 5/20/2016
I've been reading your other stories for about 3 years ago, but I couldn't put my reviews because I'm a silent reader x)

This story, unfortunately, it's my first time (just yesterday night, and I finished it now) to read.
At first I thought 'crime, OshiGaku, it's a no for me'.
But then again I remember your Rikkai or Akaya's stories, so I want to kill my time to read, hoping it would give me a thrilled feeling.
And I saw Hiyoshi. Hi-yo-shi. My best character, has a major role, I'm more attached to this story. And I couldn't help but seeing his words and doing in every scene.
Actually I've suspected Gakuto for his behaviors, words, etc. But I got the feeling It's too ordinary for him to be suspected. So I tried to not really sure that he's the murderer.
Somehow I can't see the reason to suspect Fuji. You write him too dark, too mysterious. So I decided to ignored him.
Then I remember Hiyoshi was saying something odd numerous time and it made me suspicious.
And even if I don't want to accusing my bae for being a murderer, I'm sure it'll be him that Oshitari confessed in the end.
From Fuji's word to Oshitari 'my friends, your friends' or something like that, I thought Fuji was implied 'you have to well aware if the murderer is your close friends' So I just focused on Hiyoshi and Gakuto.
But I still can't understand how and why he killed Niou and Choutaro, it doesn't come to my mind. I'm suck at analysis after all.

Before I read the line Oshitari saying Hiyoshi was the murderer, I keep saying 'please, not Hiyoshi, you could accusing other people. It could be from Rikkai. Akaya! Yes, it must be Akaya. Or from Seigaku, Momo! Oh from Hyotei of course Gakuto. Aaaaah no. Not Hiyoshi. No.'

And in the end, Hiyoshi died as a hero. Without everyone knowing the truth except Oshitaro, Gakuto, and Fuji.

I enjoyed your story. Ahhh so thrilled.
It gave me chill. I read about 12 chapter in midnight and it was so excited.

Thank you for made this awesome story! Sorry if I'm so fucking late to read and review
YourFavoriteReader chapter 4 . 5/22/2014
"We play tennis. We don't sleep over and braid each other's hair."

The mental image killed me XD
YourFavoriteReader chapter 3 . 5/22/2014
I loved Yanagi and Kirihara's interview lol
Jabberawr chapter 6 . 10/31/2012
Yagyuu snapped, with uncharacteristic venom and impertinence, "I will do no such thing, and I demand you leave at once."

Following his example, the other players began retorting. Nobody was in a particularly good mood after the funeral—that said, most of their tempers were short to begin with.

"Get out of my way, or ore-sama shall sue you until you're homeless."

"Man, you guys have no lives if all you do is follow us around. Lame!"

"You can't even begin to list the amount of blackmail I have on you. I suggest you leave before I announce it to the nation."

"Would you like to try my Inui Juice? Taste unadjusted, of course. Let's see now; we have the Special Golden Inui Juice Remix, the Blue Vinegar Version Two, the . . ."

"You do realize that I can kill you with my bare hands, about five different ways?"

"Tell your viewers they can go screw themselves."

"Not following my warning? Very well; you had an affair with the mayor at age sixteen, two timed him with the president of Hallen Corp, had to start working because you failed to complete high school, your father disowned you when he found out about your disgraces, your current fiancé is actually one of the leaders of a Tokyo gang. . ." Fuji was counting off his fingers, looking delighted.


Yagyuu, losing his temper. Who said what? Blackmail was Yanagi or Fuji? Killing in five different ways? Who was that? And telling the viewers to screw themselves? DUDE. That was just priceless. Priceless. Fuji... How did he even know all that? Oh yeah. He's FUJI.
stickyfireworks chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
this has just got to be the most well-written fanfiction i've every read! it was really amazing. i know i could never write a mystery, it's just sucha toughy, so complicated... but you wrote it really well, not to mention that you kept most of the characters all in character. truly appreciate the fact that you actually finished it, though. maybe you should become a writer ;) (unless you already are one. O_O.)

i adored the storyline. although i was crestfallen when hiyoshi was the murderer. ): i was pretty fond of him. oh, you mentioned that there was supposed to be a give away if we checked the character's background in one of the chapters? i never caught that. oh and i practically screamed when bunta died. i'm having a total crush on him now. ;P.

i really liked the romance between yuushi and gakuto! a lot of the fanfics i read always seemed to link yuushi and gakuto with a sexual relationship. _ . they were so innocently cute here. (: i never really thought i liked yaoi until i started reading shounens. i think there isn't a shounen story without at least some shounenai pairings.

okay , imma end off before this becomes an essay. all in all, keep up the writing!

P.S. any manga to recommend that's as good as PoT?
tim chapter 15 . 5/21/2012
Bravo, writer! This was an epic ride.
solarbeams chapter 15 . 4/2/2012

I pretty much went WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? at the end of the first chapter. And then you killed CHOUTAROU and just /Shishido/ oh my gosh. Though admittedly by the time Inui died I was a bit desensitised and I didn't care as much for his death. But the first three were HORRIBLE and I can't believe you did that you (amazing) evil author.

(my heart still cries for Shishido omg)

I was randomly guessing the murderer the whole time (at one point I entertained the notion that Yuushi himself was the murderer, but that sounded far too complicated lol). I'm going to have to go back and reread over the details when I've got more time because I feel like I've missed out on most of the clues haha

I loved the romance too. I'm not a fan of BL, much less a fan of oshigaku, but you wrote them so wonderfully that I couldn't help but get drawn in. Their argument and how Gakuto did everything for him broke my heart but then they made up and I was so so relieved oh my gosh

this was an exhilarating story and I feel out of breath just reading it because it was intense all the way through. Thank you so much for writing this!
Too shy chapter 2 . 12/11/2011
Dear Feyren, your fic was the first fanfiction I ever read. and I loved it. So I've been rereading it and rereading it and rereading it over and over get the idea. I just want you to know that I'm really grateful to you for writing this masterpiece, if I may call it that

again, thank you. no matter how many times I read it I still find the story intriguing and beautiful. Your portrayal of the characters are realistic and subtle, and I especially like this chapter's portrayal of Gakuto (as a porseline doll) and his change over the years. And Yuushi is adorable as ever

Kitty723 chapter 15 . 9/25/2011
I feel so shameful,I have read this story like who know how many times and I never left a review! Great job ;)
aozora ekusutashii chapter 15 . 8/6/2011
This story had me guessing the entire time who was the murderer. I kept thinking it was either Gakuto or Fuji... And when I found out who it was, I was actually stunned. Never thought that Hiyoshi was the murderer... It was a great twist.

Russian Roulette... A very dangerous game, indeed.

Great writing, fantastic work :)

.:Iced Hearts:.

P.S. You killed a lot of my favourite characters B
3 chapter 15 . 4/25/2011
I don't know if you still write for this fandom or not, but I just read this whole thing in two days. It was wonderful 3

I wanted to cry for Hiyoshi, I really did. You kept me guessing the whole time and I didn't figure it out until almost right before you told us. It was great :)
BeyondMyReach chapter 15 . 4/12/2011
This is a truly amazing piece. The ending was very unpredictable and interesting. The only set back was perhaps that Ryoma didn't really get any screen time. The yaoi and happy(?) ending kinda made up for it though.

I really enjoy reading your fic. Write more!
demoncat13 chapter 4 . 3/21/2011
actually it's the other way around: pupils dilate when telling the truth and constrict when lying.
mesmerizedbyceruleaneyes chapter 15 . 11/23/2010
hello again, on my second review (after Gossip Game ch14 if you haven't seen it yet) for the delayed-review-chapter!

once more you have thrown all my expectations out of the window. i thought hiyoshi had committed the murders in cold blood, but i guess that would have been too sad. and it probably didn't fit the whole sequence of killings either. oh well. i'm going to have to read the whole psychobabble part again, because i still don't quite get it. -sigh- my own fault for reading this at midnight O.o

despite all the above, this was a good chapter because it tied everything up and brought closure to the whole thing. that's probably the most important in this kind of crime/mystery story. i only have one problem - how on earth is yuushi going to produce the 'murderer' for the public? i mean, even if he did fall into the river, they did manage to get a confession from him, right? which means they have to name SOMEONE as the murderer. and all those who attended the party know the murderer had to be one of them. did yuushi intend to tell the tennis players the truth? because i don't see how he can NOT tell the truth.

but that's just me griping away about the details. overall, it was very well done and an excellent conclusion for the story. i'll definitely miss reading this T.T

once again, i hope you'll return to FFnet soon! i need your stories as inspiration XD

StarAWings chapter 15 . 10/30/2010

First Niou, then choutaro and Shishido and Inui as well! And then you break my heart with Hiyoshi being teh killer! My favourite guy is a killer... *cries* You are so mean...
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