Reviews for Make A Wish
yuuago chapter 1 . 7/31/2011
This as sad but also cute. :) I like the way you illustrated their relationship. I really enjoyed it.
ShadowX-Over.Writer chapter 1 . 2/12/2011
Wait, who is Taiwan marrying? Anyways, this was so sweet if not sad at the end. I enjoyed this and loved the characterizations. Keep up the good work!

~ ShadowsyaoranX-77 signing off
UlquiorraNoKokoro chapter 1 . 9/18/2010
I'm assuming she's getting married to Japan... yeah... maybe... sorry, I'm so tired.

Poor Kyoukou-chan...
Yume Dust chapter 1 . 12/12/2009
I love this pairing. I like it better than TaiwanxJapan, seriously. There's not much of it around here, either. I hope you write more fics of this pairing, it's wonderfully mysterious yet very interesting.

I hoped you expanded on it a bit more, such as how Taiwan and Hong Kong met and such...and we never even knew who the groom was. By the way the ending is just too sad. D:

'Meimei' means 'little sister,' but depending on how it's written, 'Mei' can mean either 'Beautiful' or 'plum,' as in the plum fruit. Just to let you know. It does fit her very well. I might write a fic of this pairing, maybe.

Overall, this was a great fic. Some grammar errors here and there, but not bad at all. ]
mad-love-harlequin chapter 1 . 11/11/2009
OMG I love this story!XD I'm a HUGE fan of HongKongXTaiwan!
YugiTheKing chapter 1 . 11/8/2009

But who was Taiwan marrying? I'm a bit confused...
Halcyonae chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
While hunting for HK fanfics, I came upon this, which I think is the first HKxTaiwan (..if this counts) fic I've seen, and.. I enjoyed it 8D

I quite liked the characterisation, especially considering that you've got so little to work off from in the Hetalia canon- Zhi's quiet rationing, the role he's taken upon himself to make Mei happy, and the remorse you can feel he's feeling at not doing more, (also his passion for firecrackers made me snort) and then there's Mei's- I don't know, her somewhat cheeriness on the outside with the sadness she feels hidden away? Anyway yeah, that was awesomely done, and you can really understand the inside of Zhi and his thoughts and all and... yeah. \o/

The whole recurring wish thing was bittersweet sob, and the ending made me go 'aw' in both senses of the term. I had to reread it before I got the last few lines (or maybe that's just my train of thought complaining from a lack of sleep, but anyway) but they were so... touching is that the right word. The way Zhi places Mei's happiness above everything else is just.. so... ;-;

I could totally picture the PV playing in my head during the scene, haha. I don't think I can unsee this fic now if I ever watch it again jkldgs.

And one last thing: what the first reviewer noticed? 8Da I play Zhi in that comm so when I first scrolled down to read, I basically went '...hang on wait what awesome coincidence is awesome.' And then I saw Taiwan's name and didn't know whether to consider it a coincidence or the result of a member of the comm/comm-lurker xD At the Zhizhi and Meimei, though, it seemed less like a coincidence to me, but all the same, I don't mind the use of the names (it's not like I've gone and trademarked anything jksgf), and in fact I feel slightly honoured that you chose to use it? idk, but it could all be just a coincidence. But if it isn't, I think that I might know who you are. :D

On a closing note, keep up the awesome work dgskj, a-and maybe write more HKxTaiwan because the world needs more of it. \o/ Your Zhi makes me want to try and improve mine by quite a bit, just to let you know. 8D also very sorry for any incoherency, as it's 3am here, and if I came off as rude or anything in the last paragraph because I really didn't mean to, and that this is so long I'msosorry orz
Ravenbite chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
Hey, I just noticed that the names (and nicknames) for Hong Kong and Taiwan resemble the names from this RP on LJ called Lolocracy. Also some of the terms used like gege and didi are used in the RP because Hong Kong and China are family in that RP but in Hetalia there are no solid, official facts supporting this.

At first I thought it was a co-incidence with Wang Zhi and Li/Lee Mei Lin but after I saw the use of Zhizhi, Meimei, gege, didi and such... well I knew that it was too much of a co-incidence. I don't mean to criticize you or anything but I just feel personally uncomfortable about this. I am not entirely sure if you did copy off the Hong Kong and Taiwan from Lolocracy but... yeah. I just feel like those aspects were copied (if they were... again I am not 100% sure) and not given credit. I don't mean to say you should personally credit them but just write you got the idea from Hong Kong and Taiwan in Lolocracy and link to the community? If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was your personal interpretation of Hong Kong and Taiwan you thought up yourself.

All in all, aside from that, I thought the story was very nice and sweet. :)

Just saying man. o/