Reviews for Choose Your Fate: The Labyrinthe
Jay-and-Boom chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
I wanna join in on the fun. What I Look Like: Deep crimson eyes that glow whenever mad, excited, angry, or happy. Black, nappy hair and brown skin. -African American- What Am I: A Fighter. Mostly slashing. Sword, Katana, Keyblade, whatevers. Where Am I From: Radiant Gardens - Kingdom Hearts World.
TyTim5080 chapter 1 . 1/8/2010

blonde hair

dark green eyes

ARogueFox chapter 1 . 11/8/2009


look like: Tall with black hair that hangs down to your ears, a small scar going on the left side under your lip, you wear old looking black clothes that have numerous holes in them

Which pile: CLERIC

Gender: BOY!

Where: A town out in the middle of no where of course :P

I feel like I'm going to get yelled at...please dont...
An Ordinary Fan chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
Hey there, Felix. I've reviewed a few of your past stories, and judging by their quality, this aught to be one heck of a tale. I think that this audience-based, improv writing takes a keen mind to succeed, and I have no doubt that you can pull it off. Now, for the questions...

Where do I come from? - Out of the fandoms you've written a story about, I'd most like to see 'Fullmetal Alchemist'. However, as you've only written one story for it, I'd understand if you'd favour a more familiar choice. 'Pokemon' would be my second choice.

Which of these piles should I be looking through? - Cleric. Whenever I get the option, I always choose to be the one on the sidelines supporting my allies rather than be on the frontlines risking my life. Plus, how often do you see such a character as the leading role in modern culture? Not often enough, in my opinion.

Hell, am I a boy or a girl? - Well, you've got plenty of experience with both, and I don't favour one over the other myself. But, if you go with 'cleric' for class, I'd prefer male. After all, there's an entire page on TV Tropes for Staff Chicks...

What do I look like? - I saved this question for last, as describing appearances is one of my weak points. Now, you have probably heard of 'Hamlet', written by William Shakespeare. One of its many movie adaptations was in 1996, directed by Kenneth Branagh. I saw it recently, and it was fantastic. If possible, I'd like the main character to look similar, if not exact, to how Hamlet (played by Kenneth himself) appeared in that film.

Once again, I wish you good luck on this story. I'll try my best to tune in to new chapters every chance I get.