Reviews for At What Cost?
Toukia chapter 1 . 10/24/2015
A well written story. Hands down! I love how rukia sacrificed her world for ichigo. Oh the last part made me cry. Seriously. Love is painful, no rukia? Gosh. The things you do and will do for ichigo. There's so many things i want to say but i don't know how will i express them in words. Anyways, this story is now etched in my ichiruki heart and thank you thank youu so much for sharing this great story. I really love it. :)
babybisket chapter 1 . 9/27/2014
*shocked* OxO

.serious?! What an ending! Gahh!
Wonderfully written: in character and precise. It's not melodramatic but still you gave rukia's anguish justice in the story and I can't help feeling helpless along with her..

And then I reached the last line... What a twist! One to remember surely. I really appreciate this, will read your other bleach fics too, if you have any. Impressed!
ichirukitard chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
Wow, your story blew me away. It was such an amazing masterpiece. I loved it to pieces! Despite this was your first Bleach fanfic, you did a wonderful job on it. The characters were all IC. I thought you did them more justice than many other Bleach fanfic writers on here. Also, you write so beautifully. The use of words, the sentence structures, the dialogues, and so on were very well chosen and written. I don't think you have any grammatical errors at all. Bravo for a job well done.

I just loved how you came up with this piece. It really showed the bond between Ichigo and Rukia; how they both willing to go to extra length to help one another out no matter how hard the task is. It was so emotional and heartfelt of seeing Rukia getting beat up again and again but never gave up to Ichigo's hollow. I loved that you gave her bankai in here to use to defeat the hollow. Btw, your fighting scene was so heart pounding and very well written. I could visualize the whole fight easily like I'm watching the real anime. I just loved it! The last scene of them on the roof was pretty ichiruki-ish. XD My heart just melt for these two. Omg, does this mean that the hollow is inside Rukia now? Gosh, poor girl. It would be so awesome if you would continue with this story. I can see great potential for this. This story deserves more review. I hope you will write more Bleach with IchiRuki as a pair somewhere in the future; I will definitely tune in. Until then, I will save this story in my favorites and read it again and again. XD
ali6220 chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
I'm finally reviewing this! lol anyway, I did a happy dance when I saw you did a Bleach fanfic. Haha, yeah...Bleach is my latest obsession ;) I personally love Ichigo and Rukia's friendship, plus I somewhat of a IchiRuki fan too...I'm so guilty

This is a great one-shot! You wrote it really well like everything else I've read of yours. I'm sure you've been bothered about writing a sequel and I agree. I'd love there to be a sequel to this. You could do a continuing story to pretty easily from what I can tell. But if you intend for this to be final, that's fine too. It has a solid ending with enough closure.

Anyway, It would be nice to see some more Bleach fics done by you in the future, but I'm just happy you've put at least one out.

I really enjoyed this :D
the general girl chapter 1 . 3/24/2010
That last's begging for a continuation!
shell chapter 1 . 12/15/2009
This is a great story, espically the ending. I wish you would contiune it and making it into a story.
Raqi chapter 1 . 11/13/2009
Great story!

you should do sequel!
kp chapter 1 . 11/12/2009
I think you did a great job for a first time...! But you left me wanting a sequel haha
Hekka chapter 1 . 11/9/2009
Woah! Here it is history! I already represent, as Rukia will deal with Hollow-Ichigo. I think it would be more fun if she could keep it a secret: I think this is possible, given the fact that the Hollow don't know her full abilities - even being in Rukia's inner world, he is still not part of it: it means , with the help of Sode no Shirayuki, she can suppress him.

And if he understood it and tried to negotiate...

Something in my performance is beginning to look like a comedy: Hollow-Ichigo telling to her something embarrassing about Ichigo, only to irritate her and harassed her and Sode no Shirayuki with different jokes - to mess with them a little.

Honestly, I believe that he would benefit from a change of scenery ...
Jiru.Sama chapter 1 . 11/9/2009
That was beautiful! Your writing is amazing. And I just loved the story, for once Ichigo was the one being saved, and by Rukia too that just makes me smile :)

Please write more!
DeviantHollow23 chapter 1 . 11/9/2009
An' some justice you did!

I do believe you did a SPLENDID job with this piece. Enjoyed it very much so, that I did.

An' I just ADORED how you played my boy, Hollow Ichi, out. Excellent job, just excellent.

The endin' was wicked. Haha! It almost made me wish that it didn't end. XD

I do look forward to readin' more Bleach from ya'.

Curious, are you thinkin' of continuin'?

I mean, that would be indeed the story to read (also I would believe to be the first) about Rukia havin' issues with Ichi's Hollow within the walls of her own mind. Hollow Ichi gettin' some kind of control of Rukia an freakin' the outta Ichi if Hollow Ichi were to speak to him from Rukia's lips. 'Yo, Ichigo. Miss me! HAHAHA!' Then Ichi somewhere along the lines catchin' on that somethin' seriously has gone wrong.

Hm, somethin' to read indeed.

But then again, I could see this just endin' where it lays. But also can' help but find my self droolin' at the idea of bein' feed more. *cackles*

Anywho, once more, nicely done.

Keep up the goodness, yo!


Jini chapter 1 . 11/9/2009
OMFG! This. Was. Amazing. Seriously. AMAZING!

And the ending nearly killed me. YOU NEED TO WRITE MORE! This was really good for your first Bleach/IchiRuki fic! :D

Alialka chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
You just couldn't go with the normal happy ending, could you? **heavy sigh**

But then, despite my inner greed for happy and fluffy, it wouldn't be you and I guess your writing wouldn't be what it is. Yes, that is a compliment.

Yeah so Im not going o go over the beating you gave her. I liked the idea you had for her bankai - I admit I thougth of something similiar, blades dancing elegantly (since Sode no is such a princess and since elegance is the air the Kuchikis breath). The drop-dead commitment she has for that carrot head is breaking my heart. And Ichigo... so what if he nearly got killed, nearly got familiar with the wrong end of Senbonzakura *again*, that he was still probably weak... Rukia was bleeding an he needed to be at her side.

Renji's ass is in trouble again for those two... Cap' pretty petals will never let him see the end of it **giggle**

All in all, it was a god read to go with my morning coffee. You did them justice and while I know you will break my heart with those two sooner or later (probably sooner), I keep waiting for more.
omaomae chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
cool i liked this story!it was pretty good!