Reviews for Italians Do It Better
Sandy2348 chapter 31 . 7/29
This was amazing
Love it chapter 31 . 1/12
I absolutely love this story. Well written, and I love Aro's relationship though brief, with his children. Bella is a badass now too.
Aifos Margni chapter 31 . 1/11
Fun read, sad I can't find the sequel, but I had a great time with this story.
htaylor1955a chapter 1 . 12/18/2020
so good.
EverFlawless chapter 1 . 11/8/2020
Is Bella pregnant with Aro's baby now? o.o... This is so confusing.
WritingMiss8 chapter 9 . 11/7/2020
Uh oh here is trouble. This is actually a very good story.
cadjd720 chapter 31 . 9/13/2020
Help! I cannot find the sequel
Guest chapter 9 . 8/25/2020
"[...] stomach increasing in size from 30 centimetres to 34 in two days." Are you sure you don't mean inches in this case? 30 centimeters is the circumference of a VERY small person's thigh. I don't think any adult has a 30cm stomach.
FutureEdu24 chapter 31 . 7/18/2020
I think this is an amazing story! So realistic in its situations to life! I want to read the sequel so much, unfortunately I can't find the sequel author that you mentioned. Any ideas of where I can find them? Please help!
AliceCullen0629 chapter 31 . 5/18/2020
good story
Goddess1010 chapter 1 . 7/13/2019
amazing story, love aro/bella pair.
expecting more of their story
celajwhitney chapter 1 . 7/1/2019
aro is such a bad, bad boy!
CoSmO333 chapter 30 . 7/27/2018
I loved this so much I can see them working out I love aro and Bella together thank you for sharing it!
TwistedWorldsExist chapter 12 . 5/29/2018
the whole Eduardo name thing. I can't agree with bella naming her son after her ex that just wrong.
Lee kadivar chapter 31 . 2/22/2018
I trued to find the sequel but I couldn't find it. If you know where it is please let me know. I would love to read it.
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