Reviews for Ruthless and Ivory
dumblevamp chapter 34 . 18h
I don’t leave reviews often. But damn, this could be a movie! So good I’m mad at myself for not reading sooner! Easily top 5 on fanfic EVER
Elvire23 chapter 2 . 7/4
Kick Mikes butt and put him in his place. ;)
Elvire23 chapter 1 . 7/3
Ok, Mr. Hired killer let's see what you are all about.
liela-k chapter 34 . 6/19
hat an amazing story. I literally had to pull myself away to do thing like shower and go to work. you know not important thing lol.
I love how bad ass bella became and how fucking awesome Edward was from the jump. I was annoyed with Emmett and Rosalie lmao..
definitely would've shot Charlie, im so in love with these characters I will definitely be rereading soon.
thanks for this amazing ride.
liela-k chapter 33 . 6/18
omggg I almost died when I thought he was leaving her. what an amazing story im so sad its coming to and end..
liela-k chapter 32 . 6/18
I don't want to keep reading because I don't want it to end but its getting sooo good. im kinda relieved because at one point I thought Aro was Edwards dad lol I knew it was one or the other lol. im going to be so sad to see it end..
liela-k chapter 31 . 6/18
omfggg I had a feeling the whole time! I knew it. poor Edward.
liela-k chapter 30 . 6/17
when she confessed my heart broke for them. wow what a great chapter.
liela-k chapter 29 . 6/17
I'm soo fucking happy I'm jumping right now! I think I love you. lol
liela-k chapter 28 . 6/17
oommmgggg finally I couldn't take it anymore. it was too much for me to handle lol.
liela-k chapter 27 . 6/16
wow. I cant imagine being in that position. I don't know that I'd sleep with him. I don't know what I feel I'm shook. I do hope Edward comes out soon I'm getting desperate myself...
liela-k chapter 25 . 6/16
wow I almost lost hope.. I think sue gave it back to me lol. awesome chapter poor bella she cant catch a break. I'm exhausted for her..
liela-k chapter 24 . 6/15
seriously turned on here lol damn azar lol you about to make me download twitter lol I need to see this man lordt help me (as I fan myself)
liela-k chapter 23 . 6/15
I would be in my own pity party too. poor bella, I'm glad she found sue to knock some sense into her. I wonder tho if she manages to escape will the others even want to help her?
liela-k chapter 22 . 6/15
I'm trying not to cry. "sniff sniff". I dislike you as a human lmao (jk) I'm laughing on the outside but hysterical on the inside so my kids don't think I'm crazy, I think they suspect.
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