Reviews for Ruthless and Ivory
x AnneCullen x chapter 15 . 23h
Wow. Another wonderful chapter. Emmett was really creepy and merciless. The action was great. And Edward comes again to her rescue, though how did he know where to find her. Your writing was amazing, I could visualize everything and could clearly imagine the terror Bella was feeling. Great work.
x AnneCullen x chapter 14 . 7/19
Great chapter. Renee said to trust Charlie which must have confused her because the others keep telling her that he betrayed her. But she will surely trust her mother over them. I am curious about the key and how does she carries it with her. What she did was equally brave and stupid. I wonder why did Edward left the gun behind and hope that he will find her. And I am sure he will go berserk. There were some answers in this chapter but now I have even more questions. Off to read the next chapter.
x AnneCullen x chapter 13 . 7/18
Loved the chapter. I loved seeing this other side of Edward. He really cares for her. It was nice to see them having a civil conversation. I love their interactions and also the bit of humour that was there. I also like the way you are making their relationship develop. And was that some previous recording of her mother. I am curious to know about that dream that Bella keeps having of being a little girl. What happened to her and how was she hurt. Looking forward to some answers and I have to say that your writing is truly amazing.
x AnneCullen x chapter 12 . 7/17
A really interesting chapter. It was nice ot get a glimpse of Edward's past. It seems horrible what he has gone through. I think it also explains a little bit about his behaviour. And I think that maybe he is so hard on Bella on purpose. He wants her to be strong and not to just give up and drown in her sorrows. His punishments keep her mind focused. And it seems he do harbour feelings for her. The way he comforted her was sweet. Curious to know more about his past, what is going on with Charlie and how does Carlisle know them. I am really enjoying this ride.
x AnneCullen x chapter 11 . 7/17
So Charlie is really a traiter. Bella must be devastated to know this but I don't think that she will be completely accept it without experiencing it for herself. And Edward is being so mean, she is still in the dark about many important things. They need to tell her everything if they want her to cooperate. This is a wonderful story with a very different and intriguing plot. Wonder what Edward will do to her.
x AnneCullen x chapter 10 . 7/17
Carlisle was quite disturbing. If he wants to keep her safe then why did he shoot her. Edward did stood up to Carlisle for Bella, though I am sure he will definitly punish her later. Bella is really brave but reckless. She needs to curb her curiosity a little and really plan and think before doing something.
dormirais chapter 17 . 7/16
god in heaven this story must be the best thing i've ever read on here.
x AnneCullen x chapter 9 . 7/15
That was intense. I wonder what happened to Edward to get a scar like that. Curious to know his story and what will happen next with these two.
x AnneCullen x chapter 8 . 7/15
Amazing chapter. Edward is really ruthless. Why is he being a bastard to her after saving her. Bella didn't know that it was him who saved her every time. And she deserves some answers. I am sure being held like a prisioner will not make her cooperate. This story is such a mystry but a great one. I hope to get some answers soon.
x AnneCullen x chapter 7 . 7/14
Loved it. Bella was really brave and it was great to see her tenaciousness. And Carlisle is quite different and a bit creepy. But why don't they explain things to her. Eager to know what happens next.
x AnneCullen x chapter 6 . 7/14
It was a great chapter. I was so anxious while reading it. I really hope Angela and Mike will be allright or Bella will be devastated and will blame herself. Curious to know where is Edward taking her. This is one of the best stories I have ever read and I am loving it so far.
x AnneCullen x chapter 5 . 7/14
Great chapter. I have never read something like this before. I was so enthralled with it. It makes sense that Angela would like to tell someone. Everything must be so confusing and scary for her. The way Charlie is behaving, I am starting to wonder if he is trustworthy. Looking forward to Edward's appearance.
x AnneCullen x chapter 4 . 7/14
Wow. Poor Bella is going through so much. Someone is definitely helping her it seems, they protected her when Jake tried to kidnap her and then got her inside Angela's house. Angela is being a great friend, I love their friendship. She is helping her when even Charlie doesn't believe her. And why was he uncomfortable after hearing about Jake and refused to know anything about the van. Does he know something. And I can't help but wonder who is after her and why do they want her. This story is really captivating.
x AnneCullen x chapter 3 . 7/13
That was an interesting twist. Jake is clearly involved in something wrong, the way he was following her and hiding in the dark and trying to kidnap her. Was it Edward who saved her and what is with that logo. This story is really exciting.
x AnneCullen x chapter 2 . 7/13
It was really interesting. Does Bella's dream means something and is an indicator of the future. Looking forward to see what is in store.
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