Reviews for Ruthless and Ivory
Ajfflady chapter 34 . 10/9
I took a week to read this. Savored each scene, spread out the chapters because I didn’t want it to end either.
So much red, blood, ribbons, dresses a woman’s color of power my mother says. This Edward such strength and silence but his message strong and clear. Bless you for the epilogue in his point of view. Still a magnificent read with the passing of time. Bravo I applaud you. Now... Berserky...
Dazzlingsparkle chapter 12 . 10/1
aghh crying!
Dazzlingsparkle chapter 10 . 10/1
fuck tears!
Dazzlingsparkle chapter 8 . 10/1
I am crying
Dazzlingsparkle chapter 6 . 10/1
Dazzlingsparkle chapter 1 . 9/30
the guy is just 5feet 5?
Ashlie Christine chapter 34 . 9/14
Absolutely in love with this story! For sure a favorite! Had my emotions running and I didn't want to put it down! Awesome job!
Huh chapter 6 . 9/12
WTF is going on. Ugh.
Amber Energi chapter 34 . 8/25
Wow! What an amazing story! I was completely transfixed on your characters while reading. I love the growth of all characters. Bravo!
Madison Elliott chapter 6 . 7/19
Omg! I can’t even so good
Madison Elliott chapter 5 . 7/19
This is edge of my seat omg I am so hooked I can’t wait to read the rest so good!
Madison Elliott chapter 3 . 7/19
Omg that was so good I was on the edge of my seat thank bob she got away! So good
debb lavoie chapter 33 . 6/8
Best story! A Triller, Mystery, Espionage, fantastic!
debb lavoie chapter 33 . 6/8
Sob, he leaves! ugh
debb lavoie chapter 32 . 6/8
Oh damn, the pressure.
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