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MuditaShukla chapter 43 . 6/22
Okay so I am fucking almost crying. It was the most perfect fanfiction I have read. Reading this was so similar to reading manga! We started with a kid Kushina, and her team none knowing what awaited for them in future. Yes, just like mangaYou know, I love slow developing fanfics amd this was so nice. I cried for Kush, Ken, Arashi and it was such a clever yet heartbreaking thing fot Tenten to be his daughter. also, you pictured war so precisely, like it is... snatching away everything making lives tough... I cannot describe what I felt... Now back to MinaKushi, romance fragranced on every page, in the developing chapters, we read the whole thing for that one interaction. How precious their love was and they so were in love without being annoying as you kept the passion, intimacy and sensuality coming. don't think I'm a pervert but a slight lemon would've been perfect. And you also, showed Hiruzen's pain so wholly, what most people overlook because honestly I found him rather alone because his duties and his terms with Azuma were portrayed with such precision that you almost knew his pain... Lady Sarutobi, Ken, Arashi, Tsume were brilliantly pictured though I found Jiraiya a bit occ idk why
LittleBene chapter 43 . 5/24
I love, love love this fanfic! Best MinaKushi fanfic around here. I just wish there were more intimate moments between thee two of them! God, Minato is so damn sexy, I think i'm obsessed. Thank you for this fanfic, I really appreciated it!
Death's Gambit chapter 31 . 2/15
kushina is so mean!
XCherokee chapter 43 . 7/5/2015
Just read the whole story in two days and I'm glad you left the ending open bc idk Im still crying j can't even write this review
Random Guest chapter 1 . 6/6/2015
This was the best story I've ever read about Kushina and Minato. Thank you for this masterpiece! XD
*I stayed up all night to finish reading it (O.O)
veneum chapter 43 . 5/3/2015
this story is simply brilliant. I enjoyed it very much! I laughed and cried...the way you worked with the characters was amazing. thank you very much for it. you did a great job! :)
Naruhime chapter 17 . 2/10/2015
So yeah, i'm PMSing my way through this chapter... crying like a baby.. need chocolate but can't have any cause I'm allergic to cocoa apparently soooo gonna cry a little more and go to bed :) good story is what I meant to say. Thanks for writing it :) first time I'm reading this paiting and I'm quite satisfied despite the difference from manga/anime. But that is not a bad thing, I like that it's unique ;)
Readingismyhobby chapter 43 . 12/10/2014
The plots simply...brilliant!
Guest chapter 42 . 10/30/2014
You are an awesome writer! Can't get enough of this story! I just love kushinaxminato! Plus! Your character development and story pace were spot on! Thank you for sharing this story!
aqua-love-angel-13 chapter 43 . 6/8/2014
I love how you portrayed both Minato and Kushina! I also like how you show her becoming a juniriki! Great story!
Tar-Celebrian chapter 42 . 3/7/2014
Such a perfect match !
I wasn't expecting much from your story... but I ended loving it. Even if you don't really follow canon, I think you did a great job keeping Minato and Kushina in character. This is how it should have happened :)
I really enjoyed how you slowly built their relationship. This is a true story of trust and love, thank you for sharing it. I also like that your story isn't focused only on their adult life. Each part of their childhood was well written. Teaming Kushina with Arashi and Ken was brilliant (I find it coherent because the main problem of Kushina-Minato fics ending with their death is to explain why nobody took care of Naruto). Your use of the extended world of Naruto (especially the Hyuuga background) is really good (one of the most powerful moments of your story is definitely the fight between Arashi and Hiashi and, shortly after, Kushina VS Hiashi). The gap between the Main House and the others was well depicted and I could almost feel Kushina's anger (and desire of justice).
I also truly loved her relationship with Hiruzen, Biwako, Jiraiya and Asuma (and by the way, I think it was extremely smart to ignore the names forgotten by canon - which allowed you to use Biwako in the last chapters). Hiruzen is one of a kind in your story. We can witness his inner struggles and everything he had to sacrifice because he is the Hokage. His guidance and his help in Kushina's time of sorrow (particularly when she has to decide if she will be the vessel) is moving. I was excited about Mito's first apparition (I love Mito - and Uzumakis). I think you did a great job on her characterisation (I am so sad Kishimoto didn't bring her back along with Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato).
What I appreciate most about your characterisation of Minato is his lack of perfection. I mean, even if he was obviously a genius, he's still human (with weaknesses). One of the funniest moments is when he has to train Team Umino (and mostly focuses on Kushina). His whole reaction during Nana's imposture is well handled. It was good to see that even the great Yellow Flash can be deceived (but I felt so sorry for him). And of course, his declaration during Arashi's wedding is breathtaking.
The best chapters are related to Kyuubi and the jinchuriki issues. What a wonderful work with that material (Kushina's rejection of Minato, her fear, her confusion - of course he'd be present, he's the next Hokage in line !). Despite Kushina's good will, she still is a dangerous vessel (Ken's death was the ultimate proof of that) and you don't let us forget it. Tsume was one of my favorite characters in this story (I laughed hard because of her childbirth and Kushina passing on her). Even without the needed clearance, she was able to grasp most of Kushina's issues throughout the story.
When Minato and Kushina finally get to form a couple, I was happy :) It was sweet and realistic. Strong. Beautiful.
Thanks again for this wonderful story !
(please forgive my english, given that it's not my mothertongue)
Loyal as a Book chapter 43 . 2/26/2014
I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful story. It was a real pleasure to read and I enjoyed it immensely. I love finding little gems like this about my favourite Naruto couple.
Once again, thank you.
SnowArabian chapter 7 . 11/30/2013
Great chapter like always
SnowArabian chapter 6 . 11/30/2013
Love that we get a little insight on what Minato is thinking/feeling!
SnowArabian chapter 5 . 11/30/2013
Yay! Kushina is making friends and getting to know people :) Haha, last time I read your story I remember being confused about who was who out of her friends.. Heh.
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