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WHOA MIND BLOWN chapter 7 . 6/22/2015
do u read Avalon by any chance?
cuz, kyle davies is a character from avalon
Guest chapter 60 . 6/5/2015
This story was literally perfect! It was the right mix of all story elements and I could not stop reading it:)
Siherra chapter 1 . 5/11/2015
That was a wonderful fanfiction. It pulled so many emotions out of me in all the right ways, and I hope you continue to write these kinds of amazing stories. If I might add, I think it was even better than the original Maximum Ride!
I hope you write a book one day. It'll be a bestseller!
kt chapter 60 . 5/5/2015
LizBiz2029 chapter 60 . 3/7/2015
LizBiz2029 chapter 19 . 3/6/2015
IF THIS DOESN'T TURN OUT TO BE A FAX FANFIC I WILL GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND STICK A KNIFE IN YOUR THROAT AND WATCH YOU SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY DIE WHILE EATING POPCORN AND LAUGHING MANICALLY WITH MY PURPLE MARSHMALLOW UNICORN. Sorry, had to get that out. I know you finished writing this, but still... Anyway, this is an AMAZING fanfic. It's the only fanfic I've ever read that made me fangirl over every fax part. LOVE IT!
fax4ever chapter 60 . 2/19/2015
Hi! I just wanted to say great job with this story! I know this chapter was posted a long time ago and u might not even c this review, but I just wanted to say that I have fell in love with this story! It has made me laugh and cry and have an urge to slap certain people ****cough SAM! cough**** across the face! I hope to read some more of your stories! Oh yeah and if u do get this review: GOOD LUCK WITH UR BOOK!
Guest chapter 5 . 2/17/2015
now im thanking three people. heartofglass99, john green, and now you. Love this!
RoseIsMyName chapter 60 . 2/16/2015
Oh my goodnes. So I don't even know if you're still a current author here anymore because this was finished like years ago but I'm going to review anyway. First, I loved the use of music in the story, I'm studying a BMus so anything tgat way inclined just gets to me ;) Also, your portrayals of Fang and Max were very well developed and I loved how their characters changed and grew through the story, it's hard to find that kind of development here tbh :/ but you did it! The end was very cute and romcom, the whole meeting in France and I actually thought that Gaspard (is that how you spell it?) was a very nice character (though I feel like he was too nice haha). In terms of constructive criticism, (because everyone loves a bit of that) maybe focus on grammar and editing because I picked out quite a few errors (then again, my grammar wasn't too crash hot two years ago either). And also maybe just work on your realism. I mean, believe me, I know how tempting it is to just write something because it's what you see in your head and it will be fun or good to read, but maybe spend some time mulling it over to make it believable as well as a good read. For example, did Fang actually kill Sam? Because if he did then I could imagine some psychological repercussions for Fang, not to mention some kind of court/police drama. But otherwise I loved the story, it has entertained me to no end over the past few days in which I've been glued to my phone anywhere I could find wifi because I've run out of data (again). Righto, I'm off to keep on my own FanFic now because you've been distracting me! Stop it! ;)
Love Rose exohsexoh
Guest chapter 60 . 1/27/2015
This was an amazing book/fanfic. One of the best I've read
MaxineSkye chapter 60 . 12/10/2014
Aaaaaaaakh! Oh my god! That was absolutely, freaking awesome! I would change the last line, though. Kind of ruined the mood. :'( other than that, #AWESOMENESS! I so loved that. You should make a sequel about their future, when they have kids or something? I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!
KnightOwl1115 chapter 2 . 12/3/2014
Haha! I have a stomach and a dessert one, too. Great story and good writing.
DntlessAnnabeth chapter 38 . 10/24/2014
This is terrifying actually
Mingalo chapter 60 . 10/14/2014
I know this was published a long ass time ago, but it was the first fanfic I've ever read (two days ago!) and the first time I ever thought about really writing one. The whole marvel combining with MR really made me want to revisit Max and the flock. Your story was amazing Nightwings93.
Bib303 chapter 60 . 9/22/2014
So, I know you wrote this four years ago, but I just have to tell you this. You are one of the most amazing authors ever. There were twists and turns in every chapter. You made me laugh, cry, scream in frustration. You are amazing. Just wanted to let you know that. I hope you never stop writing!
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