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Malaia chapter 39 . 4/25/2010
Well an epic ending deserves an epic review for an epic story.

With that in mind, I wanted to tell you that you have a way of crafting characters and a story that make fantasy characters come to life.

I can't tell you how many times I've opened one of your chapters and been in awe of your skill with words and your ability to draw me into this world.

Cullen has long been my favorite character in the game, but nothing I could have imagined would make him half as good as you and your story.

This is one of the most beautiful stories I've read. Thank you for churning out epic nights and hairpulling days to create it.

In conclusion, because this is way too sappy, I want to snort you.
serenbach chapter 38 . 4/25/2010
I'm so happy that Teagan and Leliana finally got together- it was so sweet. But I am sad that it was the only happy thing in this chapter- poor Therrin. I hope Zevran and Oghren reappear at some point. Excellent chapter. :)
Lilith Morgana chapter 38 . 4/25/2010
Guh, what can I say, I'm so *very* fond of this in every way and Leliana and Teagan own my heart. And ow, Zevran leaving made me sad. Moar, moar. ;)
Dasque chapter 38 . 4/24/2010
Cris, this was beautiful. I loved the way Zevran just vanished into the crowds - it was so much more satisfying than a drawn out goodbye that didn't fit his character. I see dark times ahead, and I am perversely at the edge of my seat waiting for them.
Elysia Maldor chapter 38 . 4/24/2010
It was so sweet at the beginning and then the ending was so...melancholy? Is that the right word? I think that's it, but I'm not entirely sure...

I miss Cullen and Therrin being Cullen and Therrin. Now they're just two entities that stammer and retreat from each other. And the world just sucks for them. They're never left alone and people keep interrupting 'moments'.

I'm happy that Teagan and Leliana will be together. It's not going to be without issues, but hopefully they'll stick together. I remember Leliana being jealous in the game, though. I didn't even know that she liked my character that way until she confronted her about Alistair...
Shakespira chapter 38 . 4/24/2010
Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. The story of Cullen and Therrin is deep and rich and filled with such emotional highs and lows. I keep coming back to it, transported to a place of unimaginable joy, sorrow and growth.
OfCakeAndIceCream chapter 38 . 4/24/2010
bad Eamon! BAD!

...poor Cullen, poor poor Cullen.

Malaia chapter 38 . 4/24/2010
in a light cloud of fragrance as the white petals unfurl. - good gawd that is poetry. 3. Sometimes you'r writing raises the little hairs on my arms.
NuitNuit chapter 38 . 4/24/2010
So lovely. I'm happy to see Teagan stand his ground and take what he wanted. And Zev disappearing like that? Perfect. Seriously, /loved/ this chapter.
Axia West chapter 38 . 4/24/2010
Another lovely chapter, especially Teagan's adorable proposal and Leliana's response. But seriously, you're going to kill me if Therrin and Cullen don't get to the sexy times soon. :P
Saerwen Tabris chapter 37 . 4/23/2010
I got sucked into this story and the others that are intertwined with it, wonderful expressive writing. I can picture the characters in my head and you have breathed life into Cullen so well... I hope he gets his memories back! Am eager for an update. Thank you for sharing your work.
Axia West chapter 37 . 4/23/2010
You, dear lady, are officially a menace. I just sat down and read this story from beginning to end and now I'm about as sad and jittery as Cullen, waiting for the next fix!

This is by far the best rendering of Cullen I've ever read. I was intrigued by his character in the game and tempted to try my hand at a Cullen fic, but now I know the definitive Cullen writer is out there and it is you! You write ALL of the characters very well, particularly Oghren and Alistair. You've got a great handle on their individual senses of humor, and your treatment of Alistair's confusion/shock/idiocy is fresh and grounded in motivation. I can see him trying not to be an asshole but giving in anyway because his life is a damned mess. It's perfect.

Also, congrats on making your main lady not only strong and capable but reasonable and funny, too. I think it's tempting to believe we would all stick by Cullen's side even at his darkest moments of lunacy, but real life teaches us differently. People abandon family members and loved ones who go through traumatic personality shifts all the time. I'm just relieved Cullen is beginning to come around. This far into the story, I feel so attached to him and want so badly for him to be happy and whole.

Wonderful job. Please update soon before I die of curiosity!
LittlePinkTerror chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
Yesterday I sat down and started reading your story.

I went in to it hoping to walk away entertained, amused, perhaps caught up in the story and swept away to one of my most newest and favorite settings yet.

What I found was that I spent the -entire- day reading this.

From the very beginning to the very last update, I -ate- the words you wrote.

There is such a wonderful, emotional hook in your writing that draws the reader in and keeps them there. You have managed in some places to write these characters perfectly-and dare I say it?-better than those that created them originally.

I am so very, very wrung out still, over how it's ended so far and so very happy I read it anyway. And that you wrote it.

It's beautiful and I hope you keep on writing. Not just this story, but any story. I'll be happy to spend any day reading them up.
RI100014 chapter 37 . 4/21/2010
That was a very sad story. Cullen was by far the most intriguing character, with his honest devotion, his desire to do his duty, to be the best kind of templar, of man, he could be - a common but exceptionally honest man. And to see him lose his mind because of a forced addiction by the Chantry was devastating. He was slowly stripped of his parts and left to dry out in the sun till he was nothing but a bleached-white husk.

And Alistair.. Oh I've not read a story yet where I could say this of him but Alistair was a thrice-damned asshole. I found myself too many times wanting to shout in his face, "Hands off." "She's no longer only your concern." "You made your choice, live with it.". Especially when he pushed things too far. Cullen is too dutiful a man, too honest a man, but I would almost wish he'd be fickle -if only for a minute- and give Alistair a good chop across the face. King or not. But while he pushes the line too often and refuses to step back and look back on his actions, he's still just trying to be a good, caring friend. Even if the way he goes about it seems over-the-line and petty.

I hope Cullen comes through soon. I miss his POV. Where he's himself and not lost.
AndrastesKnickers chapter 37 . 4/16/2010
I am so glad that Cecily is a Cousland, That makes it much better for me. She was my favorite play through.

I loved the end of this chapter where Cullen has flashes of memory. I can't wait for it all to come back and they can all live happily ever after (Cullen & Therrin, Teagan & Leliana, Alistair & Cecily). :)
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