Reviews for Obsidian
Harmony283 chapter 1 . 11/13/2009
You're...doing a CROSSOVER...fic...wha? *never thought she'd see the day* but hey you love both enough so it makes sense *nod*

As always, it's a short prolog, but it definitely gets to the poin, and I like it~ (The wings bit remind me more of Tales of Symphonia, than of BK/BKO, though XD)

The only CC I can give is:

"in their owner's hear" -in their owners...heart? *in which case you forgot the 't'*

Other than that, obviously I'll ask: How are you going to write this? (will it just be a compilation of scenes? Or will it be an actual plot where the chapters flow into each other?) *curious*

and of course, I'll be watching this since (you really haven't uploaded anything in a while XD) so good luuck~