Reviews for Caveat Inimici
Kali-blue chapter 1 . 2/11
I enjoyed your creation of a vengeful Hermione both damaged and loving. Using Aramaic versus Latin or some other language is diabolical, brilliant, and yet disturbing to my religious sensibilities. The Mourners Kaddish is Aramaic, one of the oldest prayers. It can be said daily after a close family death for 11 months with a hiatus of one month until the anniversary, when it is then repeated annually. The conviction to take a communal language of honoring one who remembers to create vengeance for one not wishing to forgive or forget is truly craft and jarring.

The notion that only the British have great Legilimens is a holdover of colonialism or monarchy or caucasity so I’m not sure I agree without a limitation to the UK.
nilli chapter 1 . 11/30/2022
Definitely unusual. The style is appealing and the odd scenario (Hermione practicing her villain-monologue in the living room under the watchful eye of Crookshanks?!) is intriguing. Her specific plot feels a bit convoluted to me. Simply killing Ginny and framing some known criminals seems like a simpler solution – but also a less vicious one, and maybe that's the point.

As for characterization, and the essay that concludes, I find myself largely in agreement. Whether it works or not surely depends on reader headcanon. Hermione as an Unspeakable is one of my two most preferred career scenarios. There is more than a little H/Hr energy in this story as well, with Hermione asserting herself in Harry's life as Ginny torpedoes his marriage, and Ron mentioned only in passing and disparagingly. I'm even tempted to say that this reading makes her vindictiveness against Ginny's (relatively benign, as you note) actions more convincing – this is an unrequited love that's gone a little bitter. Such a scenario is rare in explicitly H/Hr stories, but it's both a totally plausible outcome for canon/fanon Hermione and a great way to explore her character from new angles. Very impressive.
jaqmaq77 chapter 1 . 8/6/2022
Gods and little fishes... I swear that was Hermione that wrote that herself... like 5,000 words where 500 words would have said the same message... half way my eyes were closing... and my mind filled with cotton wool... (The authors notes at the end with explanations... I skipped just before my eyes lost focus and my brain shut down... and as I said, I think it was written by Hermione herself...)
It's interesting - and worth reading... my gods holy trousers... so many unnecessary words... it was so canon Hermione it was scary...
Hank1967 chapter 1 . 7/21/2022
That was a wild ride! Your Hermione is downright very scary! I could possibly see something like that happening as a result of all of the trauma she's been through, especially if Bellatrix' Cruciatus spell was still affecting her. I would assume she's lost all respect for authority as a result of the war and Umbridge also. Loved all of the detail and the machinations of Hermione's mind. Also enjoyed seeing things from Crookshank's point of view. That was very unique.
3tim chapter 1 . 7/17/2022
The writing style seems kind of like stream of thought, which I don't like to read, but the plot was cool enough for me to go forward. Worth reading.
veelamusic chapter 1 . 5/20/2022
i love your idea of kneazles picking up behaviors from their owners! especially things like intelligence and power. it fits in rather nicely for a magical creature breed
appleblossom chapter 1 . 4/27/2022
this is so good i have shivers up my spine
Chentxu chapter 1 . 1/24/2022
Wow. I myself prefer lighter stories, but this one made me curious. And to be honest, I loved it. I've stumbled upon some stories where Hermione goes dark and I really don't like them, they seem so out of character that they make me uncomfortable. But this is a different take on it and, yes, I agree, it would work in canon. Hermione can be absolutist and, specially when it involves Harry being mistreated in any way, she can also be very protective. So congratulations, because while this is definitely NOT the story I'de like to be canon, it could DEFINITELY happen in it. I'm adding this to my faves just because it's so well written and consistent with canon. Kuddos!
KingLionheart29 chapter 1 . 1/15/2022
Wow. Just Wow.
That's really the only thing to say about this fic. It's extremely well written and absolutely fits within in the bounds of canon after the epilogue. I always like when the cruel and vindictive side of Hermione is explored/built upon, but it often goes beyond anything believable without any coherent or specific reason. You've managed to write a vindictive and cruel Hermione, but still keep a core part of her character in her refusal to harm innocents to get revenge.
Charlie0925 chapter 1 . 11/13/2021
Marvelous writing here hon! Bravo!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/19/2021
I don’t mean this as a flame, i really don’t, but wasn’t Ginny justified leaving a marriage that she was unhappy in, that she entered out of grief, because of her once-crush on a hero? That she wasn’t happy as “a part-time house witch and being hemmed in be being Mrs. Ginny Potter” and throwing away dreams of being a Quidditch star to turn into someone’s trophy wife, an unhappy marriage that she is justified in leaving? And Ron, her brother, who grew up with her, WHO LOVED HER turning his back on her because of the pressure of his wife and didn’t defend his own sister is bs. And Luna, who knew Ginny, and was Ginny’s best friend since she was young, would value Ginny more than Harry, Ginny who defended her, and hexed people for calling her Loony, Luna did know “how very precious love and friendship” is, which is why she would support Ginny in leaving.
Herenes chapter 1 . 6/6/2021
A difficult read, for the right reasons I hasten to add. The one aspect of intelligence Hermione struggles with is emotional intelligence. As you point out, Ginny has her own issues which need addressing and yet Hermione is blind to them. Broken as Harry is by her departure, he would hate what Hermione planned for his wife.

Thank you for sharing your work and all the best for the future.
aurora ld chapter 1 . 12/23/2020
A standing ovation for your Hermione and your fic, this was so so marvelously and deliciously dark. And yes, I think too that this Hermione was a likely possibility in the canon, but not so murderously vengeful immediately, even for Harry; I always thought she's more like a calculating and cold fury tipe woman, that, eventually and with more offences accumulated against her or her loved ones, explotes then with the kind of reaction we have read in this story, pasionate yes but still in control. Mostly I think this because, well, her major instances of vengeance were planed in some way and not immediately executed until later in the story, at least not hte instances of the fifth book.
Well, I have rambled too much for a night, congratulations for the story and thanks for the Good Reading.

P.S. Sorry if the message has any mistakes, English is not my native language and I'm not very good in the composing aspect.
Pygmy Hippo chapter 1 . 12/20/2020
This was absolutely wicked! I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing! I totally agree that Hermione could follow this path and that it is even likely that she would enact some form of vengeance on Umbridge!
Almadynis Rayne chapter 1 . 9/20/2020
Wow...i never want Hermione mad at me! Love what you did with her. Nice job of giving me the willies!
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