Reviews for Lady Bella
Lillywhite1 chapter 16 . 9/9/2016
Thanks for writing this wonderfull story!
aroundsundown chapter 4 . 3/9/2015
The first time I read this I didn't know anything about American football. I still don't. But now I know who Erin Andrews is! Though I know her from hosting Dancing with the Stars heh.
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 16 . 8/25/2014
Loved this fic!
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 5 . 8/25/2014
I think Edward would understand. But,when he finds out, he is going to be hurt that Bella didn't trust him. She is going to have to come up with a reason as to why she will be gone for 2 months...
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 4 . 8/25/2014
I hope Bella comes clean with Edward. They have the fame thing in common and it could bond them together.
Narcys-crazydaisy chapter 16 . 3/14/2014
AWE! This was just so adorable and awesome. I'm sad it ended and there won't be a sequal. I couldn't stop reading once I started and was wishing for more. If you ever change your mind I would definitely read more on them or any of your stories. Thank you for sharing this story with you, YOU ROCK! Narcy ;-)
Vampfan1 chapter 8 . 11/18/2013
I am wondering when he will hear one of her songs on the radio and recognize the voice or when he hers the song she was singing in the shower and realizes she was singing it before it was ever released. He's got to find out somehow. Earlier her lies were of omission but she just flat out lied to him about never thinking about performing. Lies are not good. They bite you in the ass later. Always!
SarcasticBimbo chapter 16 . 11/12/2013
Sweet story. I really liked it a lot.
morena.davidson.3 chapter 16 . 10/22/2013
Cute story and good job putting a bit of angst in there that totally made sense. Thanks for sharing :)
Just Sus chapter 16 . 10/20/2013
I liked this...a very cute love story. Must be hard being celebs, having different careers, and trying to make a relationship work!

Just Sus chapter 12 . 10/20/2013
Oh, holy hell! This is NOT good!
Just Sus chapter 11 . 10/20/2013
I think they might be pulled apart for awhile when they're separated, but will end up OK!
Just Sus chapter 10 . 10/20/2013
SO! The reveal! Edward took it pretty well, I'd say!
Doesn't the real Lady GaGa have an actor boyfriend? The guy on "Chicago Fire?" They seem to be making it work!
Just Sus chapter 9 . 10/20/2013
I think it's time to come clean to Edward!
Just Sus chapter 8 . 10/20/2013
OMG...the sex is good! And the 21-y.o. recoup time? Hell yes!
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