Reviews for Served Cold
Nyt Yanse chapter 1 . 11/14/2009
A fascinating moment of thought, not one i had thought about before but very illuminating for Morden. Him thinking of himself as a good man, a people helper, was interesting. I do like the errant thought of 'turning' Zack, who, as we all know, gets pretty close to turning later. A good read and well put together.
Starfire201 chapter 1 . 11/13/2009
Huh. And the ironic thing was Sheridan DID understand all too well, maybe not then, but he did eventually. And certainly the Shadows never got one up on him, as Morden believed they would. I believe that episode was where Sheridan first learned of the Shadows, correct? If I am recalling that part in the cell correctly, he caught a glimpse of the Shadows on the security camera screen shortly after he was told about them. The part that made me shake my head was when Morden had the thought that Sheridan wasn't sane. He needed to look in the mirror considering he never seemed quite sane himself. What I found most frightening about Morden was his belief that everyone was willing to sell their souls as he was, and he found nothing wrong with it, and couldn't get that there are many who have more integrity than that. Seems that Sheridan understood that more than he ever did.

Vir was also smarter than Morden gave him credit for as well. He was naive in some respects, but contrary to Morden's belief, he was smart enough to know that Morden was trying to use him. He, like Sheridan, had that integrity. I said in a review for one of your recent stories that G'Kar was a favorite of mine, and Vir was another. There was just a certain something about his personality that couldn't make you help but like him. He did his best to be Londo's conscience, and while he didn't always succeed, he did his best. And like Sheridan, he knew that some prices were too high in exchange for your own integrity. At that time, he really seemed like an innocent.

A final word on Morden, he thought Sheridan would regret it. But in the end, he learned the true meaning of "served cold" when Londo ordered his arrest and execution after he found out just how badly he had been played. Ironic, Morden believed Sheridan didn't see the big picture, but he himself never took into account the probability that one of his puppets would turn on him. He just couldn't comprehend the idea of failure, and didn't realize the lengths that someone would go to protect something other than themselves.

Nice character piece, most definitely. Been a while since I got so long-winded on one of your stories.