Reviews for Changing Lives and Roles
jobananasan chapter 11 . 6/19/2020
"...while you were busy perving on the pepper shaker..."-LOL! I can just imagine Rukia's facial expressions when she was perving on the pepper shaker. XD

Oof. Take a picture, Ichigo! It'll last longer. *smirk* They've both blatantly and obviously checked each other out. They're even and I like that. It would've been funny if Rukia didn't have the towel around her. Ichigo probably would've jumped her right then and there.

I hope Rukia still gets to go to the festival with Caleb. Don't Japanese festivals typically last days?

"The first time he'd seen her, before he'd known who she was,"-Wait. Was he following her around the
science fair? O_O Because he found her so captivating and attractive? Then saw Caleb and put two and two together? O_O On a side note, what was he doing in Meryldove? How did he end up there? What led him there? Why Meryldove, of all places?

"It was my father's insistence I pay you compliments tonight. I wouldn't have done it otherwise."-He just can't stop being a fucking asshole for more than a few minutes, can he? God, what a fucking dick!

"He was not a pervert, he told himself."-*insert 'sure, jan' gif* Unless it concerns Rukia, right Ichigo? And he doesn't want anyone else admiring her back? *smirk*

"He, however, had seen glimpses of the twenty two year old girl in her every now and then: Confused, unsure, rebellious, and youthful."-I hope her fighting spirit will never ever be crushed by Ichigo's asshole attitude.

*SCREAMING* Byakuya! Woot woot!

"Rukia wondered how the man could talk with his mouth hardly opening or moving. His demeanor was almost robotic especially with no change in his facial expression from the start."-LOL! That's so perfectly Byakuya! *I tried saying his lines without moving my mouth...I don't know how he does that...Yes, I realize he's fictional but still...*

Oh my...Byakuya's interested in Rukia? Not gonna lie. I'm not into ByaRuki as I feel it's incest. I know they're not blood related but they've only ever considered each other as siblings in the manga. Besides, Byakuya was crazy in love and devoted to Hisana. BUT in this fic I'm okay with it seeing as they have no relation to each other whatsoever. Or at least I hope not. And Rukia thinks he's attractive...*smirk* I'm hoping for LOTS of ByaRuki moments.

"It's suitable."-Ohhhhh...Is he implying that she's perfect being a 'Kuchiki' and by 'Kuchiki' I mean HIS clan in particular? *snicker* Damn Byakuya...That's pretty smooth...I hope Ichigo caught on to the insinuation. *smirk*

"The man hadn't even given Ichigo permission to address him informally."-BWAHAHAHAHA! And I hope he never will!

"How dare he take such liberties with his onna?"-EXCUSE ME?! Hell no! Just no! You don't get to make a claim on her when you've been such an asshole to her from the very beginning! You're a prick and you don't deserve her, Ichigo! Come on, Byakuya! I'm rooting for you at the moment!

"Rukia replied, 'Family friend.'"-LOL! You tell 'em, girl! Make sure Byakuya knows your single. *smirk* But wait a minute...Isn't Ichigo still under the impression Rukia is with Renji? So why the heck does he think she's HIS? Mighty presumptuous of him...*glares*

"Rukia nearly flinched when she felt a warm, gentle pressure on her barely covered back."-Trying to cop a feel, eh, Ichigo? Bastard.

"Rukia now knew what abandoned puppies felt."-Fucking bastard. You did a really good job at making me hate him. XP But I shouldn't be surprised he abandoned her. He's determined to make her life a living hell while she's in Japan. He's probably trying to set her up for some embarrassment during the dinner. Grrrrrrr...

"...that she found him engaged in an animated conversation with one of the most gorgeous, sophisticated ladies in the room."-Of, fucking, course! Let's not only abandon Rukia but also humiliate her! *throws hands in air* Fuck. You. Ichigo.

Yoshi? Yoshi?! That ugly creepy Bount lady who was about to undress Rukia in that one episode? If you could only see my face right now...I'm disappointed. Ichigo chose to dance and mingle and spend time with Yoshi instead of Rukia? *smh* I'm SO close to hoping this story doesn't end up IR. That's how annoyed I am.

Kudos to Rukia though for keeping it together through that mess and handling those two gossiping women very well and with class. Ichigo doesn't deserve any more of her time, attention, and energy.

"It was ridiculous to feel anything for Ichigo Kurosaki."-Damn right! I don't understand why she'd be attracted to an asshole. If she finds him attractive, that's one thing. But to have feelings for him? Nope. Just nope. She shouldn't. I would think she has a higher self esteem to not develop feelings for a bastard like him.

"'Who'd want to think of that ass when you had this handsome gentleman all to yourself.'"-That's right, girl! Let's GO, Byakuya! Work some magic and ask her out.

"Is this what people call 'flirting?' Rukia sucked at telling whether someone was interested or just making conversation."-LOL! She's hopeless. *chuckles* But adorable. And YESSSSSS! Fuck YESSSSSS! Go and dance the night away! Make Ichigo seethe. Make him regret abandoning her for that sleaze Yoshi. *smirk*

"Whatever you do not like, you take it as a challenge...and do everything to beat it."-Wise words. I love that. I hope Rukia takes those words to heart. ByaRuki has my blessing.

"She had dressed sophisticatedly for once, had a fine gentleman by her side, and was going to enjoy herself on the dance floor. Ichigo had lost all holds as a companion the moment he had left the table without so much as looking her way. As far as she was concerned, she was as free as Ichigo Kurosaki and could dance with whom ever, without bothering to consider her 'date.'"-That's the right attitude. So frickin' glad she realized this. And thankful Byakuya showed up when he did.

"...swaying to the tune with one delicate hand on his shoulder and the other one in his large, comfortable hand as he led her like no other man had before."-That sounds...sexyyyyyy...

So I'm suppose to feel bad for Ichigo now that we've gotten his POV? Pffft! Nope. I don't give a damn about his 'twisting gut and throbbing pain in his chest'. Why so sudden? All this time he was hellbent on proving she was just a gold digger. Hellbent on being rude as fuck to her. Hellbent on being the biggest asshole ever to her. Now, after he sees her in a towel and her bare back he's feeling all shame and guilt for leaving her alone at the table? Yeah, right. I don't fucking buy it. He's probably just feeling horny. I assume he's still having those dreams about her. I refuse to feel soft for him all of a sudden. He's gonna have to work hard get me to like him. He's gonna have to do more than "feel bad" for me to cut him some slack.

WOOOOHOOOOOO! Byakuya for the win! At least in this chapter. In your face, Ichigo! I wish those ladies kept talking about how Byakuya and Rukia looked perfect together. How Byakuya seems so smitten with the English beauty. How it must be fate that Ichigo went to seek company with Yoshi thereby freeing Rukia to enjoy the dinner with none other than the clan head himself Byakuya Kuchiki. *smirk* Also, it would've been the perfect time for Yoshi to reappear and keep Ichigo from interrupting ByaRuki on the balcony.

"And Byakuya was supposed to ask for his permission to dance with her."-Tch. Whatever, Ichigo. He lost that privilege that moment he deemed it appropriate to dance with Yoshi instead of Rukia.

Yoshi's gross. She probably killed her husband. XP She's a gold digger, isn't she? I was hoping she'd be super aggressive towards Ichigo just to provoke him even more.

"...Ichigo once again placed a hand on her back..."-I wish he'd stop that. Rukia should've moved away from him so he'd get the hint not to touch her. Or she should've just told him straight up not to touch her. *glares* Yes, I'm a petty bitch. And yeah, she also should've told him she wanted to stay longer. I wanted to see him throw a tantrum.

"They were out of there and into the car so fast,"-Wow. So damn rude. All because he didn't like seeing her dancing with another guy. He needs to grow the fuck up. Seriously.

And here I thought I couldn't possibly hate him even more because he couldn't possibly become an even bigger asshole. I can't frickin' believe he thinks that low of her. What a fucking prick. I'm too much in shock to be angry. What the hell is wrong with him? He can't be the way he is just from losing Masaki. Even Isshin said he's always been a law onto himself. There's just so many things wrong with this. He thought she was looking for a sugar daddy. He not only dissed the Kuchiki clan he also tried to slander Byakuya. Then he offered to give her money in exchange for sex. Jeez. Fucking. Cripes. So he not only thinks she's a gold digger but also a whore. *smdh* He has no filter. He's incapable of empathy. He's got some kind of antisocial personality disorder. Dude needs professional help.

I frickin' cheered when she slapped him. He SOOOO deserved that. She should've slapped him twice! One after the other! I feel so bad for her. I could feel how hurt and angry she was. And I'm so so proud that she stood up for herself, told she would've left a long time ago, AND said there's no way in hell she'd ever sleep with him for all the money in the world. Fuck him. I know it's an IR fic but shit...She deserves so much better. He needs to earn her love, affection, consideration, attention, everything!

Anyways, too bad this fic has been abandoned. It was fun while it lasted. It'll always be one of my top 5 favorite IR fics. It's probably useless to hope that someday you'll come back to finish this. Thank you for a good read.
jobananasan chapter 10 . 6/7/2020
I wish we had gotten a little bit more of the pool party. It would've been nice to see who else interacted with Rukia, like Yuzu and Karin. And a little bit more flirting from Shinji. *smirk*

"She should be thankful for the fact that he'd been watching her..."-No wonder Orihime kept glaring at her. I'm sure she saw how preoccupied Ichigo was with Rukia. Probably also saw how he started preening after Rukia obviously checked him out. *smirk*

The flashback scene was adorable! Caleb is so precious! "Ms. Inono" cracked me up! What Caleb said about Rukia's chest ought to give Ichigo lots to think and dream about. *smirk*

Isshin and Jushirou are two very bored meddling men. *chuckles* I'd like to know more about the time/s they set up Ichigo with someone. Sounds like they've done it more than once. And it sounds like they've set him up with the same type of women: big boobs, no brains, no substance, bimbos. *sigh* I can just imagine Ichigo seething...In any case, what could possibly go wrong with Rukia attending a fancy schmancy dinner with a man who absolutely despises her? *sarcasm* What in the world is Isshin thinking? Didn't he say he would make sure Rukia isn't hurt by Ichigo anymore? I'm sure he's aware that Ichigo hasn't stopped being an asshole to her. So what makes him think that Ichigo wouldn't be an asshole to her during this dinner? *smh* Dammit, Isshin! I'm annoyed at the moment...

I can't wait for Byakuya to appear! I wonder what he'll think of Rukia. Are they related somehow?

In your fucking face, Ichigo, you asshole! I'm so happy she said what she said to him. Hopefully that will give him food for thought. Seeing as how stubborn and set he is in his ways though I highly doubt it. I'm very anxious for the upcoming Kuchiki dinner. I've got a feeling it won't go smoothly. Ichigo will probably do something to upset her. I'm just hoping she stays strong through it all.
jobananasan chapter 9 . 6/7/2020
Rukia needs to stop wasting so much time and energy on Ichigo by thinking about him. He doesn't give her the time of day, she should treat him the same way. She needs to stop trying to figure him out. He doesn't deserve any acknowledgement of his presence and existence from her. I'm getting frustrated with her because she seems to set herself up for more disappointment and pain. I don't like that she's letting his hate and disregard for her get to her. She's putting too much weight on his opinion of her. I wish she'd stop doing that. Screw him. If she has to chase for his approval and attention then he's not worth it.

I'm glad Liz comes to visit on a regular basis. Goodness knows Rukia needs the support and friendship.

"...after being slightly emotionally blackmailed..."-perfect way of putting what Isshin does to Rukia to get his way.

Wow...Orihime is a fucking. bitch. And that's putting it mildly. Does Ichigo know this? I wish someone lets the Kurosakis know what she told the Ishidas. I want the Kurosakis to put her in her place. But man...What a piece of work she is. Holy shit. She knew why Ichigo ran away. Came back to Japan early just to get close to him even though she knows he's not interested. Got engaged to Kaien just to be close to Ichigo. WTF? So damn desperate and pathetic! She makes me sick to my stomach. Why doesn't Ichigo just straight up tell her to her face that he's not interested in her AT ALL? And that she needs to stop trying because there's no way in heaven or hell he'd ever want to be with her? Obviously whatever he's doing to give her hints isn't working, so he needs to do something more. Also, I'm curious of this past relationship he had. I can totally believe that the girl was probably his girlfriend and had maybe lied about her being his fiance. I hope we get the full story later on.

Please please please give us a cat fight that involves Orihime. I'd love to see her get slapped by either Rukia or Liz.

I love Shinji! My favorite Vaizard. Glad you made him flirty just like in the manga. I hope he shows up again and flirts with her again. And why didn't Hiko's son show up? I was really hoping he would. Bet Orihime AND Ichigo had something to do with it. Hoping he too will show up later on and be smitten with Rukia.

How many times am I going to be saying this during the course of this story? Ichigo is a fucking asshole. GRRRRRR...He gets on my nerves! I seriously can't think of any part of the story where I wasn't tense or pissed when he's around. You've done a really good job at not giving me any reason to like him or willingly give him the benefit of the doubt. He's an awful person in this story. I'll give Rukia credit for talking back to him. She should keep making him think she's a gold digger by saying things which he might misinterpret. That way when he finds out in the end he's been wrong all along it'll make him feel like a fool even more so. She also needs to stop getting so flustered with his looks. Rukia, girl, you need to remember he dislikes you with a passion! And he doesn't deserve your ogling either!
jobananasan chapter 8 . 6/6/2020
I'll start off with the usual: Ichigo's an asshole.

I found Isshin somewhat patronizing during that flashback scene, and so disingenuous when he was talking about how she lost a boyfriend. I was so cringe-y that I wanted to smack him. As I've said before he's really like his son. Just that Ichigo uses aggression and anger. Isshin is more passive-aggressive. I'm sure in generall he's got good intentions but the saying 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' come to mind.

Rukia's too selfless for her own good sometimes. *smh*

"He was so sure of himself that Rukia knew it was useless to explain. It would be the last time Rukia would do so."-Good! I'm glad. I hope she sticks with this decision. Words obviously won't change his mind. Better to go with actions since they speak louder. In any case it's not her job to convince him of anything. If he wants to prove she's a gold digger that's on him. He's a damn fool. Her only focus should be herself and Caleb.

Ichigo's such a frickin' asshole, I swear. I want to think he was jealous. But the fact that he has so much disdain and disgust for her makes me also think that his reaction is partly because he doesn't want anyone to like her. The less people who supports her the better for him. I wish the dog had come along and tackled him.

"He would also have to make sure Rukia-chan didn't get hurt by his son anymore."-He frickin' better. I've got a feeling that the more he pushes Ichigo the more mean and hurtful he'll become towards Rukia. I kinda wish Rukia reaches her limit and says, "Fuck this shit. I'm done." I don't like seeing her get played like a pawn. In any case, I can't wait to see what Isshin and Jushiro does to fluster Ichigo even more. I just hope it doesn't back fire.
jobananasan chapter 7 . 6/4/2020
Oh my...He's had an erotic dream about her...And not just an erotic dream but they're married (I'm going to assume to each other). *snicker* So, is he celibate? When was the last time? I'm guessing with the girl he ran away with. Anyways, I like that he realizes the part of him that has forsaken love and emotions is weak and fragile. At least he's aware even though it subconsciously. Hopefully someone or something will help bring it to his conscious level.

"...Ichigo had a very BIG and LEAKY reminder throbbing away impatiently beneath the sheets."-Better go take care of that reminder, Ichigo. *smirk*

Are you fucking kidding me with that flashback? See! I knew it! Isshin is as underhanded, conniving, and manipulative as Ichigo. He's being kind to Rukia and all the while plotting a way to keep Caleb there for good. There's no doubt in my mind he will do everything in his power to keep Caleb, probably even resorting to threats and intimidation. I was ready to accept him as being on Rukia's side then this happens. *smh* I'm really disappointed in him.

It's been a while since I've said it so I'll said it again now. Ichigo is a fucking asshole. JFC he's such a fucking asshole. Did Rukia hear all that? Everything that was said by both Isshin and Ichigo? That's so messed up if she did. She'd better feel outrage and being seen as no more than a means to an end by both men. I'm ticked right now.

"It was easy for him to see that Kaien had some unreasonable attachment to the onna..."-He's so frickin' stupid. "Unreasonable" attachment? Caleb's a fucking child who loves. his. mother! Why is that so fucking hard for him to understand and accept?

If Rukia decides stay they better let her go back to England to tie up some loose ends. And Caleb needs to go with her. I'm sure he'd like to say goodbye to his friends. Fucking Kurosakis better allowed her this much.

Oh shit. She did hear everything. I'm glad she's starting to doubt Isshin. It's the least she could do. I get she wants to cut him some slack since he's been so kind to her but I hope she never ever let's her guard down around him either. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

Caleb is SO cute! *heart eyes* I thought it's their third day in Karakura. Didn't she have dinner with them twice already?

"He must just be tired from the late night discussion with his pig of a son."-LOL.

Thank goodness Liz seems to be pretty nice. I'm glad Uryuu has a kind wife. Shiro sounds adorable. If I were in Rukia's shoes and someone or something says/does anything to remind me that I'll probably be losing my child I'd be crying, or at the very least teary eyed. I give Rukia tons of credit for keeping it together while talking to Liz about moving back to England without Caleb. I'm crying just reading it!

Way to guilt trip her, Liz! *glares* I'm reconsidering my opinion of her. If Rukia stays Liz better help her look for her own place to stay because I don't want Rukia living in such a hostile environment. Sure, the hostility is coming from one person but that one person is the homeowner himself. Screw that! I'd want Rukia living in her own place and working at a job she's happy with. I want her to prove Ichigo's opinion of her so so wrong.

So sad that Ichigo can't even remember the last time anyone has laughed in his house. *smh*

"We could make a pig, sweetheart."-YAASSS! Perfect! Every time he goes to the dojo should I assume it's because a 'part' of him has awakened? O_O I'm guessing whenever he sees Rukia from now on he'll want to go to the dojo afterwards. *smirk*
jobananasan chapter 6 . 6/3/2020
"...he may have some say in certain things concerning Caleb, but when it came to her, she was not going to tolerate being tyrannized by his controlling personality."-Good! Stick to that conviction!

"Her quietness was not a sign of submission or acceptance but of patience, and if this patience ran out, her temper would blow off to make up for all the tolerance she may have had to endure before."-I hope to god she reaches the end of her patience and blows the fuck up. I want her anger to rain hell on whoever the idiot is who pushes her to her limit. And I hope to god it's Ichigo. It'll teach him that she's not like ANY woman he's ever dealt with. *evil smirk* Anyways, the more she stands up to him the better for her confidence. Once you learn to say 'no', it gets easier each and every time.

"She wanted Ichigo to see that she didn't need expensive clothes to make her worthy to dine with him...Seriously, what girl wouldn't feel good when she's feeling beautiful?"-You show 'em, Rukia! Go in and do your thang and don't give a fuck about what he thinks/says/does.

"Well, so much for making friends, Rukia thought dejectedly."-Okay...So she's one those...A snobby rich bitch. Already looking down on Rukia. I so hope that in the future Rukia puts her in her place. She sounds perfect for Ichigo. I can't believe I just said that because I absolutely ABHOR that pairing. But they sound like two peas in a pod. Both stuck up and think their shit don't stink.

"How dare she defy him! She should be grateful he was even letting her stay here, amongst his people, with Kaien!"-Oh my god! Grow the fuck up, Ichigo! JFC. He's such a spoiled brat. So, he's pretty much jealous of Caleb whenever Rukia becomes motherly towards him because he lost his own mother? That's pretty much what it boils down to. Caleb has a mother who loves him, cares about him, and nurtures him. And because of this he can't stand it. He can't stand to see Rukia doing it to Caleb. Ichigo's is such a little shit. I mean, I know I'm suppose to infer that he's very much attracted to her and he's confused because no woman has ever made him feel like that. But none of that changes the fact that he's been a total asshole to her. So I'm still having a hard time warming up to him.

"...what other reasons apart from money, would she have to make such false implications."-How old was he when Masaki died? The way he remembers her tells me he was old enough to know and feel what genuine motherly love is. So how the fuck does he not understand Rukia's love for Caleb and that she's afraid he'll be taken away from her? I'm guessing that he's measured every woman he's met against Masaki as mother and wife. Every woman he's met has fallen short of those standards. And probably somewhere along the way he's been betrayed or had his heart broken. *shrug* I still think he's an ass, though.

"Ichigo fixed a laid back expression on his face to make it seem like he was listening to her while throwing in his half-assed responses and chuckles at appropriate intervals."-At least he's an equal opportunity asshole. He's a douchebag to everyone, with differing degrees depending on who he's with. I take it then that he's not all that into Orihime. *chuckles* But man! He really wants to see Rukia in those dresses, huh? *smirk*

"It's good to study one's opponent thoroughly, to determine his/her next move. To remove potential threat, one had to be meticulous with details of one's supposed threat!"-LOL. He's so ridiculous. Okay, Ichigo. Keep telling yourself that. *smirk*

Thank goodness Hiko is kind. Rukia's so innocent and oblivious it's hilarious. Orihime's jealous? Does this mean she's into Ichigo? Well then, I guess she'd better not catch Ichigo staring at Rukia for too long. *smirk* Oh I so hope to god Hiko introduces his son to Rukia! *crossing fingers* I really want to see Ichigo's reaction. And Orihime's too. *smirk* If they do meet I hope he's as kind as Hiko and that he gets along well with Rukia.

If Isshin and Hiko are best friends then it's Orihime that was arranged to be married to Kaien? YIKES! But it looks like she want Ichigo instead. But wait. Ichigo's the older son so why wasn't she arranged to marry him instead? Was Isshin just hoping that he finds a woman on his own? And then when he showed no signs of doing so he then arranged Kaien to marry Orihime? All for an heir? That's messed up.

Orihime's a bitch. To be a honest though I'm enjoying her being one. She was so bland in the manga. But she's still a bitch and I dislike her.

"He might be busy with the new project he is handling. There's no need for him to come!"-What a brat! The guy HAS to come to the party now. God, I hope so. Come on, Hiko! Force him to come, dammit!

Oh...So Ichigo WAS going to be arranged with Orihime...O_O But he ran off with another chick because he didn't want it...Ohhhh. I wonder if Orihime knew about the arranged marriage...My guess is she probably hinted something to Hiko, planted the idea in his head so that the two fathers would act on it. Wonder how she felt when Ichigo ran off. I bet she went along with the arranged marriage to Kaien to be close to Ichigo. UGH! Gross! That makes me sick! She's an awful person! So who did Ichigo run off with?

"She's a pretty woman, of course, but when you've said that, you've said it all."-Ouch! Well, at least he sees her true ugly self. LOL at Rukia.

"She still clings to the outdated notion that I should honour the arrangement she had with Kaien."-Are you fucking serious? Is she trying to guilt trip him into marrying her? What a pathetic bitch!

Now why would Isshin suggest something like that? To make sure she stays in Karakura? Or to nudge Ichigo in the right direction because he suspects his son is attracted to he? To make sure Caleb stays with the family? In any case, Isshin just proved to me that he is as underhanded and conniving as Ichigo. It's not enough to make her feel guilty about taking Caleb back to England. It's not enough to ask her to uproot herself from her homeland and move to a foreign country. Now he also wants to take away her right to marry who she wants. I'm so disappointed in him tbh. *smh* I like him less now.
jobananasan chapter 5 . 6/1/2020
Damn...Semi-formal wear for dinner at home? I'm judging...

"She couldn't imagine Kurosaki Ichigo instructing the chefs to 'make something special for the unwanted guest.'"-Yup. Totally agree. He's a prick.

"...his uncle would be a major factor in shaping up an adult Caleb similar to his own self."-YIKES! We definitely do NOT want adorable loving Caleb to turn into an asshole like Ichigo. Fuck that. I hope Rukia makes sure that doesn't happen.

The dinner and after-dinner sounded excruciating. I'll give Isshin credit for being accommodating and considerate. Maybe he won't be so bad after all. I still don't trust him though. And what is Ichigo's problem? What a creep. It's IR so I know why he's staring but still...The fact that he has so much disdain and mistrust for her makes me question all his actions and motives. Anyways, Rukia's adorable. I love her. Hope she brought more than one hair tie.

"...he'd have to make things as hard for her as possible...and she would just give up and return home."-God, what a fucking dick. I really hope Rukia doesn't give up Caleb. Knowing her though she probably will because she'll put his happiness ahead of hers. *smh*

"But he won't let her go without throwing a sizable compensation on her face..."-I hope she slaps the shit out of him. Man, he really pisses me off.

Rukia's and Caleb's relationship is so loving and heartwarming. He's so adorable and it's so obvious that they have a healthy mother/son relationship and love each other very much. Um...Caleb thinking Rukia is going away...Is that foreshadowing?

If Rukia's going to stay does she have to stay with the Kurosakis? I hope she finds her own place to live and find a job she likes because I'd hate for her to be dependent on them. The less she has to rely on them the better.

"That would be the time for her to return home...without him...It was going to be hard for her to start again...not to mention the loneliness that this state would bring."-I'm already crying at the thought of her having to give him up. You don't ever do that to a mother. You don't take her child away from her. But I honestly don't think the Kurosakis would care. All they really do care about it Caleb. I really think that includes Isshin. Once Caleb becomes independent of her they'll throw her to the side.

Uryuu married an English lady? Wow. Awesome. Maybe Rukia can have her and Uryuu as allies if and when the time comes for her to get out of the Kurosaki residence and on her own. I hope Liz is nice and gets along well with Rukia. I want her to actually have friends while in Karakura. Also, I hope she puts her foot down and tells Caleb that she'll keep calling him Caleb and explain to him that that is her name for him. Fuck that. She needs to have some control over this sickening situation. Otherwise she might as well give pack up her things and leave without him if she keeps allowing to be bulldozed like this. *smh* The same goes for okaasan. She can ask him to call her mommy when he's talking to her but if he's talking about her to other people he can use okaasan. She needs to tell him how important his English heritage is. I'm getting so frickin' annoyed right now...

Enter Mr. Asshat himself. You know, just when I think he couldn't be anymore of an asshole he proves me wrong. He really makes me want to tear his face off. I give Rukia credit for keeping her cool. Other than that brief moment when she let his words get to her she stood her ground. "Ichigo Kurosaki could go to hell for all she cared, and now that she had seen what his opinions of her were, she wasn't going to waste her time and effort into finding a way to clear and justify herself for his sake. She wasn't going to let someone like him make her feel guilty of something that was done with no ill intentions."-You go, girl! Put on that mask and don't let him see he bothers you. Two can play his game. Stand up to that bastard. I'm so frickin' happy refused those dresses, to his face even!, and didn't back down. I hope she keeps challenging him, the prick. Also, why the hell is she required to wear an EVENING GOWN to dinner? At home? I think they think too highly of themselves.

So Ichigo was the one who bought the dresses after all. With no prompting from Isshin. It was all his idea. So...what does that mean? He wants to buy her nice things because he's secretly attracted to her? Or it just further proves that he's a controlling asshole? Since he hasn't shown himself as nothing other than a prick to her I'm inclined to think it's the latter. He's bullying her, making her life a living hell. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Wonder who the guests are,"-Same here. Can't wait to see how Rukia handles things. I'm rooting for her. Ichigo better not embarrass her...*glares*
jobananasan chapter 4 . 5/31/2020
"...Ichigo told the skank that the only thing interesting enough to him was the forest and whatever else was on offer he was sure he'd seen better..."-O_O! Damn...Savage! That's a very effective rejection. Rude but effective nonetheless. *snicker*

"...but he had been deceived so easily by one Rukia Kuchiki."-He's a fucking idiot and I dislike him very much. I can already see the gears turning in his head. He'll make her stay in Japan so horrible and painful that she'll want to leave and go back to England. And because she's selfless and loves Caleb so much she'll leave him believing that the only thing she can ever offer him is her love and none of the other opportunities the Kurosakis can offer. I'm going to end up hating him even more. I just know it.

"Rukia Kuchiki's fake motherly attentions, her large, seemingly innocent violet eyes and her convincing fibs had him stupidly captivated for a while."-Are you fucking kidding me?! All he had to do was observe how Caleb reacted to her attentions and actions and he'd be able to tell if she was faking all that or not. He's a fucking moron and I'm pissed. When Caleb is genuinely loving and protective of Rukia then obviously she's a fucking good caring mother. How fucking stupid is he? JFC. Didn't Kaien's letter mention Hisana by name? He knew Caleb's first name was Kaien so I'm finding it hard to believe that Kaien wouldn't mention 'Hisana.' So it's Ichigo's fault for not catching that and for assuming Rukia's the biological mother. Besides it's his fault for assuming. In any case, Rukia IS mommy, no matter what the circumstances are.

Yay! Uryuu's here. Hopefully he'll be kinder to Rukia than Ichigo has ever been. What a fucking ass, that Ichigo! JFC. He needs to grow the fuck up. I wished Uryuu had said something to him about being rude. And Rukia, ever the selfless person, still being considerate of Uryuu and his well-being even though she's getting the full-hate treatment.

"Welcome home Kaien."-Fuck you, you fucking fuck. I just hope Rukia stays strong and never ever let him see that he gets to her. God, what a fucking prick. I swear I hate him more and more with every chapter.

Just how rich are they? Jeez. Brah, if Isshin is as cold, calculating, and snobby as Ichigo I'm going to frickin' lose it.

My heart is breaking for Rukia. Stay strong, girl. Stay strong. Have I mentioned that I hate Ichigo so far? *glares*

"...his Father's health, which wasn't as serious as Rukia had first thought...or was led to believe."-About that. Ichigo is in no place whatsoever to be angry for thinking that she's Caleb's mom when HE HIMSELF made it sound like Isshin was dying. Damn bastard...

Rukia should stick to calling him Caleb. She's raised him for the last four years and if that's what she's called him all this time then she has every right to keep calling him that. Besides it's a way to honor Hisana, his English heritage. Don't want to be erasing that part of him.

Wow. Okay...Isshin may be more capable of being kinder than Ichigo but he is as manipulative, underhanded, and conniving. He uses his 'kindness' to disarm you and make you feel guilty. Like father, like son, just two different ways of accomplishing the same result. *smh* I'm really disappointed in him. Him assuming that Rukia will be staying is really frickin' annoying. There's no doubt in my mind that he will stoop to using everything in his power to keep Caleb there with or without Rukia if she so decides to go back to England. I sure hope that she sticks to guns and not let these guys walk all over her. God, I'm so sick of the Kurosakis already. And I'm only on chapter 4!

A big middle finger at the airport before, during, and after the flight. Assholes, all of them.

So, yeah, I'm curious as to what made him the way he is when it comes to women. I'm guessing it has something to do with all his wealth and that women probably just want to be with him for the money. Also maybe losing his mom has made him not want to get into any relationship because he doesn't want to get hurt? I hope the dinner wont' be a disaster for Rukia. I'm not crazy about her being alone with father and son.
jobananasan chapter 3 . 5/28/2020
Fucking Ichigo. God, what a fucking ass! I can repeat that ad nauseam and it still won't be enough to describe just how much of an asshole he is. I wish Rukia would forgo, just once, being a genteel English lady and put him in his place. I'm so irked by his smugness and arrogance and his sense of entitlement. Also he was getting all weird watching Rukia dote on Caleb until he pushed away whatever sentimental feelings he had. So that means Masaki's not in the picture and he misses her. So how the fuck he's gonna be this rude to her when she reminds him of how loving his own mother was? JFC. Someone needs to slap him. Rukia should still have declined the ride offer. Sure he probably would've found her anyway but she didn't have to make it easy for him. She's acquiescing to him too much. *smh* And please god don't let her be attracted to him so soon...

On top of being an asshole Ichigo is also creepy. He stares at her whether directly or out of the corner of his eye. He's still under the impression she's the woman Kaien was seeing. Makes me wonder what kinds of thoughts are going through his head as he's checking her out, besides whatever asshole plans he's plotting against her. What's with him thinking her being single will make things easier for him? In what way? Because he wouldn't have to deal with 2 people, just her? Because she's naive so he can take advantage of her easier? He's probably judging her. Fucking creepo.

"Hisana mama."-This made me cry. The parts when Rukia told Caleb about this parents being together and when she was looking at her locket were heartbreaking and not gonna lie, I cried. Good thing I had a box of tissue nearby. And Rukia's and Hisana's story...Dammit. Can't stop crying...

"And she had done all these things with only one thing in mind...Caleb's happiness."-And that's a good mother right there. When you become a parent you put your child first. It's not about you anymore. But with how much of an asshole Ichigo is I just hope he won't start using that to push her out and take Caleb away from her. I'm getting angry already at the thought...

I give Rukia lots of credit for having a good head on her shoulders despite her hard life. To be so young yet mature, independent, nurturing, and loving to Caleb is so admirable. I'm getting teary-eyed. Have I mentioned that Caleb is so adorable?

You know what? Fuck you Ichigo! Isshin's been waiting for years so what's another month? JFC. I bet Isshin's not even near death! Besides, Ichigo's implying that Isshin needs a reason to keep living, moving forward. Well then, I'm sure the news of finally finding Caleb is good enough for him to keep going. He's got something to look forward to now. And Rukia doesn't owe them shit. Hence, she shouldn't feel guilty. *sigh* But whatever. Ichigo's really ticking me off, the little pissant. Also, I noticed he said, "Now that we have found Kaien's son..." but no mention of finding Caleb's mother, as if she's inconsequential. I'm convinced more and more that the Kurosakis don't give a fuck about Rukia and that they're only interested in getting Caleb. And seeing how Ichigo is the way he is I'm thinking that Isshin is probably the same way. Conniving and manipulative, like father, like son. Too bad Rukia's too damn selfless for her own good when it comes to that bastard Ichigo.

Wow! Renji's a fucking asshole! Between Ichigo and Renji I don't know who's the bigger asshole. Fuck you Renji! That pisses me off. Doesn't he know Rukia is an orphan? So why the fuck would he think she'd EVER give up Caleb?! And Caleb is the ONLY family she has left. Why would he think she'd give him up just like that. Fucking prick. And Ichigo just HAD to hear all that. What the hell is HIS deal? First he probably DID stand in front of her door and then rang her bell at exactly 8 o'clock. And now he probably DID stand there listening to their conversation. Oh my fucking god. And I bet he didn't hear the part where she says Caleb is pretty much her life and her happiness. But good fucking riddance Renji! And he actually thinks Rukia will want to have another chance with him? What an idiot! She deserves better. *sigh* Poor Rukia. I feel so bad for her...
jobananasan chapter 2 . 5/27/2020
I'm stupid. I just read the summary which says Caleb is her nephew. DUH!

Okay, Rukia kinda annoyed here. She had every right to tell Chad and Ichigo that there's no way she's letting Caleb go with a stranger. Screw manners and politeness! If she's the mother figure she should've put her foot down and said no. I personally would've said "Fuck off. My son is NOT leaving my side even for a minute." God, Ichigo's such an ass. And please tell me Rukia's not a virgin. That she's at least experienced enough. Because I'm not liking the whole she's getting all flustered just from his touch. She deserves better than this controlling bastard. You know what else is pissing me off? The fact that Ichigo thinks he can just discard 'Caleb' and just call him 'Kaien.' He's already grooming him to a life without Rukia, that bastard! I hope she sticks to using 'Caleb.' If she's been his mother figure all his life then she should stick to her guns. And considering the Kurosakis turned their backs on Hisana...He's got no fucking right...God, I'm so pissed right now.

Dammit Rukia! Why are you so trusting? Okay, I get it. She's 22 and still trying to navigate through life, finding herself in the world with a 4 year old in tow. I get it. But god...I don't trust Ichigo. What a fucking prick. JFC. I get the feeling he likes hearing his own voice. If the Kaien story is true then I feel so sorry for Hisana for not finding out the truth. And he was engaged already? An arranged marriage? How antiquated. At least he wanted to make sure Hisana and the baby were provided for. But Ichigo said he's finally found 'the boy' which implies Rukia is of no consequence or importance. Every time he opens his mouth I dislike him even more. He better not be lying about Isshin being sick. I get the feeling he's using that as an excuse to lure Rukia out of England. Once he's got her in Japan he's got the home court advantage and Rukia will have absolutely no one to turn to. A foreigner in a foreign land. That's going to be scary. He's going to ambush her and make sure she comes back to England without Caleb. God, what a fucking asshole. He's creepy too with how he seems to stare at her a lot.

Ugh, Renji. I'm absolutely not a fan of RenRuki as a romantic couple. Thank goodness she's not at all into him. I laughed at the thought that Caleb is so protective of her against any man that comes too close. That's so sweet. And Renji's a butthead for acting childish about that. If he's going to taunt a little boy for wanting his mother all to himself then he can just GTFO. Rukia deserves better. And you know, she didn't really lie about anything. She didn't say she was Hisana or that Caleb is her son. Caleb called her 'mommy' because she's been raising him by herself for all 4 years of his life. She IS mommy so he's right in calling her that. Ichigo's assuming too much and that's his fucking problem. He better not hold anything against her later. But since he's so fucking overbearing I'm going to assume he'll be a total nasty asshole.
jobananasan chapter 1 . 5/27/2020
I've read this fic many times and have never properly reviewed. Even though I know it's abandoned gonna comment anyway, chapter by chapter as if I've never read it before. :)

Okay, so Ichigo is an asshole. Probably used to getting his way all the time. Hopefully Rukia won't let him walk all over her. I'm already not liking him at all.

At first I thought Rukia is the mommy for obvious reasons. But apparently she has no clue what the daddy looks like or anything about Kaien for that matter. O_O

Caleb sounds so adorable. I love how protective he seems to be of Rukia. Ichigo better not try taking him away from her. It sounds like she's been hiding away with Caleb from whoever Ichigo is and he's tracked her down. Can't be coincidence that he happens to be at the same venue. *glares* This is making me anxious.
Cass chapter 11 . 5/17/2020
I have read it again after many years, and I am still waiting for the conclusion of this story. It has been a very exciting time. Please finish writing it
corjca1 chapter 8 . 11/28/2019
ichigow fucking grow up stop acting like a fucking child you made him perfectick a right prick
Guest chapter 11 . 3/29/2017
It's been over 5 years since you've last updated so it's probably safe to say this story has been abandoned. I just want to say though that I wish I had found this fic sooner. I could've enjoyed and loved it longer. Sounds cheesy but it's sincere. Hoping against all hope that you find your way back here and finish this wonderful story.
Guest chapter 11 . 1/3/2017
This story is amazing. The constant tension between Ichigo and Rukia is written so believably well. I'm not sure if you're coming back to continue this fic, but I would love to know the consequences of this disastrous date. Caleb/Kaien is definitely going to know something is wrong and it'll just be a beautifully tragic mess as everyone is struggling to move forward, especially in deciding what the best course of action to take at the end of the summer is, considering he's also getting so attached to the Kurosakis. Please do think about updating, even just a short continuation. I hope you're happily writing regardless though, since you've definitely got a talent for it.
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