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Angellufy chapter 8 . 6/6/2012
As long as I know you can crossover this story. Log in to your account.

Manage stories click your story In story properties, click Crossover. Then, go down and click on the Change Category button in front of Category 2. It will open a new tab or window. There, choose movies and search for the movie you want. I saw She's all that is in listed in .

Denial huh? So, to every school that Buffy goes, some kid is always sucked in her world and out of denial. Pike in Hemery. Will and Xander in Sunnydale High School and now Laney in this new school away from sunnyhell? Eheheheheheh. Interesting.
ba2006 chapter 8 . 6/6/2012
loved this chapter :) thanks for updating :)
paradiso31 chapter 7 . 4/5/2011
great story.
Jeremy Shane chapter 7 . 4/2/2011
Good Chapter & More Please
Angellufy chapter 7 . 4/2/2011
Laney believed in Buffy too fast for it to be true in my point of view. So, I hope we will have an update on the situation soon.
blue talith chapter 6 . 2/20/2011
Is this story completed? Have we readers read the last chapter? It's been a very good story to this point. Seems to me that the story needs to be continued.
blue talith chapter 5 . 2/20/2011
Oh, my. What has Buffy fallen into? Very good plot!
blue talith chapter 4 . 2/20/2011
Great writing! Though the chapters could be a wee bit longer.
blue talith chapter 2 . 2/20/2011
Seems our Slayer can't catch a break (with English)!
blue talith chapter 1 . 2/20/2011
Ooohh, undercover secret agent! Nifty!
Angellufy chapter 6 . 11/6/2010
It is good to read about before Angelus-BA. Joss is The First evil. Kepp going!
Jeremy Shane chapter 6 . 11/6/2010
Good Chapter & More Please

I do have one question, What's She's All That & I'm not kidding.
hideher chapter 3 . 11/6/2010
Good so far.
hideher chapter 1 . 11/6/2010
Love that movie! I think this is a great idea. Looking forward to see where this goes!
ba2006 chapter 5 . 8/23/2010
loved this chapter :) so happy to see Angel in it now!

BA forever
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