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furballtiger chapter 32 . 16m
lol, the ferret again! omg, you got me good there. bwahaha!
And, miracles occur, Harry wasn't a *complete* idiot (although not thinking thru the wards being bypassed MULTIPLE TIMES is classic idiot-Harry).
furballtiger chapter 31 . 49m
ok, the "ferret's uncle" line got me good. Pretty sure the neighbors heard me laughing :o
And, apparently, and unsupervised Bella is just chaos unleashed. Then again, a little mayhem is prolly something the Dursleys have earned, arguably, if not in this timeline.
furballtiger chapter 30 . 2h
fun bit. I hope he kicks some serious DE butt! and prewitt is being an idiot; it's pretty clear to anyone paying attention that Harry & Bela have been staunchly anti voldie longer than anyone (and, arguably, more effectively).
furballtiger chapter 22 . 23h
good chapter, nicely done and very well written. I'd been meaning to mention, and this one is a perfect chance, that your chapter titles are outstanding. Among the best I've seen, rly, among hundreds/thousands of stories (I...might read a lot. A lot a lot.). GJ!
furballtiger chapter 16 . 11/30
poor Harry, protesting his innocence and disinterest in the student sleeping in his bed (!), while she's convinced her dad she plans to marry the poor idiot. You did a good job of making Harry act like Harry, but (sadly) that means he's a complete moron (as Bella pts out often). I guess it would be a huge change to make him noticeably smarter, but I always felt it was lazy/inept writing on JKR's part. But I think you've captured it pretty well.
furballtiger chapter 15 . 11/30
welp, harry is (still) an idiot. True to canon, I guess :)
furballtiger chapter 11 . 11/30
BT's favorite animal; a rabid wolverine? a honey badger with a severe toothache? the alien from Alien? yeah, that one. :) Being in slytherin doesn't mean it has to be a snake; they can't all have the same fav or they're just carbon copies, rather than people.
furballtiger chapter 9 . 11/30
idk, it seems pretty implausible that teen BT can basically hold her own (enough for this to turn into a slugfest) vs post war HP. If this were the case, w/ all the extra years experience and growth she'd have smoked him by now in the original timeline, whereas it says they fought repeatedly.
furballtiger chapter 6 . 11/30
very nice bit of scheming :) Ideally, some of the b/g exposition might be reworked from show to tell, at least partially, but it would be hard. So far it's interesting. And, true to character, Harry remains a moron (she's not wrong!), but not a bad bloke (neither is the forger girl).
furballtiger chapter 4 . 11/29
really good stuff, I'm looking forward to reading the rest!
Light Lord Cybergate chapter 9 . 11/14

Harry comes from a time of war, so he has a lot of battle experience plus he is older than Bellatrix.

Yet, Bellatrix a student is able to duel with him at an equal level.

Yes, Harry probably only lost because of his faulty wand but still...

Was his training and his skills in the future so sub par that even a normal student can defeat a seasoned battlehardened soldier of his future or is Bellatrix just advanced because she's a Black?
wsbenge chapter 46 . 11/8
I just reread this story again. Time travel is one of the few ways to logically build the necessary infrastructure to defeat Riddle. Tweens and young teens just can't do it, except from Canon Harry's blind dumb luck. Riddle is the standard issue meglomaniac. Psychological issues. Human history has numerous examples.

Otherwise, productive assassination might work to stop Riddle. Every magical carries a high powered weapon and studies potions. A Slytherin could do Riddle in.

It is easy to imagine a backward wizard society. Free unlimited resources. Starvation should be limited to addictive behavior and medical issues. Why quest for the stars? New frontiers?
Athrick chapter 35 . 10/30
I’m sick and tired of Harry hiding and super vague to the Order. When Bellatrix says something vague or misleading to them I get annoyed right along side them. If that was what you were going for incredible fucking job cause I haven’t been this annoyed about someone pretending to be alive or dead ever. The first part of this fic was amazing but, it is getting ever increasingly more tedious to read through this. I shall endeavour to finish since I’ve come this far.
lulu2613 chapter 27 . 10/23
So now Severus is in love with Narcissa?!
lulu2613 chapter 26 . 10/23
Wow a lot has changed. Like Sirius married and he’s a father? Lily and James have three kids?! What happened to Severus?
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