Reviews for Delenda Est
Kit Willow chapter 46 . 3h
Well, How shall I begin ! , let me start by saying that this has been a fantastic read so far, Wonderful book, Despite the fact that the reputation of this book precedes it, I would admit that I was somewhat sceptical about reading it due to bad experiences with time travel fanfic but I'm pleased to declare that my fears was unfounded as this was executed excellently ! . Nice one author, Keep up the good work
stevem1 chapter 46 . 10/19
This is an excellent story. Harry’s decision making irritated me the first half as there was not a lot of brain power behind it, but it picked up the second half.

I like Bellatrix’s relative ruthlessness and her manipulation of Harry. It helped connect her to ‘evil’ Bellatrix in canon. She wasn’t a saint in this story by any stretch but she stood by family.

I like her practical efforts to reform Draco. He did better than expected, once he was forced to step up.

Well done and recommended.
stevem1 chapter 22 . 10/19
Why is he pretending to not know Voldemort’s name? He’s already sent him a letter so he has a ready made excuse. Harry makes things so complicated for no good reason.
stevem1 chapter 15 . 10/19
I love the concept of this story. The writing is very good. But both Bellatrix and Harry make constantly stupid decisions. No one is perfect but when do they start making the occasional smart decision?
stevem1 chapter 14 . 10/19
Why is Harry so incredibly stupid?
stevem1 chapter 13 . 10/19
I really like this story. And hate this version of Harry Potter. He appears to be unable to link cause and effect.
stevem1 chapter 12 . 10/19
Harry Potter in canon was lazy and not too bright. Apparently adding 3 years of war to his life experiences changed none of that. Why was he insisting on using defective wands? Did he really want his friends (and himself) to die?
Cortax chapter 28 . 10/18
This story just went downhill real fast
joycezhanng chapter 46 . 10/17
love love loveeeee this story

1. the characterization overall is just absolutely brilliant. your characters are SMART.
2. surprisingly, i loved orion, cygnus, and romulus. they're realistic - they actually have brains and aren't stupid enough to join up voldemort, even though they're supposed to be all blood-purity obsessed
3. the image projection and phoenix fire spells are so freaking useful and the incorporation of them is great
4. i like that your story is heavily based around politics and manipulation - it's deeper and explores aspects of human nature.
5. the protagonists got the happy endings that they deserve :) except sirius. whyyyy did his wife have to die?
joycezhanng chapter 44 . 10/17
whew. okayyyyy

i was wondering about what you would do about the harry-is-a-horcrux situation, and i guess this solves it?

at first i was worried crouch jnr would be crouch sr's wife in disguise like in cannon, which would explain why crouch sr was acting so weird.

amazing writing overall - the battle was intense, well thought-out, and kept me on the edge of my seat. and the appearance of the prongs patronus might make some things clearer for the potters :)
joycezhanng chapter 26 . 10/16

alternate golden trio, sirius has a freaking kid, the potters have three...

the dramatic irony is actually killing me. i need them to reunite and figure out about regulus and the horcruxes.

and rose is a seer? cool.
drucifer000 chapter 22 . 10/15
I'm not sure how all voldemorts lackies even mounted the attack, pureblood manors are notorious for their warding, theres not really any feasible way they could've killed Cygnus in that way. At the very least they'd have had to tear down the wards first which would've given harry and them a fair amount of warning.
VainlyInsane chapter 46 . 10/4
This story was, is, and will always be one of my favorite Fanfics to ever read.
suziq968 chapter 46 . 10/1
I like that you left the epilogue brief so you can have fun with your sequel, which I'm hoping is available to read now.
Tyfli barda chapter 15 . 10/1
What’s the point of a fresh start with foreknowledge of the future and said protagonist spends better half of story job-hunting? An insecure dim-witted character that has no real plan, no real agenda relegated as a side character in this house of cards story? When the main character is so bland and uninteresting that everyone else becomes a more interesting as a result.

Some insecurities because of past trauma is understandable, but one would think that the hero that has survived for that long should have grown some backbone, instead becomes a nervous wreck talking to children. A protagonist that has fought and survived horrors from young age and seen the bleak future one would think as Bellatrix so aptly conveyed, “Stop pussyfooting it and make a plan!” Yet spends most of his time worrying about grading papers and wallowing in self-pity, because his wand is broken, and yes perhaps it is an apt metaphor that his wand is broken and he can’t get it up.

Sorry but such aggravating lazy bore becomes to infuriating to continue to read any further despite good writing and decent storytelling; but lacks deeper substance if said supposed main character is an annoying gimp.
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