Reviews for Delenda Est
Jmechan24 chapter 2 . 11/26
Well I don't think that he has his Wand in the dungeon xD
Naive Harry chapter 3 . 11/4
It’s a little annoying that Adult Harry still seems as naïve as Teen Harry.
Dbot15112002 chapter 3 . 10/25
Are we sure this is a war hardened Harry? I haven't noticed much change in his personality up to now.
anom655 chapter 29 . 10/21
rather than chasing a dead ghost, they shouldve spend more effort in trying to destroy voldiemort, useless good guys.
anom665 chapter 28 . 10/21
god damn useless kids, i hoped they suffer tragic accidents, guess not.
anom665 chapter 27 . 10/21
20 years and the Order of the Phoenix, useless as canon, i enjoy that. useless dumbledore.
anom665 chapter 26 . 10/21
im not liking the direction its going, but yah story is completed anyways, lol. ill still continue to read.
anom665 chapter 25 . 10/21
that will teach harry a lesson, stupid ass arrogance
Himanshu.99 chapter 15 . 10/11
It is funny to read when death eater recruits call Voldemort as boss.
yochan123 chapter 12 . 10/10
Ashworth, you've been kind of pussyfooting around. Whatever my future self was thinking, she didn't send you here to be lazy."

And yeah but also he could have revealed a lot of info which he didn’t cuz he’s a dumbass
yochan123 chapter 10 . 10/10
How dare these professors comment on Harry?! Like none of them commented on lockhart’s OBVIOUS LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OR QUIRREL’s?!
yochan123 chapter 8 . 10/10
Uh he should definitely form a plan yup

And it’s miraculous nobody commented how he looks like James eh?

He'd served far worse detentions for the Potions professor, and really, the blame for some of them could be traced back to James and Sirius. Further, Harry reckoned that the two needed to build some character. As long as Harry wasn't the one who needed character building, he reckoned it was a marvelous thing.

Bruh that’s true cuz Snape had a grudge due to james
yochan123 chapter 7 . 10/10
Now I know how Snape feels when Hermione is on a trip, Harry thought, almost feeling sorry for the man now sitting on the other side of his desk. As much as he loved Hermione as a friend, sometimes she drove even him up the wall with the way she was planning things to the extreme and got upset when those plans were not followed exactly.

Lol yes
Raeger chapter 1 . 10/4
Haven't even read a single word yet and already nerding out over the genius of the title of the fic in the context of Harry and Voldemort's prophesied opposition to one another - neither can live while the other survives; must be destroyed indeed!
Bitter Winds chapter 1 . 10/2
Review 8k this is a great story. I loved it.
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