Reviews for Delenda Est
Arumia chapter 5 . 8/25
I kinda dislike we are not revealing anything? Why, what could be so terrible by telling her she will be forced to marry a guy she doesn’t want to, it has nothing to do with anything else
Ruairi J.L chapter 1 . 8/24
Bellatrix is extremely out-of-character here, which is disappointing. I had hoped this story would be built on the idea of her actually being her true self, rather than a character changed just to fit into a plot. I hope there's a good explanation for this in chapter two.
Raziel71 chapter 46 . 8/22
Absolutely brilliant fic
mcwjimbo chapter 36 . 8/7
The ending of chapter 36. Draco so close to being a Black through and through while also making Romulus Malfoy's ghost smile yet thinking he is getting one over on Bella. His business plan would make both Bella and Grandad Happy while taiming draco's hate of muggles
youreonyourownkid13 chapter 33 . 7/21
no joke rose potter is hella annoying the combined annoyingness of hermione granger and lily potter at their most annoying moments and that holier than thou attitude just cuz she can see a little phhhhhh luna lovegood would never act like this hahahah
Guest chapter 46 . 7/14
Wow, holy so this was a very fresh time travel up fix for me and consequently one if not the very first Harry Potter &Bellatrix ships I have ever read! It was brilliant, I do think sometimes the emotions were a bit glossed but I mean overall this was superb! This is a fix that moves slow but forward! Very very fun! An excellent read!
Foolgod chapter 3 . 7/8
I don't think Dumbledore would use the term "on the radar" as radars are a muggle invention that he wouldn't have much experience with.
CockySmirk chapter 2 . 7/5
This shit reads like a shitty marvel movie with Humor as its main play. I have no fucking idea why any of my friends ever recommended this. I am Chapter 2 and this reads like straight outta Thor: Love and Thunder.

Does every other fucking dialogue have to be a smart ass retort or an insult? You have two people highly PTSD folks about to face a firing squad and all they can care about is Humor? Instead of idk either cold indifference, plotting, or checking up on each other? Y'know kinda like how actual deathrow inmates are?

Insert liberal doze of smirk,smirk,smirk,smirk,smirk,smirk. A few grins too here and there.
Warmaster.Abaddon chapter 1 . 7/4
Lol, I'm very late to party and idk if you will see this but this 10/10.

The greatest time travel HP story ever. I can only hope one day to write something as good as this.

Brilliant work. Not to rushed, not to slow, and didn't have an OP Harry. Above all, Bella wasn't merely just tits but an actual breathing human being with her own emotions and a personality.
twerp22 chapter 34 . 6/14
I liked the story at the beginning, but the last couple chapters it's been going down hill for me. I just don't think the way you are having harry and bellatrix together fits well at all. only reason I'm still reading is I have already put this much time into it and I'm almost done
conjac chapter 4 . 5/30
Guy who runs the only school in the country, and has a history teacher he has to know is completely useless, lamenting his inability to fix the inborn political credulity that his students all seem to have.
Slytherin7Piece chapter 46 . 5/29
In regards to the AN, there are still quite a few grammar issues throughout the story. Redundancies in sentences, missing words, and a few typos. I honestly never noticed them in my past readings of this story but I have developed a better understanding of grammar due to my own works which are riddled with grammatical issues.

I kind of feel like this final chapter could have gone on much longer and been broken into three separate chapters... well two chapters and an epilogue.

The dinner with the Potters was hilarious especially the running joke about Bella serving TV dinners at a dinner party.

I absolutely love this story and look forward to reading the reboot when it is closer to being complete. Well done on writing such a deep and engaging story:)
Slytherin7Piece chapter 45 . 5/29
I don't really care much for Amelia in this story if I'm being honest.

I did really enjoy Harry getting to see the patriarchs one last time, I think Romulus is my favourite of the three.

Harry's speech reminds me that Greyback didn't make an appearance in this story.
Slytherin7Piece chapter 44 . 5/29
The was a great cliffy... literally. There is a certain symmetry about one horcrux destroying another.

Do they have Costco in the U.K?
Slytherin7Piece chapter 43 . 5/29
Nice Field of Dreams reference.

It's impressive that Harry Ashworth already has a chocolate frog card.

I didn't pick up on that foreshadowing about Andrew Foxe either but good job there. Amelia really is nothing more than a scheming politician in this story.
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