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DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 44 . 5/29/2023
The was a great cliffy... literally. There is a certain symmetry about one horcrux destroying another.

Do they have Costco in the U.K?
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 43 . 5/29/2023
Nice Field of Dreams reference.

It's impressive that Harry Ashworth already has a chocolate frog card.

I didn't pick up on that foreshadowing about Andrew Foxe either but good job there. Amelia really is nothing more than a scheming politician in this story.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 42 . 5/29/2023
The trip down memory lane was a bit anticlimactic because Harry was so secretive and didn't really show them anything of value from the future. I guess since Harry is still holding onto one rather large secret, he didn't have much choice in the matter. Speaking of that secret, I wonder why nobody asked about his parents or his real name for that matter.

It looks like Bellatrix found out that curiosity killed the cat but she needed to know what her future self was really like so she could understand Harry better. Perhaps if Harry hadn't been so secretive he could have shown this to her and the experience wouldn't have been so traumatic for her. On the other hand, it kind of serves her right for stealing the memories in the first place.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 41 . 5/29/2023
I never picked up on all of the hints you gave about Crouch the first few times I read this story but every time Harry mentions the mystery horcrux, Crouch is in there somewhere.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 40 . 5/28/2023
I do feel sorry for Leo though it was inevitable that someone was going to die, it is always upsetting to see someone innocent getting killed in battle.

I enjoyed Harry's meeting with Davian and I find myself liking the minister. He's a gruff old bastard but it's obvious he's got the good of the people in mind.

Finally, the theory by Rita Skeeter about Hermione being Harry's mistress was hilarious. It definitely fits canon Rita and would probably inspire this Hermione to get to the bottom of her animagus abilities.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 39 . 5/28/2023
This was a very exciting chapter. Harry is finally coming out of the shadows and the story is gearing up for the final act. I always enjoy a good aftermath chapter so I am already looking forward to starting the next chapter

My only criticism is that Harry didn't use the advantage he had over Voldemort to deal him a great injury when he had the chance. Harry just let him leave after taking his wand which seems like a mistake. Granted Harry did humiliate Voldemort in front of the order and the death eaters but I feel hitting him with some non-fatal but still debilitating curse would have been a better course of action.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 37 . 5/28/2023
Getting closer to the unveil now and I am looking forward to Harry no longer having to run around disguised as his wife.

The last scene was probably my favourite part of this chapter though I did enjoy Harry getting taken out by pixies.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 36 . 5/28/2023
And Draco's lawn mowing enterprise begins.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 34 . 5/28/2023
That scene with Harry and Rodolphus makes no sense. Harry is supposed to be a hardened warrior yet he hesitates when he has the opportunity to kill him. If this was canon Harry, that would be par for the course but he has little option but to kill him since Rodolphus has seen Harry's face. I don't understand why you didn't have Harry finish him off instead of trying to make him seem all noble about it and giving Rodolphus a chance to come at him again. Either way, Rodolphus died but now Harry comes off as a wimp that couldn't follow through.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 33 . 5/28/2023
Dumbledore really has no shame, as if fifteen thousand galleons isn't a considerable amount of money, he presses Harry/Bella for more. That whole conversation just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 32 . 5/28/2023
The trip through Albania was interesting though once again Bella's mechanizations were the high point of the chapter.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 32 . 5/27/2023
I think the fact Petunia is not getting a new basement dungeon is what she is jealous of the most.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 31 . 5/27/2023
Bella is really getting a chance to shine in these last few chapters. I do like the way she is manipulating everyone around her while Harry works from the shadows. It's also ironic that in this altered future Snape respects Harry for dressing him down in the past.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 30 . 5/27/2023
And now begins the Ghost of Ashworth arc. I wish Harry was a bit rougher during these attacks but it is consistent with Harry in canon.
DELETED ACCOUNT S7P chapter 29 . 5/27/2023
I kind of find Dumbledore irritating in the second act of this story. His sense of entitlement like he deserves to know every scrap of information makes him unlikeable. Moody kind of comes off that way too but his belligerent personality offsets it and makes that trait somewhat humorous.
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