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Dark Lord Nedved chapter 16 . 7/14
I like this. I don't know why you put her in griffindor and tied her in to the fourth years... It could have been interesting creating sixth year students to be he mix. great sto ry though regardless and very entertaining
Lord Barinthus chapter 38 . 7/14
I'm really enjoying this story (I also enjoyed 'Earl of the North') but two thoughts:

1. Aside from the attack on the Burrow and the relatively minor one on the Dobbs, Voldemort and his troops have been laying low for quite awhile. Seeing as he's had 20 years that Harry/Bella weren't around to cause him grief, I'd think things would be...well...just a little bit more dire than they currently are.

2. I find it hard to believe that the Black Family (being the preeminent Family in Britain) wouldn't have a hereditary seat on the Wizengamot. It's strange that Bella is having to politic her way into a seat when she should have simply just had to show up to a session and be sworn in to the hereditary Black seat. (This may be due to hereditary seats being patriarchal, or just because you chose to do things differently in your story. It would have been nice, either way, to get a little more background on why she's having to do so much leg-work.)

3. (I lied.) If I remember correctly, Harry has successfully used legilimency on a DE in an earlier chapter, but in this chapter (or the one prior) he acts as if he can't successfully use it.

Those random thoughts aside, loving the story. Sad that the sequel is abandoned(?) but what can you do.
Dark Lord Nedved chapter 5 . 7/14
Very Good! I like this side (of the war) portrayal of a social meet and the circles they move in. I never thought a Bella Black fic would be so interesting but I like the persona so far. There is a fiction where Harry has a twin younger brother (who is the Boy who lived) and Harry himself transfers to Durmstrang. Calypso Rosier's character is quite similiar, except more vicious. I can't remember the fic so far but its good as well. This is a Good read so far.
illjwamh chapter 46 . 7/12
Well! That was a whole lot of fun. I think my favorite aspect of this story was how you managed to create a whole new character in the form of Harry Ashworth from the perspective of everyone within the world itself, even though to us as readers he was still just the same old Harry. The way you handled Bellatrix was interesting, too. You made her a sympathetic and likable character without taking it too far and changing her too much.

The second time travel aspect I was not expecting. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but after a few chapters it was clear the story couldn't have gone any other way. I do worry you made Harry just a little bit too powerful, even if a lot of it was - by his own admission, even - all smoke and mirrors, so to speak.

I'm interested to see how this sequel will go. I read the summary and, while it doesn't look like the sort of story I'd usually read, if I'm honest neither did this one. I'm intrigued.
illjwamh chapter 32 . 7/10
Lmao! A ferret! Oh, that's brilliant. Of course.

Incidentally, this story has taken over my life for the last few days. I hope you're pleased with yourselves. I'll have more to say when I finish, but just know that I am not accomplishing anything productive and it is entirely your fault.
abbystar30 chapter 11 . 7/3
abbystar30 chapter 12 . 7/3
abbystar30 chapter 11 . 7/3
abbystar30 chapter 12 . 7/3
TheFallen9970 chapter 16 . 6/23
dallheart chapter 1 . 6/17
Captain Cheese chapter 46 . 6/17
One of those most brilliant fanfics I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for all your hard work on this and sharing it with us
Zoey24 chapter 15 . 6/4
Amazing story, I'm only half way through it. But I love the dynamic Harry and Bellatrix have job.
mckertis chapter 46 . 6/3
Rather smartly written, and even avoids splurging a shitload of A\Ns everywhere, however the plot somewhat leaves to be desired. In particular, i was not sold on why Harry was considered to be this powerful fighter, and why would he be almost instantly in an advisory position to the minister for no apparent reason. Also, to see everyone be obsessed with him and his loyalties, when ostensibly he didnt really do a whole lot, until the very end.
XEldest chapter 46 . 5/29
You know I never in a million years thought that a Harry/Bellatrix story could ever work but some how you did it. This story is by far the best thought out time travel fic I have ever read and one of the best written ones too. It was a wonderful tale to read and for some reason I couldn't help but think of the Fall Out Boy album Folie à Deux (The Madness of Two). If you've ever seen the album cover its a boy carrying a bear on his back piggy back style. I just kept picturing Harry as the boy and Bellatrix as the bear hahaha.
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