Reviews for Dead Man Walking
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 11/15/2009
Thank you for the dedication! That was definitely a nice surprise to read when I got to the end of the fic. Makes me happy. :)

Oh, I love this. I love how it has a kind of mysterious and creepy vibe, but also kinda spiritual too. I like how you wrote this poem because it shows Jensen in a new light to me. Like he's trying to figure out what being soulless means on many different levels, but he feels the push-pull of being caught in-between life and death. The limbo.

The candle scene in the show was definitely something that stood out to me, holding great symbolism in the essence of his soullessness.

"The valley of the shadow of death" - That either comes from a poem I've read before or a Biblical passage, but I can't be sure of which one it is at the moment.

I especially love this part:

For a soul roaming the earth

Stuck in between life and death

Governed by limitations of vitality

Yet freed by the vastness of fatality

Perfect description! You've definitely captured Jensen's soulless essence in a unique and alluring way here.

Looking forward to the Tru and Jack poems! Yay!