Reviews for Unsung Story of the Inconspicuous
Loppy chapter 61 . 8h
I 'm curious if raiku will ever have anything big happen to her? And just because it's something big doesn't mean it's necessarily involve naruto or his plot.
The greatest story never told. That's what they call it.

And I'm having a theory that raiku and her family will be erased from existence if she gets involved too much with naruto and messes the story. Also I'm starting to see raiku as a protagonist rather than the hero of the story, since being a hero is something she's trying really hard not be?
Aw shit, Are there au's in this?!
Guest chapter 61 . 7/28
This, will be glorious.
(I wonder how the others are taking this? Not to mention, I wonder how Raiku's gaze looks like now? If the normal look is 'seeing right through their skin', what about this frightened gaze? Goddamn, I love it.)
Update soon :D
Guest chapter 61 . 7/27
Whenever I look at mitsuki I think of ryuu and raiku's kid. The light bluish hair, pale skin, and yellow cat like eyes.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 61 . 7/26
Bit confused about what happened at the bar but looking forward to some updates!
Nobody Smurf chapter 61 . 7/25
'No other takers'? But Wrought! She's so cuuute! Gotta take her home! *grabs Raiku and fzzzzt*
Fullmetal11791 chapter 26 . 7/23
Went back after writing that and it was literally in the paragraph above where I had been re-reading. She started glowing, got it, sorry.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 25 . 7/23
I had to re-read the last part of this chapter like four times and I still can't figure out how Neji figured out her secret. I like to consider myself fairly intelligent, and I get that Raiku going into the rain when she has electricity flowing through her veins is a bad thing, but I think you expected us to immediately come to some sort of revelation, the same sort of revelation that Neji came to, and yet I haven't.

Did she start sparking? Glowing? Or what? Because you never came out and said it. Neji suddenly exclaimed "electrical techniques", but as you never described anything happening to Raiku when she went into the rain, other than getting wet and freezing up, I don't understand how he put it together.

Would appreciate an explanation as to what actually happened if you have the time.
Guardian54 chapter 27 . 7/23
Hurrah! Putting down the rabid dog serving a monument to the Arrogance of Men. Who is to say, fools, that all Plots naturally are not built around you, that you have the right to flee from every fate?

To even dare to think such is not folly, it is arrogance of the highest order. Now...

KILL THE PIG! CUT HIS THROAT! SPILL HIS BLOOD! (Lord of the Flies, different context though)
Guardian54 chapter 21 . 7/23
Hold on a second.

Her father loves her?

But...but...but... that's so drama-prone!

In fact, having offspring is drama-prone, you could potentially actually feel something for them!

And actually having a clan compound on a cliff! That's asking for drama in the cliff collapsing or something!

EXISTENCE IS DRAMA. Oh, and Butterfly Effect too.

...Translation: Why the flying f*** is the Gairano line not dead a la extremist Buddhism?
Guardian54 chapter 17 . 7/23
The way that you are trying to dodge Sue-ness while still writing an interesting character instead of going full-out anti-Sue is very interesting. The last time I tried to write a character without it being an intentional Sue (intentional as in either "lol our tech beats yours N times over, so we pwn the criminal scum in the galaxy for kicks in the name of peace and some politics" or "...I'm an imperial princess, more or less, and I'm not released from family obligations like my sister is, I either have to be a Sue or I'm going to die too young, and I don't feel like dying.") I got a complete anti-Sue who didn't start off prettier than a girl-next-door type and who has more than enough scars to be a train wreck. I also went and maimed her, as well as made her mindset nearly robotic, with a mild suicide complex thrown in.

I'm glad you've avoided going anti-Sue to date. I look forward to your future endeavors to be non-Sue without being anti-Sue.
Unknown Variable chapter 1 . 7/23
How did she pass if she can't use chakra? o.O
Unknown Variable chapter 61 . 7/23
I hope Ryuu will still be alive when Raiku kills the Plot.

And she should write to Gaara asking if he could check out what happened to Iwao! I don't like this sudden silence from him.
Guardian54 chapter 8 . 7/23
...I'm surprised being a terrible team doesn't count as too angst/drama-ridden for the Gairano family to approve of.

For that matter I strongly disbelieve in the claim last chapter that the Mura woman was actually attractive, at all, because from what I've read of the Gairano family so far they try to be as plain and boring as physically possible, so I'd think Mura would probably count as "meh" instead of "beautiful" in any sense.
Guardian54 chapter 7 . 7/23
Looks like the beginning of the clan's downfall right here with Raiku.

...It's about damned time. Hopefully they don't get restored by Pein, it would help Konoha more than they could possibly imagine to get rid of the people who REALLY stand in the way of Plots...
Guardian54 chapter 6 . 7/23
Most. Idiotic. Clan. Ever.

It's not possible to find mates that are completely average. You either find them attractive, or unattractive. Of course, you could bribe someone you feel absolutely nothing toward to marry you, but I get the feeling that they would not be a sizable clan that way, since at the very least the civilian partners would eventually feel something and then the clan might freak out and probably assassinate the civilians or something. That does not an expanding clan make (or even one able to sustain its numbers given their casualty rates).
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