Reviews for Unsung Story of the Inconspicuous
Yula chapter 61 . 11/28
I hope you don't lose your inspiration and will continue this story. It's so refreshing seeing this kind of OC story for Naruto. I love your concept for the "Plots" going around. When I have some time I'll probably go back and reread the whole thing and review each chapter cause this deserve a whole lot more love.
DarkJewel55 chapter 2 . 11/27
this is very confusing. i don't feel like reading this at all. the first chapter and it's ridiculousness turned me off. it would be better if it were more realistic. good bye.
DandelionBandit chapter 1 . 11/17
Hey, it's been awhile since I've looked at this fic, and I've fell in love with it all over again after this reread. My reviews of most chapters are testimony to that(I had to skip around to find one I hadn't reviewed yet) Is this fic still being continued? I haven't heard anything about it, and it would be a shame for such a beautifully written story to just fade to black like this. Raiku is such a complex character and this is such a refreshing breath of air to the usual monotony of fan fiction, an update on what's going on and the likely hood of future chapters would be much obliged .
Keep up the good work!
sebabug chapter 61 . 11/12
I love oc stories and read a shit ton of them, but I think yours is the first to draw me so far into ALL of your oc's and not just the main one. Idk how you did it but goddamn, you get some major credit for that, because that is hard as hell.
And I just really love Raiku; she reminds me of my best friend! Especially when she is awkwardly writing letters to Gaara and freaking out haha
(Also! I drew Raiku the other day! Imma probably draw your other characters later too, tbh. You can see it on my insta if you want! I am .art on there and it should be the fourth picture down~ )
I can't wait for the update! c:
Guest chapter 61 . 11/9
quivering quill chapter 61 . 11/8
wow so awesome! its funny and absolutely refreshing! a new spin on fanfiction writing! loved it and i hope you keep up!
The Theorist chapter 61 . 11/2
Raiku's abilities are indeed a bitch, though, I've observed that chakra can supress and/or shield people from it. So I wondered:
Can fuuinjutsu seal away her abilities? I mean, it can seal fucking CHAKRA DEMONS, surely this little anomaly in nature can something that could be handled?
Which brings the question if she could meet Jiraiya...
Guest chapter 61 . 10/23
What chitose did to neji. It change his fate and making sure he wasn't killed, right?
What if that has dire consequences? Like on some life is strange type of shit.
Btw life is a strange is a game about time traveling
What if it was fate neji was supposed to be killed? And chitose screwing around with his fate change that.
TheConstellation chapter 12 . 10/22
Oh're so adorable.
TheConstellation chapter 11 . 10/22
That...that was fucking badass.
FindingMuchness chapter 55 . 10/16
Hey, it would be cool to know how you view the whole ending of Naruto and whether it might affect your story line?
FindingMuchness chapter 56 . 10/16
The team dynamics though, SO GOOD. I really like the part where Daisukenojo just concentrates on ordering cos he knows his pedantic and whiny teammates will get the information. It's one of the few parts of their relationship that is actually functional and not that messed up.
FindingMuchness chapter 57 . 10/16
I like the whole Generatrix verbalization throughout the chapter cos it really highlights what it means to be a Gairano and how she deals with the problem. It's very eerie and dark Doctor Who which is always fun to read! Great job as usual!
FindingMuchness chapter 58 . 10/16
I REALLY LIKE THE TITLE OF THIS CHAPTER. You can write a book with that title. Raiku though, you really never day, Ryuu is going to snap and eat her or something equally terrible
FindingMuchness chapter 61 . 10/16
THE PLOT! I was cackling so much when i read this chapter, a small of piece of my soul died because Ryuu and you really never give Raiku any room to breath, do you? I really liked how Raiku almost pities Ryuu which is such a stark contrast from the terror he usually inspires from her. It's such of interesting ow less Ryuu becomes of himself as he becomes a generic Character and Raiku visceral hatred for it. I'm really looking forward to where you are going with Ryuu. I sound like a terrible person but it would be nice to see something bad happen to Daisukenojo because he's like the least tragic and most functional person in their squad so his reactions should be interesting.
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