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BetaWriter chapter 14 . 4/27/2010
Someone want a littlw crazy with the italics this chapter. JK, update soon!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 13 . 1/20/2010
Please don't! It's really cute and fun! I've written so much worse stuff . . .This is a cute fun story But if you don't feel like it that's cool :)
thatguy3331 chapter 13 . 1/15/2010
don't give up! this is a great story! keep it up and i'm sure more people will read!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 10 . 12/30/2009
Ugh! I typed up a review and hit the Make A Review button and it goes blank! Ugh, Anyway, This was a fun chapter, it's fun to see Claire loose it completely and Nami to get ticked off like that when people insult her hair! LMAO! Maybe Burango is slightly stupid but whatever:P It's definetly hard to watch a psyco path . . . Well here's two more spells but if you want to wait a while to show zem. I is a girl!

Demoru Burokai: Similar to Kolulu's famous spell it turns Claire into a creature with white fur, swords shaped like bunny ears ontop one whole red one whole blue eye, long sharp metal claws and feet with a tail of metal lined with pointy sword like knives, arms have a blade sticking out and are skinny along with legs, Claire looses all control of herself and the demon is extremely strong quick and skilled. Natsumi changes too, Her eyes, one of them becomes blue with a black cat-like slit, the other is black with a yellow ball instead of a pupil, She's looses control as well, being replaced with another demon spirit that fights with Judo Akkido, she can put ze book down and fight. Claire knows this spell. She knows this is the equivilent of a Shin spell, her father forced it in her near birth and she knows that if ze spell even becomes readable, Natsumi will die upon Claire's book burning

Yeah . . . You don't have to use that if you don't want to . . .

Hirosakai: A healing spell that heals but if it is a mamodo Claire takes the equivilent damage Natsumi takes it for humans.

Hears a mamodo for your use if you want.

Name-Yukiro Inuzuka


Appearance- Black messy hair brown eyes wearing a military color polo shirt with a white shirt underneath with military colored wrist bands with black fingerless gloves, black shorts with brown boots showing black socks

Personality- Smart mouth wise cracker. He knows Natsumi because he bullied her at school for looking so weird

Past- Parents are divorced and he is mad about it. He felt that he had no say in what they did so he bullies Natsumi to be able to control the way someone thinks but of course Natsumi does not know that.


Name: Maxwell

Age: 8

Appearance: Human like with a normal shade of tan skin wearing a long sleeve black top with a polo collar that is flipped up with white rims as well as on the bottom of his sleeves and the bottom of his shirt with black shorts white socks and black boots, White messy hair with black neko ears (Anime cat ears that open to the side instead of the front) and black eyes.

Personality: He does not talk, in a way everyone can read his mind and know what he is saying. Claire knows him and calls him "Fangirl boy" because girls are always glomping him because he is cute. Claire hates him but Maxwell . . . He's just to calm to hate. He and Claire are the polar opposites like Dark and light.

Book Color: Black


Drakorzem- A black concentrated dark sphere with white lightning is shot from Maxwell's hand..

Drako Osome-Maxwell absorbs a spell and converts it into dark energy and shoots it back at opponent. Only works with Gigano spells or lower in strengh

Drakofurara-Turns Maxwell into a black fox cub which can distract people

Yaou Posuodrako- A possum with a guitar shows up. The possum hits target with his guitar

Drakoruga-When Maxwell feels an strong emotion he can use that emotion to charge up a beam to hit an opponent.

Burango-Wings that look like bat wings appear on Maxwell's back.

Drako Sorudo- A sword appears that Maxwell can use as a regular sword. When he waves it sideways a \dark disc is thrown.

Dioga DrakoMezoraisu -A 100% chance of RAINING DRAKOZEMS!.

Yes, I have issues, I'm dark so if you choose to ignore sideas of mine I won't get mad :P
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 9 . 12/30/2009
They defenitly are strong! Neon may be strong but Azure's hanging in zere. Hopefully he can continue! Whoa, Rika's got guts! Yay Azure defending Rika! Woot, Big colision! Oh, that sounds like a blast, Maybe I should go to Walmart to meditate in it's freezer sometime :P Sweet Chapter! Epic!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 8 . 12/30/2009
Go Rika!Well that's good, they still have a chance . .. I hate this kind of sibling relationship! Why must they bring poor Azure down! Aww! That's so cute! ZOMG, TAKE A SHOWER TOGETHER? THAT IS SO WRONG!

Natsumi: Grow up! up!

Me: Maybe I should . . . That's a strange spell . . .Awsome chapter!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 7 . 12/30/2009
Whoo! Rika is standing up for Azure! I wonder where they'll take him . . . Great chapter!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 6 . 12/30/2009
Wow, That must stink for Rika . . .Whoa, Mean people! No not Azure! Go Rika! Oh boy, Family! Nice chapter!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 5 . 12/30/2009
Well that's one way to wake one up :P A class at a mueseum? Of course their going to move around alot! Hey, now he has a friend! Emerald! Like ze shiny freen things! Takamine Sora . . . Interesting . . . poor Sora didn't deserve that!1 The other guys did! Oh, A Maruss twin! Oh noez! zey got her! Whoa, That must hurt! Go Azure! Yay! Rika's here! Aww, Sora has a crush and Azure get's jealous! Awsome cliffhanger with great chapter!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 4 . 12/30/2009
Ah, a battle of ze two most important things to a man, pride and hunger, which one does Azure value more? . . . Heheh, Good call Rika! Woot strong monke! Although not good for Azure . . .

Claire: He just gets better by the second!

Me: Whoa, poor Azure! Aww, So Rika was worried! Yay for teamworked percevierence! Yay they won! Gretat chapter!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 3 . 12/30/2009
The Zoo!

Claire: The zoo, a perfect place to develope my animal army!

Me: Of course it is . . . Did part of Tia's strangling instinct get reincarnated? XD We have Don't feet a mean ol' goat, Feed a bunny or a penguin! Their much nicer! Who wouldn't want revenge on a BITING goat . . . You tell'em Azure! Penguins are awsomer than polarr bears! Or not . . . Azure, you're just asking for it that way . . .Don't worry Rika, he won't always be so ignorant I bet! Talking monkeys . . .

Claire: MINE!

She goes running after it while Natsumi sits and watches blankly . . . Man, I feel sorry for Rika, such a harsh insult! Whoa . . .I hope they can get things together between them . . .Great chapter!
Bunnys-n-PenguinsWillRuleEarth chapter 2 . 12/30/2009
Alright, Time to get my lazy butt up and read and review things . . .

A terrorist attack? Yeah, everyone'll remain calm now XD Rika'll make a good mom! XD She knows how to manage little Azure and get a possible ticket out of class XD I sock at running too, Just to proove how lazy I am XD The whole gym? Well another, not so hard way to get your half hour of excersise right? Of course, attack ze defenseless idiot, big bully .. . Fire VS. Ice Woot! It must really hurt to have your face blown up . . .

Claire: It's a fun way to kill someone!

Me: -.- . . .Ok Claire, I 'd just read a book if a mamodo got me detention :P Great chapter!
VeryLazyPeople chapter 9 . 12/17/2009
i love this fic. it is detailed and i still enjoy it although it has grammar issues (i'm not good with grammar either, :D). you still accepting OC?
Smileyone1 chapter 7 . 12/3/2009
Oh! THat was excellent, you are so getting so much better! COngrats, this was a fantastic chapter, I am so excited to see what's next! So excited, I am jumpin up and down in my seat! I loved how you explained Azure's past, I wasn't expecting that kind of treatment at all, he's so happy all the time!
Smileyone1 chapter 6 . 11/30/2009
I love the whole, "conking their heads together" thing! that was funny! I also was glad to get to the bottom of Rika's seemingly empty house when she's still young and in school! Good job, and MUCH MUCH better organization! Great job! :)
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