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Nicole1612 chapter 50 . 11/17/2016
The goodbyes always makes me cry, though I'm glad this ended with kind of a light way it made me laugh along with the tears. ;_;
Finally finished this fic and definitely going to read the sequel, so excited it for actually :'D
It was a very enjoyable read although very intense, like the most intense angsty fic I've read for a while now, I really love angst and I miss reading about it every once in a while, but after this I need some sweet fluffy fics before I start another angst x'D Especially that it didn't end in the most happy way I've wanted to after all the torture the poor boy had gone through T_T! I wish the boy was given forgiveness as Gin gad, both seriously deserved, it saddening that one was given that while the other not, especially that both had done and gone through almost the same thing with the freaking Aizen OTL
About Aizen.. GOSH if only Shiro killed him then and there! AHHH that man will drive us all crazy xD Though I loved the humiliation he got upon he defeat especially that he unknowingly askee for it, haha I actually thought about something like that, and expected to be Hitsu's plan since it will be the only explanation to his actions, like why would he give the other the power if he didn't thought he might not be able to bear it all! That's really smart of Toushiro, and true to Hyourinmaru's words, Aizen actually had a weakness and it was arrogance and the overconfidence of himself.
Very beautiful fic you just did so well with it I'm so impressed! Loved just everything in it.. well not Momo, she was annoying, and I expressed that many times xD but everything else is perfect T_T! My favorite parts are the ones with Ichigo and Toushiro, how the first is always caring for the other he'd everything in the world to save him! I'm sure that if Toushiro's sentence was worse than that, Ichigo would never had allowed it and saved the boy one way or another... ahhhhh the feels T_T Love those two boys and I believe the sequel will deepen the bond between them! Gotta read it soon :)
Nicole1612 chapter 49 . 11/17/2016
Oh.. oh. And here I thought the seireitei were being fair... the motives behind Toushiro's exile aren't as.. pure.. as I thought them to be D': BUT! Whatever, anything other than execution is good. The selfish motives doesn't matter, Ichigo and ther others would never leave Tosh alone :D
Nicole1612 chapter 48 . 11/17/2016
Gods I knew it! And thank god my trail of thoughts matched you perfectly xD! If they were to execute a soul reaper only because the villagers would like it then they'll be the stupidest and most unfair judges in the world, cuz that doesn't make sense! No matter what the verdict is they could never satisfy everyone and anyway that's never the point of it, what matters is a fair and reasonable sentence that would only suit the convict without oppressing them for things out of their control. I'm glad you've seen that and just did the perfect thing regarding Hitsugaya's situation! If anything I've actually exciting abound the whole exile thing and couldn't wait to read the sequel for it !
Gotta go back with a last review once I finish this.
Nicole1612 chapter 28 . 11/15/2016
MY FAVORITE CHAPTER! T_T Just wow the emotions got to me! how Toushiro was desperately trying to hide away while Hyournimaru was pulling him out, the way the first was begging gods cut my lil heart to pieces :'( And then Hyourinmaru hugging and reassuring him that it's okay, he'll be there for Toushiro he won't let him handle it all alone.. very very incredibly beautiful, I'm so impressed myself :'D And then he finally actually 'woke up' to the real world to Ichigo of all people T_T! I knew that Ichigo will be the one to do this, without him Hyourinmaru wouldn't have accomplished what he had.
Loved the small dialogue that turned between the two boys after, and Ichigo's chuckle at the other and how that no matter what Toushiro tried to say he wouldn't let him utter any nonsense and then answer for himself haha :'D That was really adorable, this is my top favorite moment that I've loved immensely since the beginning of this fic.
Your writing style had developed greatly throughout writing this! Like with each chap you become better at writing, this chap was incredible in all aspects, well done!
Gotta continue for sure!
Nicole1612 chapter 26 . 11/15/2016
I just can't forget how Hisagi wanted to kill Toushiro no matter the reasons?! Why is he being like this :'( I wonder now that he knew Rangiku is alive will he treat the poor baby the same, will he still be hating him? God that's so sad, he's being irrational, the pain inside Toushiro is much greater than he his and even after knowing the boy was forced to choose he still had the nerve to be angry? He really needs someone to yell at him to realize how awfully selfish he was being. I really like Hisagi and I'd love to see how things will be like and if he's really hating the boy or it was just the anger talking D': And how will he treat him once the boy is saved.
Gotta continue, im enjoying this immensely you have no idea :')
Nicole1612 chapter 25 . 11/15/2016
You're dropping IchiHitsu hints like rain! GODS this would have been awesome if it progressed into yaoi :'D But whatever my friend it's your fic, and we could always see this the way we like whether it romantic or friendship :)
Nicole1612 chapter 19 . 11/14/2016
FINALLYYY someone telling Momo how frustratingly selfish she is since the beginning! I have nothing more to say, Rangiku said it all :'D That's why I love that woman! She actually cares for Toushiro and his feelings more than she do herself, unlike some other crazy girl who dares to call herself Toushiro's family. ;(
Nicole1612 chapter 18 . 11/14/2016
Nicole1612 chapter 16 . 11/14/2016
I WAS AT THE VERGE OF TEARS T_T Oh my god this is so intense, I admit I've almost dropped this when you killed Matsumoto, I really almost did! But then saw you asking not to drop this because of that I was like.. ok, let's continue and see. I really love Matsumoto and I wish Toushiro had chosen her, in all honesty Hinamori doesn't deserve all of this, he might have just let her die ans saved himself all the pain really. Even after tge torment he's been through she got the nerve to say she HATED HIM? The bitch! Even if she regretted it, doesn't mean she will not hurt him again and again. After what Tosh did to Matsumoto for her he was at the cliff, and then Hinamori with her oh so selfish nature just pushed him off it and now he's gone into that blank state of mind he's in :/ I hated her for it really.
I love the feels tho, I love how no matter what Ichigo is sticking to the boy :'( The deep worry he's showing and how he wouldn't let anyone in the world hurt him more than he already is, despite what he have done. So far Ichigo and Ukitake are my favorite, really Ill love just anyone that could understand and support the poor boy no matter what, there know him well, and they know there must be something so big behind his actions, he's no murderer by any means, Aizen is and Tosh is just the weapon.
God I hope Hisagi and Izuru will understand :( I thought for noe they've lost a dear friends and they're not thinking straight, bcuz really if they knew what the situation was like, the could not really blame, it was either her or Hinamori and they would have gotten this mad anyway! What could he have possibly done?!
And the state he is in is not 'uncaring' gosh! How could they think like that?! The poor boy had gone beyond emotional he doesn't even know how to express them thus went involuntary blank, it's very heartbreaking god, if he was crying or screaming it would have been better, yet no one can understand but Ichigo :(

P. S. I feel Matsumoto is coming back? Maybe that was an illusion or something, Ill love you if it was!
Im coming back with another review for sure :'D
ByakuranxMukuro chapter 1 . 5/7/2016
At least I think that how the quote goes, I'm not sure, I have five second memory. xD
ByakuranxMukuro chapter 50 . 5/7/2016
When reading this every sad and every amazing fanfic, I couldn't stop thinking of the line/quote from the second Bleach opening 'you've been through unspeakable pain and sadness but don't say that you can't laugh and I hate people', I think that quote just goes so well with the fanfic.
story magic chapter 50 . 4/24/2016
oh this is just tooooooooooooooooo good, can't wait to read the sequel
Rolling-Thunderrrrrrrr chapter 32 . 1/9/2015
Well it's to be expected really, him being a tad sadistic, especially to the one who has caused him all this pain. He's been put through an incredible amount of stress.
Rolling-Thunderrrrrrrr chapter 31 . 1/8/2015
Hmm, this sure is getting interesting.
Rolling-Thunderrrrrrrr chapter 28 . 1/8/2015
Well I'm glad Toshiro is back but I worry for him, he's likely to be damaged even more by this if the past chapters are any indication.
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