Reviews for Mission: Your Backstory
BrokeWings1 chapter 1 . 3/27/2013
Character first name: Omar

Character last name: Martinez

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Bulked up body tone, with a jacket to cover up the tank top, or normal gray shirt he wears. Jogging pants under his gray shirt peak down to his normal sneakers. Bulk glasses cover his eyes, with a short hair cut that always lingers around with him.

Height: Tall

Hair color: Charcoal Brown

Hair style: Short Cut

Eye color: Brown

Skin tone: Tan

Clothing b4 FF: Jacket, jogging pants, tank-top, sneakers, bulky glasses

Clothing during FF: Ripped T-Shirt, Torn Jeans, old sneakers, beanie, sleek and slender glasses

Weapon: Sword

Personality: Generous, Lazy, Kind hearted

Likes: Ice Cream, Video games

[Name two things they like that would define them as a person]

Dislikes: Pain, Suffering

Favorite Quote: 'Be the change in the world that you want to see.'

[Any quote as long as it doesn't involve extreme cursing or profanity]

Short description of character: Omar stands up at a nice 5'9 with a torn t-shirt covering his ripped jeans that are covered with metal casing that hides under his jeans to project him. His shoes are old, quite possibly torn the tong, and on his face his sleek slender glasses he found wandering around. His short hair cut allows him to not fear for his hair being grabbed.
Agent Silverfox chapter 1 . 3/15/2011
Charachter first name: Star

Charachter last name: Wolfthorne

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has pure white shaggy hair that stops at the middle of her back, clever close-set yellow eyes, a small, narrow nose and chin, she has one long fang that pokes out of the corner of her mouth, she has a slender waist, lanky arms and legs that appear to be able to get out of most situations

Height: Short

Hair style: shaggy hair that stops at the middle of her back

Hair color: Pure white

Skin tone: She has a slight tan, due to staying outside most of the time

Clothing b4: Iris tunic,iced shorts, and token sneakers

Clothing during FF: She wears a pair of Diva dynamite goggles, iced shorts, token sneakers, and sun visor

Weapon: Eightball Fireball Cannon and Bamboom

Personality: She is a rather calm individual that seems to be both respected and feared, she's quite blunt and honest, she only speaks when she finds that its important, she'll risk her own life to keep her friends safe, and she doesn't give up even when the odds are against her

Likes: Milk, water, cherries, bananas, ice cream, pancakes, pears, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, puppies, kittens, bunnies, helping Dexter and Ben when ever she can, and board games

Dislikes: Pranksters, apples, oranges, lemons, watermelons, onions, Gatorade, and listening to complaining and long lectures

Short description: She was born in a pure farming community, and for awhile she defended her home town from Fuse's minions.

She is sensititive about her heighth and hates it when people point it out.

Family: Amber Wolfthorne (sister), Jake Wolfthorne (father), and Emerald Wolfthorne (mother)

Friends: Zoom Betablade and Lee Sugaropal

Rival: Jack Arrowwind
Blue Neonlightshow chapter 1 . 7/14/2010
Character first name:Captain

Character last name:Starspawn



Appearance: gentle yet serious

Height: Medium

Hair color: black

Hair style: shy eye

Eye color: black

Skin tone: tan

Clothing b4 FF: Brown jacket, gothic pants, black sneakers

Clothing during FF: currently? commissioner shirt, pants, and boots

Weapon: rifles and swords

Personality: tend to be quiet and speak when i have to.

Likes: saving the day

Dislikes: dying, losing ppl in combat

Favorite Quote:

Short description of character: i can tend to be quiet but my words have meaning in it. i don't say unnecessary things. i say what's on my mind and can be caring all at the same time.
Cap Grimoire chapter 1 . 5/15/2010
Do i send it to you or should I just place it as a review. I always like doing things like this.(Call me a geek but I have a big imagination and I love making characters up.)
Medjke chapter 1 . 5/12/2010
This looks like fun. I can't wait until you get writing again.

General knowledge: Just copy paste and fill out in the review box, if it does fit tell me or.

Character first name: Lorilei

Character last name: Rangerfire

Age: 10 as of two days ago

Gender: Female

Appearance: If she was older (say 20), she would resemble a space commander (like on Star Trek or Dexter’s Star Check).

Height: Medium

Hair color: Light Brown

Hair style: Up in a bun in the back, bangs swept to the side.

Eye color: Blue with golden colored specs. Literally. People actually stare until they realize that, no, she’s not wearing contacts.

Skin tone: *blinks* Peach, I guess? She’s a Caucasian…

Clothing b4 FF: Yellow shirt with a daisy on it, black jeans, overly large green jacket, ipod and black backpack.

Clothing during FF: Sapphire angel shirt, matching sapphire and white leggings, xenonex shoes, megawatt backpack, Music Player and sun visor.

Weapon: Super Scope Centaur and Marco-Particle Rifel

Personality: While she is the youngest in her group, she acts as if she is one of the oldest, often playing mom to others she stays around. She is one of the most responsible of her friends, often picking up things that are dropped and reminding others of things they forgot. At the beginning she was a pacifist, though now she tolerates fighting. She is patient, friendly, compassionate, polite and political in nature (she tries to word things so neither side is offended and is successful 99% of the time). She is a bit more knowledgeable than some and has more common sense than most. Though she tries not to, sometimes she will repeat an order or suggestion in a firmer voice, especially if she believes that it is necessary for that person’s well-being and occasionally it will come across as an order from a mother (but she will apologize immediately after if she realizes it was something really trivial). When she is angry, she won’t say anything if it involves fusions, just shoots (usually improves her aim when she is angry). If it involves people (which is rare), her tongue can become as sharp as Mandy’s but no physical damage will come to them. She’s a big party person though. While others party and socialize, she is the one working on a project at the back of the room, occasionally looking up to see if anyone needs her until there is a real beat to the music (almost like a club) and then she’ll be in the middle of the floor dancing away, surprising people. The rest of the time, she’s like a mom chaperoning. Occasionally, though someone will catch her longing to play with a toy or wanting to act childishly, but she normally snaps out of it to get back to business. However, she won’t refuse a toy given to her. Growing up too fast stinks, after all.

Likes: Music and Fairness

Dislikes: Being treated like a little kid and infected zones. Along with that, fusions upset her too.

Favorite Quote: The one she likes is “It only matters how you see yourself”.

Short description of character: She grew up as the oldest kid at her parent’s orphanage, helping them take in and take care of all the other children. Much of her personality was formed here. When Fuse showed up, she somehow ended up fighting in the battle. Honestly, she would have made a better diplomat between Earth Alliance members than foot soldiers…Some have suggested that the paperwork was misfiled, but there have been no corrections. She is polite and does her assigned task effectively for the main characters. The only ones that recognize her by name and as an individual are Edd, Max Tennyson, and Madam Foster. However, seeing as how Madam Foster is holed away for her safety (or perhaps the sanity of those protecting her...?), Edd is working with Eddy on supplying items and Mr. Tennyson is assigning missions and helping to prepare the shuttle, she only sees them occasionally. She spends far more time with the lesser known characters such as KND 64 and Plumber Mike. Oh and Kyle, one of Mojo Jojo’s flying monkeys. As for enemies, she doesn’t really have an enemy. She is annoyed by Billy, but other than that the closest thing she has is a rivalry with a boy in her old school who believes that girls shouldn’t be involved. She is motherly and most of the newer recruits call her “mom” despite the fact that she could easily be the youngest person besides Mac involved in the war. And most of the time, it’s used as a term of affection, not in mocking. She is constantly busy. She fills her time with missions on purpose so she doesn’t think about the war.

Battles: In a battle, she is one of two things at a time: Either a medic or emergency backup. She is there to heal, keep a person alive or to fire and distract an enemy so another may live. She’s fought a few fusions in groups. The only one she has fought by herself was fighting a fusion version of Ben Tennyson. Everyone was quite surprised after the defeat. She was still an avid pacifist and stumbled on the fusion on accident. After the battle, she spent a few hours in the hospital, because she made herself sick with guilt that she had killed a living thing (even though it was trying to kill her) and going against what she had been taught since birth. After she did some soul searching (about 2 days off the grid), she returned ready to help. Since then, she has refused to fight anymore fusions by herself, but she is more open to battles.
citgirl chapter 5 . 3/28/2010
hey whern wil yo start posying again
Lina Mi chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
Character first name: Lia

Character last name: Min

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: innocent looking



Hair color: dark brown

Hair style: cropped

Eye color: pale grey

Skin tone: peach

Clothing b4 FF: black boots, white dress and a lavender jacket.

[What do they generally wear before they become a fusion fall character?]

Clothing during FF: black sneakers, jeans, white shirt, and keeps the lavender jacket.

Weapon: any type of gun, prefers pistols.

Personality: quiet, fades easly in the background. prefers to observe. But when she is threaten by an enemy, gains a strong quietly angry presence. Prefers not to fight, but doesn't mind it. Very protective.


the color Lavender, jasmine tea.


being threatened, bullying.

Favorite Quote:


Short description of character:

Somewhat a shy loner. Loves flowers. Values friendship. Can speak, but not much of a talker.
Rico Kowalsky chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
First name: Rico

Last name: Kowalsky

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: as if he were released from the insane asylum early

Height: Medium

Hair color: green

Hair style: all over the place

Eye color: blood shot red

Skin Tone: White as a Sheet

Cloths B4 FF: restraint jacket restraint pants and iron cage

Cloths during FF: Spider Monkey arms, Basic Goth shirt, and basic Convertible Cargo pants.

Weapon: high powered explosive throwing weapons (which he strangely stores in his stomach) and shatter guns. He's also been known to turn himself into a bazooka for the use of other's, mostly his squads leader, with throwing weapons as amunition.

Personallity: Crazy

Likes: Carnage and Destruction

Dislikes: Lulla bye's and Girly stuff (they make him sick)

Favorite Quote: KABOOM

Short Discription: When The Scotsman was scouting the pre-Fusion era for soldiers he found someone who had a lust for destruction, unbreakable will, unstoppable fury in other words, Perfect upon liberating Rico from the Asylum he personally set out to undo the suppresion on his crazy nature it toke years for the asylum to beat into Rico, and then some. He also has a uncanny abillity to store items in his stomach and cough them up on cue for other's use. He's a man of one word, Kaboom.

Battles: He's well known for capturing Fusions then torturing them in increasingly painful methods.
iamkoold chapter 1 . 2/8/2010
Character first name: Ace

Character last name: Jinxhero

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Height: Tall

Hair color: Black

Hair style: Wild Hair

Eye color: Blue

Skin tone: Tan

Clothing b4 FF: Jeans and Jacket

Clothing during FF: Lucky Girl Mask, Armor suit and boots,

Weapon: Mostly Shatterguns and Melee Swords

Personality: He was wishing for an adventure as a kid, but when fuse came onto the planet, he took it upon himself to try and take him down by any means neccessary.


Heroic Stories and Saving the Day


Tragedy in combat and losing allies

Favorite Quote:

"Heroes are remembered, and the best are never forgotten."

Short description of character:

He acts as a Hero for hire and save those surrounded by fuse's evil creatures. He's a hero thru and thru. He is willing to help any in need and saves the day as the hero he wants to be. He searches and fights fights with his three friends who make a superhero squad.


Battle many fusions but is never afraid to ask for help or lend assitence.

His greatest victory was Fusion Dexter and DeeDee who nearly took out all of his allies and was the first time he was regarded as a hero.
Tera Earth chapter 1 . 2/6/2010
Character first name: Zara

Character last name: Aeroblast

Age: 14

Gender: female


Height: Tall

Hair color: Pink

Hair style: Swept to the side

Eye color: Grey

Skin tone: dark tan

Clothing b4 FF: a pair of black capris, red sneakers and a large pink white and grey hoodie. Under that she wore a tank top.

Clothing during FF: Blossom dynamo legs, red tundra jacket, pink tundra boots and pink goggles.

Weapon: She mainly sticks to missile items, opposed to melee items. You know, blasters, pistols. currently she's using a hand held pistol shaped like a cannon.

Personality: Long temper fuse, loner by nature, but doesn't mind company. loves a challenge. great sense of humor and loves a good joke. generally a nice person, just a solitary one.

Likes: Heights, fighting, dancing, action movies and being useful

Dislikes: Being interrupted, fuse, rainbow monkeys and annoying kids who just cant seems to keep their mouths shut.

Favorite Quote:

"WWJMD. What would John McClain do?"

Short description of character:

She has a brother, younger that she hasn't kept strongly in contact with since the war began. Last she heard he (zane) was stationed near Camp Kidney. Its not that she wants to be alone, it is just that its easier to not get too attached since one day people can be there, and the next, they get sent to the past or some other place.

Friends: somehow, she struck up a friendship with numbah 3 and Deedee. The KND is still trying to figure that out.

Battles: Fusion Mandy and Numbah four. Numbah four's battle got started when she was at the end of her patience and he just made her snap.

If its not enough, just let me know.
Thunderstarwarp chapter 5 . 2/6/2010
Oh no I like. It's a good set up! I didn't think it would start like that but again I like it. Keep up the good work I like this and I like the concept with Mandark having to go through great lengths to get Arid. Seriously, well done.
TwiDawnLight chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
General knowledge

Character first name: Ruby

Character last name: Holler

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Height: Medium

Hair color: Red

Hair style: Side Ponytail

Eye color: Green

Skin tone: Coffee

Clothing b4 FF: Orange tank top under yellow hoodie, blue jeans, and black sneakers

Clothing during FF: Black tank top, long sleeved red midriff jacket, black jeans, still same old black sneakers

Weapon: (Melee) Onyx Falchion, (Pistol) Saber Cannon

Personality: Calm, Level-headed, Serious, Listener

Likes: Helping People, a challenge

Dislikes: Seeing people get hurt, being unable to complete her mission

Favorite Quote: "Courage is not the conquest of fear, but the will to do what is right despite that fear."

Short description of character: Ruby is just a bit odd in the fact that she likes to do her missions alone, but if she sees someone struggling to do their own she'll lend a hand. In desperate situations where civilians are in danger Ruby tends to push herself well beyond her limits resulting in collapse. She likes to journey on her lonesome and is serious to a fault resulting in her little to no sense of humor. She rarely smiles but when she does its to lend an ear for someone or to encourage people.

Battles: Fusion Kevin, Fusion Numbuh Five
AnimeGirl 144 chapter 1 . 1/3/2010
This looks fun. I'll give it a shot.


Character first name: Kyra

Character last name: Xyrespace

Age: 14

Gender: Female


Height: Medium

Hair color: Pink

Hair style: In a high ponytail with the hair still going to her waist

Eye color: spring-bud green

Skin tone: Olive-toned

Clothing b4 FF: A pink long-sleeve shirt with a black tube-top over the long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and black shoes

Clothing during FF: A pink long-sleeved button up shirt with the straps around the bottom of her shoulders, the pink shirt's buttoned at the top by two buttons, a black spaghetti-strap shirt underneath the pink shirt, white sparkling pants, and white shoes

Weapon: A long range rifle (more percisly, a Super Scope Basilisk (it's a weapon in the game, if you don't believe me, look up at the Fusion Fall Wiki))

Personality: Kyra's a nice girl, and may come off as that girl who always smiles and makes everyone else smile. But hurt one of her friends or do something to upset her, and you're in dead trouble. She may be very nice, but she can get down right mean when she has to. And when she's angry, she has a short temper. She's determind and headstrong, and will go against orders if she feels she must do what needs to be done.

Likes: The outdoors & helping others in need

Dislikes: Fusions (duh) & Villians (except the Tolietnator, she finds him funny)

Favorite Quote: "Do you know why we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up." (I kinda stole this line from Batman Begins, but I love it)

Short description of character: Uhm, basically what the personality is. When she's not angry, she's happy. She's like Jackle and Mr. Hyde (I think that's their names). She likes to make friends, and enjoys the outdoors the most. She's even made friends with the occupants of Camp Kidney (is this allowed?). She's also very perceptive, and can sometimes read another person's emotion.


Fusion: Numbuh One

Kyra is a sharp shooter and very good at using a rifle. She never worries about her own health, and worries more for those who she's fighting with. When fighting, she's dead serious, not allowing her more cheerful side out during battle.


I hope she's okay. If not, please tell me what I can change to make her better. Thanks.
NinetailsGirl09 chapter 4 . 12/27/2009
I can't wait for Thunderstarwarp's story, you did such a great job on mine. I'm sure it will be awesome once you finish it!
Jack Argon chapter 1 . 12/27/2009
Sorry my bad Jack is Male I was thinking about someone else at the time
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