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Daniella Violet Moon chapter 23 . 1/9/2014
Ok woah. This story is pretty much just pure awesome right here. Everybody knows about the magic now. ALL THE SIDE CHARACTERS. (Also despite the sadness at her forced evilness I am really happy to see Alchemy in the story at all because no one seems to use her in anything ever. Barely even the show uses her).
I really enjoy the Sentinels as they have really great group dynamic and interesting powers. I especially like the different mythology of Arcgen which gives them very different powers to the Guardians. Light, Dark and Psyche make for some cool power sets.
Updates when possible please.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/9/2013
Interesting story, I hope you do finish it.
Lexvan chapter 23 . 9/27/2012
Well, it looks like things are looking up. Sort of. Martin has learned to control his power to see possible futures, while thanks to Aldern, Mandy hasn't gone totally nuts. And now Apate is going to help stop Nyx. But they may have to fight their friiends that were transformed by Nyx. That should be fun!

Great chapter! Keep it up!

Also, the future Martin saw where he was sitting on a throne was priceless!
Shadow fire chapter 22 . 11/12/2011
Great story so far look forward to the nex chapter
Lexvan chapter 22 . 9/24/2011
Well, first of all, I'm glad your dad is doing okay. My family has a history of heart problems as well. So, I can relate. Second, Bleah is an awsome show! I've watched it since the begining! The action is cool, and the music is freaking sweet! One of the best animes I've seen!

As for your story, great chapter! Aldern has figured out who Lyssa really is and the Guardians now know ho the other warriors Nyx has. And I do hope Taranee sees why the Oracle did what he did and not turn on him. Tynar is still crazy and Elyon is still out of it. And Apate is pretty messed up! Let's hope the heroes can catch a break cause right now, things don't look good.

Great chapter! Keep it up and update soon!

By the way, Passling's Xanadu! Priceless!
HottPinkNailsItsBarbiee chapter 3 . 8/9/2011
Woooow this is good, a little fast paced, but good.

Very original :)

I like how Nigel & Matt are getting bad vibes from eachother lol.
ThePink1 at Reefside.Net chapter 21 . 7/10/2011
"Halidan's got the Heeaarrt, Halidan's got the Heeaarrt, ..." Hay, Irma and Will all sing-songed, dancing in a circle.

"Alright, already, we get it!" Cornelia finally yelled at them.

Taranee grinned and hit the 'Review' button center-screen.

"Hey, SV, great new chapter, sorry about the wait-time for the review. Things have been a little ... HECTIC, the last couple weeks with the Council. Nice to see one of our friends safe, if not restored, in Aldarn's care. (Do i detect a possible second romance front, to match Scylla and Apate?) Hopefully Tynar can be cured of whatever Mandy did to him. Hope to read more soon, s we'll catch ya on the flipside, Taranee and friends."

Huh? She stole my line! See ya next chapter, Shiva. A J
Lexvan chapter 21 . 6/11/2011
Well, this was an interesting chapter. there are good things and bad things happening. Aldern and Lyssa, aka Mandy, are getting along seeing as they're stuck on Mount Thanos tigether, thanks to Blunk. Apate is starting to like Syllia, who got shot by Riddle. And Danny has the Heart of his world thanks to Eric. And Raythor is still fighting a crazed Tynar. What's going to happen next.

Great chapter! Keep it up.
acerbicdrunk chapter 20 . 5/23/2011
AWWW! Anyway, gj on this chap.
Lexvan chapter 20 . 5/19/2011
So Eric can talk to shadows? Cool! And with that power he figured somehing out. But what's with this time manipulation thing? What's going to happen? And what is Nyx going to do with Nerissa? Ihope nothing to bad happens.

Great chapter! Keep it up and update soon!
Lucky OCB chapter 19 . 5/8/2011
I really enjoyed the Lyssa part. :) Wonderful chapter, I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner. I having really been keeping up with fanfiction lately. Hopefully that'll change when summer break starts at the end of the month.

- Olivia
Hango chapter 19 . 3/11/2011
Yup, so I'm hoping for some plot-developement in the next part of this chapter (now, that Nyx(on, mwhaha) recruited some staff...). I'm really curious about his intentions (besides the basic "take over the world" attitued of villains, you know).

Oh, and the stuff you were refering to (nimbus, salamander and things like that): they were in a book, or what? I cannot recall encountering them so far :)

I also have to complain about the ridiculos amount of names I'd had to search in previous chapters to find out who 'Lyssa' is after all. I guess, in that case less would have been more... oh well.

So, yeah, you've found yourself another reader, nice, huh? :)
acerbicdrunk chapter 19 . 3/10/2011
Uh oh for Meridian... and Nyx is reallly, really, evil. Anyways... WHAT ON EARTH DOES HE WANT? -.- Frusterating. Is he going to wait until he has closed all the holes or what?
A J friends chapter 19 . 3/9/2011
"Aw, what's this?" Irma moaned. "An update with a reading assignment? Don't we have enough homework?"

"Oh, hush, Irmy. You know we're gonna read it," Cornelia said with a smile.

"At least I am," Will added. It had her name attached, after all.

"Fine, let's review this, so we can go read that one," Taranee said, reaching for the mouse, only to find Hay had beaten her there and was already several sentences in. "What's up with that?" the Fire girl asked.

"Couldn't tell ya," Will said hurriedly, rehearsing lines from 'Romeo and Juliet' in her head while hoping Taranee didn't see her clearly labeled 'Future fanfiction' flashdrive next to George the computer.

from: W.i.t.c.h.

to: Shivavixen

"Great chapter, Shiva! Just one quibble ... your scene breaks didn't survive posting. Thought you should know." - excerpt from the dissertation of Hay Lin. "Hey, I didn't ramble THAT much!" (Hay-hay, your review was longer than the chapter.)

"Keep up the great wordwork, and we'll keep R-n-Ring." - Will

"Loved the 'freeing Napoleon bit, keep it coming!" - Cornelia

All Irma and Taranee would give were four thumbs up, with a "Nuff said," and a glare in Hay's direction; sorry, SV. ;D Catch ya on the flipside, so don't get caught in the downslide, A j.
A J and friends chapter 18 . 3/9/2011
"Huh, another chappie without us," Hay grunted, opening a Review window and typing away.

"Don't forget to tell her about where Cass gives Emily a kiss on the check," Will said with a grin. That had gotten them all laughing at the time.

"Hey, it just proves spell-check is only good for so much," Irma and Cornelia both said, then pointed at each other and shrieked "JINX!"

"Would you two give up and just date, already?" Taranee muttered, pushing her glasses up and rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"Anything else?" Hay asked the others, while Irma and Cornelia whalloped Taranee with pillows.

"Just let her know we'll see her next chapter, and to rem to study," Will sighed, thinking to their upcoming math quarterly.

Heh, what they said, SV. And since they forgot to say so, we all liked it, even if it IS getting really nasty and personal where their friends are involved. Catch ya on the flipside, A J.
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