Reviews for Persona 4: Split Personalities
Number13teen chapter 100 . 4/16
Where did she drag Kanji!? Lol , I can't stop laughing! She pulled a gun on her persona!
rebfan90 chapter 100 . 4/16
Great chapter!
jakeeverfree chapter 100 . 4/16
Poor magatsu... he may been somewhat of a dick, but he was a hilarious character. May he rest in Peace.
Panther J chapter 100 . 4/16
This is it, the final battle and the final path to discover the truth about the Midnight Channel! Since the Investigation Team are fighting a god, things will get near impossible to overcome, but after they fought and defeated two other gods beforehand, this'll be no different to them. Can't wait for it, keep up the good work!
GlassedGamer chapter 38 . 4/13
I almost wanted Yosuke to walk up to Chie, tell her that the bet has changed slightly and then hand her the fox.
"You have no issue with this, right? I can easily be replaced, so this shouldn't be a problem. Have a nice week with your new boyfriend, it might be a girl though, but who cares?"

Really, some of the stuff she said was completely unacceptable, especially between friends, no matter if she meant it or not. The casual dismissal was going way too far.
Deswaq chapter 12 . 4/12
Lol Jiraiya is best persona
Jiraiya chapter 11 . 4/12
Wow. Told you it was toxic waste!
DeXM TIK chapter 15 . 4/5
From chapter 15. What was that at the end?
theelcorspectre chapter 99 . 3/14
I have just began reading and love your story and I am now caught up. I can't wait for you to finish up the story. The talking persona idea is very unique and I love your brand of humor. Of course your choice of pairings is what first caught my attention in the first place since you listed all of my head canons. I also really love the "Persona'l Problems', my favorite so far being chapter 98's.
Ziodyne967 chapter 99 . 3/9
XD woot new chapter! Cant wait for the next!

Then again, you have your own crap to deal with. You dont need to apologize to us :)
Guest chapter 99 . 3/8
Take as long as you need, but please try to finish. You're so close!
But really dont strain yourself. We all understand you got obligations more important than this. :)
XrosaryX chapter 99 . 3/8
It's back! I'm so happy this updated!
Binbix chapter 99 . 3/8
Please keep updating when you can! Love this story
jakeeverfree chapter 99 . 3/7
Oh man... that omake at the end... so funny and so sad... Not sure if I should laugh or cry at the end... Well. Welcome back man.
kombatant88 chapter 99 . 3/7
could just make it a hobby to do when you're off work
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