Reviews for The Abysmal Dating Life of Harry Potter
appleelf chapter 5 . 12/26/2010
I freaking bawled my eyes out reading this piece of fluff and I don't even know why. Damn you.

Pretty realistic set of events and reading this from Utterly Clueless!Ron's perspective gives it just enough humour. Side characters well developed enough to provide flavour but not distract from the story. Only criticism is that you seem to have Harry painted as a weakling who can't even defend himself from his dating mishaps when they turned violent. I know he didn't expect them, but this is the guy who defeated Voldemort and could have been an Auror if not for the threats to the Ministry, and not having him helpless during the encounters would not have caused the dates to give him any less emotional trauma.

Otherwise, I love this story and especially how everything seems very in character. Too many fics out there with every character speaking like either teenyboppers, emo!Harry circa Order of the Phoenix or Americans (for some reason).
obsidian butterflies chapter 5 . 12/8/2010
This was just absolutely amazing! I haven't read a Ron/Harry fic this good before. I LOVED it. 3
Oscar-Wilde-and-Free chapter 5 . 11/24/2010
Awwww this story was soooo cute. I love them _
Riddles of the Werewolf chapter 5 . 11/20/2010
THANK YOU for writing this.
Lady of Dreams and Nightmares chapter 5 . 10/12/2010
You know, even if your main writing is straight, you do marvelous slash...Why don't you try a different slash?

In fact, I challenge you to Harry/Draco or Harry/male Weasley other than Ron or Percy or Mr. Weasley!
naturalherb chapter 5 . 10/5/2010
awesome, truly awesome story mate
Lis chapter 5 . 9/26/2010
this was lovely! never imaginated that these two could be so good! so cute.. congratulations, you're a great writer!
FRK921 chapter 5 . 9/22/2010
this may be the absolute best RxH story I've ever read
lemondrops154 chapter 5 . 9/9/2010
i thought it was funny and sweet and poignant .. one of the best first person fics i've read.. :)
iluvclarkkentxx chapter 5 . 8/16/2010
that was a charming mix of romance, humor, and angst and I loved every minute of it. its very rare to find such a complex harry/ron story that is actually well written. wonderful job.
GOLD fish 945 chapter 5 . 8/14/2010
I never thought I could like a Harry/Ron, but I suppose it takes a tired mind to read something that is usually unappealing. Like how I read Snarry a couple weeks ago. Yeah. But this was FANTASTIC. I love how you made the world immediately after the war, dangerous for Harry and whatnot. Bookshop psycho... Yikes. O_o

But overall, absolutely bloody fantastic. Screw Ginny and Hermione, man. Harry/Ron. Cute-tastic! Going into favorite stories, and I'm definitely checking your other works. It was so well written, so in-character! And I really loved reading Seamus' role, he was fun. I kept picturing Brian Rosenthal from A Very Potter Sequel as Seamus, so it was pretty much perfect. :D

NeveilGal chapter 4 . 8/12/2010
More? I really liked this a buttlaod! Its super cute and I almost kicked my computers ass for not turning on. Im liking how much Ron thinks of the naughyt stuff, but how he's totaly still wanting to give Harry what he deserves :) oh also, thanks for getting refrences from the book right. Ok bye!
Shinosuke chapter 5 . 8/8/2010
i have never been a fan of Ron/Harry. but this was SO good. I just love it. it's really well written and everyone stays in character.

i have to admit, there were times when i was really frustrated with how Ron kept stalling about telling Harry how he felt. but he's Ron. He just does things like that. so i guess i'll let it go.

Samantha chapter 5 . 8/8/2010
I realized that I've never posted a review of this story. I just wanted to say that I've read this story a few times and I love it very much. It just feels very real and powerful. Thanksfor doing what you do. : J
sparklesheen chapter 5 . 8/8/2010
I can't stop smiling. I loved Ron's first person narrative and his relationship with Harry was achingly authentic. This is the first Harry/Ron fic I've read and I loved it. Thank you for writing this. :) You're amazing.
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