Reviews for A Little Auld Lang Syne
Mishee chapter 27 . 2/4/2010
Chapters 23-27

I vaguely remember these story lines, about the comedians and the prisoner and the pen pal. Roarke can be a little blunt with his approach at times. Rolling the wheelchair out to Sandi Larson and Mike Banning was abrupt, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Roarke figured sooner than later was one less thing for them to have to deal with. Leslie’s comments very much typical for a teenager. You wrote a good description of her doubts from her former life and a mix of her growing confidence in Roarke.

It’s interesting to read about Leslie’s first few months on the island. You’ve alluded to her fourteenth birthday in past writings, so it was neat to see how the weekend transpired and a description of her party.

I enjoyed these flashback stories of Fantasy Island. It brought back a lot of fun memories and piqued my brain. It is a very fitting tribute to Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize. Adding your own character of Leslie allowed for you to add depth to the characters of Roarke and Tattoo without compromising them. I look forward to more of your writings. Thanks :o)
Mishee chapter 22 . 1/31/2010
Chapters 20-22

Another episode where Tattoo tries his hand at a fantasy, these are always fun. I think was extremely amusing because it really seemed to test Roarke’s faith in things. The nun seemed to be more confident that things would turn out fine not matter what happened. Even when he tried to buy the wine to help her “save face,” she wouldn’t have any part of it. God forbid he should lose a lot of money.

Leslie’s addition is well done. I love the scene where she begs Roarke to help Tattoo get out of this situation with the horrible wine. It seems like the first time she’s ever really been so ardent about Roarke doing something for her. It’s funny that she almost had Roarke fooled before he realized he was being manipulated. I had to laugh that he asked where Leslie learned how to do it. He had to know that girls are just born with that ability. Some just girls know how to use it better than others. ;o) Great interaction of Leslie and Tattoo… The two of them together can really cause trouble.

I love the irony in Leslie doing the report on Lilla Jordso. I’m still amazed at how you manage to have all the little nuances in your stories, especially how you keep track of all of them.
Mishee chapter 19 . 1/31/2010
Chapters 16-19

A nice set up to your next story coming up…

I really like the flashbacks with Tattoo; somehow the show wasn’t the same without him… Tattoo was up to his usual craziness in killing Roarke with kindness…. Leslie’s write-in is a funny addition to Tattoo and his antics. She’s both the one to egg Tattoo on in his acts of kindness and also seems to get him off Roarke’s last nerve at the right time. It’s cute to see the romance develop between short order cooks Marjorie and Joe. Would it be valid if Jean-Claude the cook entered the competition? Wouldn’t he be considered an employee of Fantasy Island and thus ineligible? It probably wouldn’t matter as his dish would probably be too funky for the judge’s tastes anyway!

The added scenes were well written. It’s hard to image classy Mr. Roarke in the midst of a food fight. The confrontation of Leslie and Jean Claude is descriptive and comical. Roarke didn’t seem to flinch when Leslie sought revenge on Jean Claude. Nice job.
Mishee chapter 16 . 1/31/2010
Chapters 14-16

It makes sense that the next flashback would be the “finishing” of Nyah’s fantasy. Poor Lawrence had some pretty big shoes to fill with Tattoo leaving the island. I never did like the way the powers-that-be made him just disappear after 6 seasons on the show…especially with no real explanation. I’d like to think that he went off and got married, etc like you wrote. I imagine that the change for Leslie would be difficult especially with more time on her hands, now that she had graduated from high school and was working full time. Is there a reason why you never wrote anything about her going off to college at all? (I read the other stories about her life with Teppo, but I was just wondering…)

Any way, I like the way that you had tension between her and Lawrence. You’ve got to kind of feel bad for him though, between the friction with Leslie and the “dumping on” by Nyah. It would be only natural that Leslie would feel jealous about Lawrence and feel a loyalty still to Tattoo. On the other hand, Leslie did have some growing up to do… I also like that even though Roarke adopted her, there is a gap in their relationship, maybe because Tattoo isn’t there…But I like how over time (and stories) you close it with circumstances in your other stories…But I digress…

It is interesting that the fantasies with Lawrence were a bit more of “therapy sessions” for people with serious problems. I never really thought of it that way… Well, at least in the end lives were made better and Lawrence and Leslie got along better. And, most importantly, Nyah fell in love and would be kept out of trouble for a while!
Mishee chapter 14 . 1/30/2010
Chapters 12-14

It’s great to see Roarke’s “Family” all together. We haven’t heard from Rogan and Julie for awhile. Might we see more of them in the near future? It would be neat to see Roarke interact with Rory about his powers and such…Just thinking aloud…

I love how Roarke interacts with Nyah. It’s like having to deal with a grown child. Throwing Leslie into the mix is funny also. It’s good to see that once in a while she gets into some trouble by commenting and saying her thoughts out loud. I would think it would be hard for one to keep quiet with some of the things she might have seen in her time there.

Nice touch of with the extra scene of Leslie discussing her father with Roarke, especially the “what if” questions she brought up. Would she ever want to learn more about her paternal grandparents? (More future stories?)
Mishee chapter 11 . 1/29/2010
Chapters 9-11

Another well written integrated episode… I love how your stories are helping me to go “Oh, yeah, I remember that one!” What a contrast of the two, the artist one being so funny and the other so serious. I remember being annoyed that Roarke couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything to change the future of Elizabeth Blake. I liked how you draw out the similarities between your own original story of Leslie’s mom with that of the actual episode of Elizabeth Blake. The conversations and reactions that you write about between Roarke and Leslie really enhance the story. The fact that Roarke is surprised by the similarities and his concern over Leslie is neat. Leslie’s stubbornness helps her in the end. Roarke’s wise in realizing if “you can’t beat them (her stubborn tendencies), then join’em.” In the end, I think it probably helped strengthen their bond even more. I love the little twist at the end with the photograph being given to Elizabeth. I don’t remember if the photo was part of the original episode or not, but Elizabeth telling Leslie that she’ll tell Shannon that Leslie is doing well is really clever. It made me tear up!

The fantasy with Kermit Dobbs is the perfect fantasy for Tattoo to handle. Not only because it involves an artist and women. He always seems to get stuck with the crazy ones. It’s almost like he thrives on them. This one might make him think twice about wanting to be a famous artist and having women fall all over him! Ok, maybe just until the next weekend!
Mishee chapter 9 . 1/29/2010
Chapters 7-9

This is the perfect episode for writing Leslie’s character into, the combination of a young person like Trudy Brown and the idea of her being an orphan. Trudy’s aunt is such a stage mom! It’s hard to imagine that someone would do that to another person, especially to a young person or a child, but unfortunately these people really do exist. The thought that Leslie would identify with Trudy makes a lot of sense. I like how you had Leslie disagree with Roarke, and actually be indignant with him like he wouldn’t understand. It’s realistic that although Leslie would be grateful to Roarke taking her in, she would still voice her opinion strongly on occasion. Of course, it’s great to see Roarke learn something new from Leslie’s perspective as well.

Tattoo seems to really want to see how much he can get away with in this story line. I love the descriptions you write in displaying Roarke’s reactions especially to Tattoo. It’s funny when Tattoo goes on his diatribe about working for Roarke in his conversation with Fox in the Hadley Boggs fantasy. Roarke’s reaction is classic. Don’t mess with the boss!

Leslie’s reaction to Tattoo checking himself out in the mirror (in the Trudy Brown fantasy) is precious also. You write those interchanges between them well. When did Leslie start to call Tattoo “mon oncle”? Just curious.

Glad to see you had everything resolved by the end of the weekend. Something to think about…Was there ever a fantasy where Roarke regretted involving Leslie? Or was there ever a time where a fantasy was maybe too “adult” or serious for her to handle? (More plot lines?)
mishee chapter 6 . 1/25/2010
Chapters 4-6

This is one of my favorite episodes. I like the introduction with Tattoo sneaking in a chance to fulfill a fantasy. I like the addition of Leslie to these original episodes. I think her character allows for there to be more explanation and more indepth plot lines, either by Roarke and her having conversations, or just by you writing about her observations. It definitely adds dimension to the original episode. I also like the back and forth banter between Roarke and her. He seems to take delight in keeping her mystified.

I like how you give us an explanantion of how Roarke figures out that the Mephistopheles is behind Mandy Breem’s fantasy and odd requests.

The conversations and feelings between Leslie and Roarke and Leslie and Tattoo were very tender. Tattoo’s fantasy and conversations are funny too. You do a fine job of keeping in his character as well. Great comic relief…

A great description of the scene between Roarke and Mephistopheles. I always loved that scene. A lot of tongue in cheek…Nice wrap up as well. Love the banter between Leslie and Tattoo. Sometimes they sound like siblings despite the age difference!

Nice segue to the next memory...
PDXWiz chapter 27 . 12/14/2009
I'm glad the contest was a big success. And hey presto, it's Leslie's birthday party!

Good. Everyone from both episodes is there. Excellent...

Neato gifts! And the first autograph that Jerry Burton will ever give sweet!

Wonderful! Everyone is happy...and Grennan will pay the consequences for his actions!

Hahaha! Quite the typical Tattoo moment...and a last-second visit from Chester!

And they all go off to be busy...and plan for a cheesy contest! Cheesemaking, that is...

What a combination of episodes to load up on! There still are several there I haven't seen yet...

Thanks for the great job of loading Leslie into each of these stories! You did fabulous!

Harry2 chapter 27 . 12/14/2009
And so ends another fantastic tale from Fantasy Island. These tribute stories were what got me hooked on your writing in the first place and they never let me down. Now, lets see what is coming down the pipes next!
jtbwriter chapter 27 . 12/14/2009
That's perfect! Leslie's first birthday on the island was one to remember-and I love how everyone had a nice word for her and made her feel special! And I'm glad everyone is going to make a regular thing of spending time reminicing with Mr. Roarke-thanks! Kudos on the extra research on this story- I look forward to our next trip to the island!
Harry2 chapter 26 . 12/13/2009
Well, the comedy fantasy is working out well. But, we still have a man who is bound and determained to KILL his prisoner, as well as the two clowns that Tattoo is dealing with. I suspect that these are going to be harder to work out than this one.
PDXWiz chapter 26 . 12/13/2009
Very tense scene! That Grennan is quite a major butthead!

Yes...he should explain to Miss Larson why he stopped writing...

Oh here we go...the comedy act...

Oh boy...Mrs. Keoki is BAD.

Hehehehe...Freddy Weller! Great in-joke!

Hoo boy! Baker's in the Jerry will have to take care of things! What a wild fantasy he's got going on!

He's heard the one-man band play...hmm, doesn't sound good...LOL

So Linda made it to the show, at least. Wonder if any of the other guests will be able to make it (obviously not Alphonse and Cornelius!)...

Uhoh...something's not right here...

That's right. Don't do it like it your own way!

Ah hah! They are going nutso over the two of you! Could Danny have been planning to stop having you as his writer...and move you to be his onstage partner?

Yay! It's going great! Hahah! Would have loved to see this in person!

Good chapter! What's next?

jtbwriter chapter 26 . 12/13/2009
That's funny-I love that Jerry and Danny end up working together..but what about Banning and the Larson fantasy? Great reactions from Leslie and I'm glad Mr. Roarke understood the humor about Fantasy Island! Thanks-now what?:)
jtbwriter chapter 25 . 12/13/2009
Whew-what a couple of predicaments! A gun happy marshal, and a chicken comic! I'm glad Mr. Roarke was easy on Leslie-she is still learning how to be compassionate and have faith in the fantasies! Thanks for a very realistic reaction from what?:)
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