Reviews for Dyed in Blood
RaeMina chapter 1 . 3/12/2010
Just finished reading you Tragic Decision series, and I loved it. It made me remember exactly why Vesperia is my favorite Tales game. Especially with the scenes and the ideas you covered, no other Tales game is as thought-provoking. You do a great job of getting inside Yuri's head. Something for me is insanely hard to do XD Keep up the great work, and I look forward to read more of your work 3

P.S. LOVED the convo between Raven and Yuri in the middle there. There needs to be more of the Old Man being sweet and stuff around here~
orangepotato chapter 1 . 11/29/2009
Wonderfully written and a nice ending for the three part series. I did enjoy the interaction you wrote for the games original plot points, such as, Yuri and the Don, Yuri and Karol... I liked reading them as words rather than pictures sometimes, and you always delivered. I have to say I liked the first to better, not because this one was bad, but it was killing people I actually wanted to die. XC Poor Don... I never really liked him as a character, but I did enjoy his personality and Yuri's part in all of it. XD

Great job writing, and I'm a bit depressed to see this series end. XC Perhaps you could write two short stories with Yuri's involvment in Alexie (I know that's not spelled right XD) and Zagi's death. I think with your ability to get inside Yuri's head the way you do, the two stories could turn out really great.

Anywho, great job, and I've enjoyed reading your stories. Keep writing and hope everything in your future (your job and when you go to college) all work out for you!

Continue writing,


ps:I was happily surprised when I saw my name in your listing at the bottem. It made my day to know I helped you in some way! XD
Minnoe chapter 1 . 11/20/2009
Nice. I really the way you showed Yuri's emotions, especially the part about his hand shaking just enough to bump his sword on his leg. Also, it was interesting how you wrote it in first person, as almost all of the stories here are third person.

My only real complaint is just a convention thing; when Karol is jumping onto the ship, rather than saying

"Wait!", I suggest "Wait!" and emphasizing the... um... loudness? in other ways.

And when he's saying

"I'm...Huff...Coming with you..." instead of saying huff in the actual dialogue, show that he's out of breath in the description.

But anyway, that's just really nit-picky things, so feel free to ignore them if you prefer to. Overall, nice job!
CaptainKa chapter 1 . 11/20/2009
YEAH! Dude, I loved this! Haha, I already mentioned before that you write as Yuri well but damn, I gotta mention it again! Made me sad too. No, the Don! I always think that whenever I see the scene, and now when I read this.

And yay! Corny! Corn makes everything better, xD. I really enjoyed readin these, way to go!