Reviews for Descent Into Panic
ufovalet chapter 18 . 5/3/2015
Wow, that was a damn good story.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/9/2014
I loved this story - I was gripped from the very first chapters. Really descriptive, elegant writing and the humour of the dialogue had me laughing out loud - great stuff! :)
LanaJoy chapter 18 . 4/11/2010
what a moving piece of information Al imparted. I can see where Sam might be confused and in despair but, going the way she did, Allegra was left with what she probably valued the most..

it would have crushed her to have to give up her it would if we had to give up our writing.

the quality of life is more important than the quanity..surely.

well, only allegra can speak to that issue.

A throughily enjoyable read! As good as any show on the series and better than most! I'm sure, if Bakula read it, he would have been honored to 'play it out' for you.

It don't get any better than that, lady. Just..saying.
LanaJoy chapter 17 . 4/11/2010
Well, I'll be damned..really? I would not have believed a change of heart from those two! It only goes to show. We just never know and judging people is something best left to a deity that can see their heart's condition, perhaps and not we mere mortals.

I'm happy for Sam more than anyone. He seemed so upset and desolate. It's not often Sam 'fails' at anything he does and to have it be with another's hit him very hard.

Most touching chapter.
LanaJoy chapter 14 . 4/11/2010
Drew appears a younger version of Sam Beckett. Not a bad thing to be at all.

Good old Wayneforth and you know the most awful part? He probably feels none of the emotions Sam is feeling. I don't get people like that. Never will.

Sam's ok, though. For the most part. And that will suffice.
LanaJoy chapter 13 . 4/11/2010
I love that Beckett determination even through the guilt he feels over Allegra's death. And Drew is just a sweetheart. Sam just keeps plodding onward.

You 'paint' the despair and pain of each person vividly. Thank God the firemen are on scene!
LanaJoy chapter 12 . 4/11/2010
Whoa! danger Will Robinson! Danger! that was one scary chapter lady! Damn, girl! Can I shut my gaping mouth now?

My Lord. The elevator fell! I'm..stunned. Did NOT see that coming!

LanaJoy chapter 8 . 4/10/2010
I remember feeling the same unsettling feeling when I watched the Posidon adventure. You have a remarkable grasp of the 'oh my god!' moments in life.
LanaJoy chapter 7 . 4/10/2010
Sam's suseptibility to his 'host's' short comings is proving most interesting in completing his mission.

Ziggy, as always, is a breath of fresh air to any occasion.

I found myself irritated with the fellow passengers even as Sam, I admit. I wonder if they will show any redeeming qualities when the shit hits the fan.
LanaJoy chapter 6 . 4/10/2010
well, these people suck for the most apart. Not very helpful or sensitive at all. I think I like them. ha. I have a tendency to write stereotypical characters so, I do appreciate finding ones with flaws and that 'human quality' mine are so often lacking.

A taunt moment there with the doors snapping shut!
LanaJoy chapter 3 . 4/10/2010
I always thought that at times, Al did more damage than 'aid'..ha.

Love the tension and suspense of a well crafted chapter. Introduction of characters was smooth and flawless..
LanaJoy chapter 2 . 4/10/2010
the descriptive passages are phenomenal. I feel as if I am in the elevator right along with Sam and Al, seeing each detail of the plush elegance.

The scene is set and even Bellisario could not fault one single line written.

excellent beginning..