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graspingTubes chapter 5 . 1/5/2015
Um, I don't know of its the site, because it has messed up things before, but it's runes not ruins.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/13/2014
I'd love for you to update this story when you have time.
phoenixfirekitsune chapter 7 . 4/1/2014
Amazing story. I absolutely loved it.
Yumeina-sama chapter 1 . 5/21/2013
I like the first chapter, kinda like harry potter but different on its own way... I love how you wrote the descriptions can totally see it in my imagination
Soppl chapter 8 . 5/12/2013
pure bliss. This is so unbelievebly wonderful, I can't even tell you how freaking cute, beautiful and alskdgnölka simply everything this is! Thank you, thank you for writing this.
sakurayuri89 chapter 8 . 2/8/2013
Aww, i reli wanted him pregnant for the second child.. It was too cute for jirou to get knocked up again.. Huhu.. btw, your story is good.. Thanks
Lady Knight Keladry chapter 8 . 4/9/2010
Aw. That was both hot and sweet. I love Jirou, he's such a sweet guy. His actions involving Keisuke are quite amusing. I like the progression from first to seventh as well. It's cute. Nice fic.
rozardoll chapter 8 . 1/31/2010

Very amazing.

I'd love it if you were to make a sequel... *cough, PLEASE, cough*

Anyways, I love how you wrote this, it actually looked like Prince of Magic now. :)

And haha, Tezuka cheating on Fuji? Bad, bad idea.
nequam-tenshi chapter 8 . 1/9/2010
haha! I feel so bad for Jirou!

great story!
SilverCyanide chapter 8 . 12/22/2009
I have nothing to say except Love. So:

SilverCyanide chapter 6 . 12/22/2009
"Oh, just a guy." I like how his brother doesn't bother to question HOW said guy got in there. XD

(And for the record, because we know what a canon Nazi I am: Atobe's totally illegal. You have to be seventeen to legally apparate on your own and you have to have your license. It's monitored closely by the Ministry, so Atobe's apparating in is slightly irking. :P)

"“Jirou is gay, who cares,” Kaji shrugged." I'm fairly in love with this line. For all the build up from the brother, the fact that he's like "oh, you're gay, that's cool" is something I'm enjoying. It seems true to his character.


And CP is in the house. *dies* Maria really makes me want to burst out in a rendition of the entire line-up of West Side Story, though. ;]

“Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone assumes I’m straight until they see my little boy toy.”

“I understood that!”

XD I made that emoticon face. No joke. So many giggles for that.

Canon Nazi would like to point out that she would desperately like to know WHAT they got on their OWLs. Because simply a passing grade it not enough haha. Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations, or Average? :D

I have to admit, you've written Maria incredibly way. Exactly as annoying as I'm sure you meant for her to be. Her complete disregard for the culture is amazing to me, and it's an interesting aspect to see.

...Qute "There's a Fine, Fine Line" from Avenue Q. (I do believe I can see exactly where this fic is going, though. Jiroh has the lovely Atobe Keigo's child and the contract is null and void, no? :3 Though if it doesn't go that way, I hope it's a surprising twist!)

And it was, indeed, a surprising twist! :D Yay! I did a little "coo." Or perhaps it was more of a "squeal." Less exciting than the four Harry Potter fans I know from fanfiction who got engaged or married recently, but adorable as far as fanfiction goes! :D

...All though, now that it's sunk in, I am slightly annoyed he disowned his family. But I like AtoJi sex more, so I'll shut up now.

"I’m pregnant. Not invalid." I'm not sure if this was in another piece of yours or a different author's, but I've seen it before and it never fails to amuse me. :3


...Oh lulz. So we ARE in the early years. *tries to figure out which* Between 92 and 96, but probably 92 or 93? Well, I'll probably find out during the chapter? XD

...And two lines later. 95 or 96, because "fifteen" would make it 96. Woo~ *continues to ramble*

Haha. "Including myself, NINE." Yes, Roonil Wazlib. You are, indeed, friends with a muggleborn. You also marry her and have a number of oddly named children.

...And at the "YOUR GIRLFRIEND" comment I am entirely lost as to what year this is set in. Because logically it should be 95 or 96, but Harry and Ginny don't get together until the very end of 96 in the middle of Harry's sixth year. *shot for being a canon Nazi again*

...Oh lol. See, I should read a few more lines before adding a comment to a review that I'm too lazy to remove. Therefore Ron's just implying stuff. Harry/Draco ftw~

...BET FTW. That made my night. Er, morning, at it's 1:09.


"Oh please! I know making-out when I see it." WIN.

...jdkalfjeadlk really now. You really couldn't have just said "even gave Hermione Granger a run for her money."? You HAD to go with "look average." ...jkdalfjkleaIf I wasn't almost done with this fic I would cast a nice Bat Bogey in your direction and follow it up by putting Redcaps in your bathwater. Just because you don't like her doesn't mean she's not one of the most brilliant witches of her age. Besides, she's two years younger than all of them. Harry was the youngest Seeker in a century.

Backing off now. Sorry.

...I shouldn't have giggled at the idea of a Super Baby. But I did. XD


And you lost me again. You lost me at "Professor Lupin." Because if you haven't figured out by my many declarations I am a canon Nazi. Who knows that we would be in 93, in which Sirius would not be important. Kthxwha?

And now I'm lost at seventh years. Haha.






Susan. Her name is Susan. Susan Bones, daughter to Amelia Bones who was murdered. Susan Bones who most likely dates Ernie Macmillan, a same-year Hufflepuff. (They get married and have a kid; Ernie sacrifices himself and dies to save them.) SUSAN SUSAN SUSAN SUSAN.


"Boys bodies are equipped for this kind of thing, you know?" Assuming you meant "girls". :P

"your male through and through" Since this has obviously been my ranting review, I'll leave a comment because it's been bugging me ALL fic: you're. You are should be you're, not your. Thanks. :]

"“What are you? A voyeur?” Draco asked.

“Why, yes, in fact I am.”"

...SO like Fuji. So so SO like him. So much love for that.

And so, with only an omake left, I believe this is the end of my long, rambling reviews. There have probably been some comments in here that you agreed with and some that made you wish you could shove a shoe in my mouth because I do ramble endlessly about things nobody else cares about, like canon correctness. :P But I hoped that you've enjoyed the little messages and, presumably, waking up to find your inbox spammed with what will probably be seven new long reviews.

Off to enjoy the NC-17 rating on the final chapter. ;)

SilverCyanide chapter 5 . 12/22/2009
You know that when the first line of a chapter contains "fuck" and "cock" it's going to be a good one. ;D

"I really don’t think you need to worry about unexpected grandchildren." ...Hahahahaha, that's funny Jiroh. Honestly, these characters need to learn to read the summary warnings! XD

"I suggested buying muggle hot pants with ‘property of Sanada Genichirou’ on the ass, but..." And yet another line I can perfectly see Yukimura delivering. No matter how much I detest this pair, this line made me giggle. (And please tell me I am so not the only one who thinks Yukimura would be crazy rockin' with an earring? :P)

"“Yeah, well Yuushi is kind of a corny romantic and bought me one so I bought him one,” Gakuto shrugged nonchalantly." Seems so very Oshitari to me. He's the one who sends little love notes slipped inside chocolate frog cards too, amirite? ;]

Oh oh oh the Canon Prick in me wants to go off on you talking about the Cruciatus and saying that something that quickly on a non-magical being wouldn't have done more but hurt her (it wasn't a long curse, it would need to be sustained to do real damage) and I could rant for AGES (because I've started taking Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness by Thanfiction as real canon now haha) but... I'll leave you with this one little paragraph. :3

Oh ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. That has GOT to hurt. (The fiancee bit.)

. .WIN.

For the note, the site cut off O.W.L.s to simply "O." it thinks having periods in between words makes them a link or something, and doesn't want us spamming? I'm not sure, but it's rather irritating.

Oddly enough, I believe your sex scenes are the best scenes in here. More experience with them, perhaps, or simply more love for writing them? Things the author enjoys writing tend to come out better. ;]

:O I do want to know what his patronus was now! (Perhaps we learn later haha.) There is this part of me that is saying "fjkdalejklaxjlkjleaeajcdkljek" toward the fact that he knows how to cast one though, because that's INCREDIBLY advanced magic. Harry only learned out of necessity, and he only TAUGHT out of necessity. It's not the type of thing you teach a kid for fun, or often. Especially if this takes place in a post-Voldemort world (i.g., after 1998) because the danger is over so there would be no need to teach kids these things.

Anywho, that's my rant.

"He was like their baby, after all." I lol'd at this, considering Jiroh is one of the oldest in actual canon.

Fun thought here: if Oshitari was real he would write fanfiction. Lots and lots and LOTS of it, I bet you. :3

Forward, march!

SilverCyanide chapter 4 . 12/22/2009
For some reason the idea of Choutarou sending them tickets is bizarrely adorable. Many squees from me on that one. The fact that he was so nervous about the family-owning-teaming thing fit very well in my mind, and is something canon!Ohtori would feel. I like it. :]

"The spectators erupted into cheers and screams, as did Gakuto."

I pictured him screaming like a twelve year old at a Jonas Brother's concert. It was very amusing. :3

Where did Jiroh's declaration come from, out of curiosity? Just a curious imagination, no matter the truth behind it? It feels like perhaps there was a missing line?

“Mm-hmm,” Gakuto hummed. “Don’t go doing it just cause I did, okay? Wait till you find the right person.”

“Because Oshitari is totally your soul mate.”

“Shishido-san,” Choutarou sighed.

This little exchange was just so... perfect. I can practically see the "face palm" expression on Choutarou's face.

“It looks like you two making out against the wall, with Atobe’s hands firmly on your ass.” WIN.

And on to the AtoJi sex:

I think what I like about this is that you're portraying the first time, while a bit fast, realistic as far as pain/fear wise goes. I've read so many pieces where "A scissors B, A pushes into B, B whines for one second and then B is fine." and it's rather irksome. I enjoy this, despite the fact that it's not the most pleasant side of things.

"Though that deterred most of the girls, a fair few stayed to watch." The author and this fan being two of them. ;D

"Sugoi Cake." I'm picturing like... a little happy sparkly rainbow cupcake with "sugoi!" written all over it. :3

Onward we go! :]
SilverCyanide chapter 3 . 12/22/2009
"[...] but look at Kunimitsu, he's yummy." I died a little bit of laughter. So much win. And the lines following. (Because it's true.)

"Me thinks the lady dost protest to[sic] much." made me giggle as well. :]

...The first thing I thought when it was listed the five of them had the same classes: "New OT5?" *shot* :3

"Ore-sama is serious."

"Serious, got it." was a little win section too. I can so see Jiroh just blowing Atobe off in this way to sleep. XD

So much love for the Dirty Pair. Because we all know they're the shiz. :] I love the little scene where Jiroh walks in, because I /can/ picture such an exchange happening between the two. It's lovely.

...And now we get to the reason this fic is M rated. XD

...And I definitely "lol"d a little bit at the Fuji-Tez spectacle.

"“If want to know the way to look at a protégé then watch Yukimura and Akaya. Nothing there at all but admiration and respect!”"

*cough cough* Lies. So lies. *cough* (YukiKiri is my OTP. Haha.)




"I swear sometimes I feel like we are living in some fangirl's sick fantasy." Nah. XD

Onward for me!
SilverCyanide chapter 2 . 12/22/2009
Life has gotten the better of me, so I apologize for not being able to leave a lovely long review like last time. Starting this one half way through to note that Taki is a third year, not a second year, so you'd have three new Fuyu.

The group one, two, three thing for tryouts reminds me of a distinct quote in HBP:

Harry decided to start with a basic test asking all applicants for the team to divide into groups of ten and fly once around the pitch. This was a good decision: The first ten was made up of first years and it could not have been plainer that they had hardly ever flown before. Only one boy managed to remain airborne for more than a few seconds, and he was so surprised he promptly crashed into one of the goal posts.

The second group was comprised of ten of the silliest girls Harry had ever encountered, who, when he blew his whistle, merely fell about giggling and clutching one another. Romilda Vane was amongst them. When he told them to leave the pitch, they did so quite cheerfully and went to sit in the stands to heckle everyone else.

The third group had a pileup halfway around the pitch. Most of the fourth group had come without broomsticks. The fifth group were Hufflepuffs.

Anyway: for some reason I loved the Yukimura-Luna comparison, and I enjoyed the "as if reciting some kind of love poem" line accompanying Fuji.

And so many lols from me at the "ta-tas, moutains, huge plots of lands" XD.
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