Reviews for Fault Lines
the inversed butterfly chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
This was amazing. I absolutely loved it. Your characterization of Kathy and Elliot was beautiful, and the way their relationship turned out alright in the end was great.
Amber Hastings chapter 1 . 1/12/2010
Amazing!... So tenderness, so well written, so empathetic, simple, sincere... and still, so complex.

I think is never easy to express and talk about feelings like those. they are so complex and deep, that I think when people feels them, they don't even know what they are, or if they are good or bad. And fills their head with confussion and think that kind of feelings only can cause suffering and grief.

But to me, reading about them in such a honest and passionate way, they are the most precious, truthful, sincere and pure feelings that a human being can experience once or twice in their lives.

I truly believe that relationships like the one Liv and Elliot mantain, and the one that you describe here with Kathy... are the most beautiful and worthful example of real and pure love (specially without the physical contact part).

Thanks. Wonderful work.


P.S.: I apologize for any grammar error, but english is not my language.
ShaNini86 chapter 1 . 11/23/2009
That was beautifully written. I feel as though you have two complex characters down, and an even more complex marriage down to a tee. I love the dialogue-its back and forth nature, as well as Kathy's reassurance. She knows what Elliot needs to hear, but she also seems to know Olivia well, which somehow seems realistic. I like how Elliot's thoughts on his home feel familiar, yet strange. For example, Dickie's own massive shoes in place of his by the front door. It's subtle, yet touching. This was a well written, insightful story :)