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Guest chapter 33 . 6/5
This is such a good read. I love this story. I love that Jake got her a piano, he is just the sweetest. I know it's been 5 years, and you probably have no plans to update, but it'd be so great if you would. I love your story and want to know what happens! Do they defeat the Volturi? Are there any casualties? Do Jake and Nessie stay together? Please update
luv4jake chapter 31 . 3/19
Wow Ness that was harsh but I get it you have some issues to work through. Yay Embry imprinted. This was a tough but long chapter. I enjoyed it as always. Until next time I'm almost caught up.
luv4jake chapter 30 . 3/19
Poor Brady. Cancer sucks in real in life and fanfic but I'm glad you're adding real situations into the mix. Until next time. I enjoyed this chapter as always.
luv4jake chapter 29 . 3/16
Yes Ness. It's about time you pulled on your big girl panties. You were killing me. I'm so proud of our girl. Excellent chapter friend. Until next time.
luv4jake chapter 27 . 3/12
Wow mama. That was intense, awesome and funny. I liked the realness of the awkward first time. I enjoyed this chapter as always. Lemony goodness doesn't hurt lol. Until next time.
luv4jake chapter 26 . 3/11
Yay Seth imprinted! Its about time. I enjoyed this chapter as always. I'm with Jake Ness is ashamed or something that doesn't make any damn sense keeping him a secret I'm js. Until next time.
luv4jake chapter 25 . 3/11
That father/daughter got real. Yay for the possibilities. I enjoyed this chapter as always. Until next time.
luv4jake chapter 24 . 3/11
I love Fred always have always will. I enjoyed this chapter as always. Ness doesn't see Nahuel has the hots for her. smh. Until next time.
luv4jake chapter 23 . 3/11
Its been awhile but I'm back to reading and reviewing. I enjoyed this chapter it was lemony plus the drama is coming. Ness is too hard on herself reminds me of her father lol. Until next time.
DaffyMaiden chapter 33 . 3/8
When vampires look haggard, you know things are bad.
Ness saw her mom reading that book; clearly she has some idea what these secret conversations are about.
Wait, so neither Carlisle nor Eleazar knows what happened to Didyme either? Too bad we can’t have Aro in charge of national security.
Oh, Zafrina can create a holodeck-type situation for the kids! Complete VR immersion, not just pictures in their head like Ness can. They’ll never be satisfied with a bounce house again. : )
(I wonder if Zafrina had kids as a human. She’s so good with them. How old was she?)
Zafrina and Billy should get along great!
I’d wish the Drac Twins would just leave, except I know where they’d go, which is why Carlisle would rather have them there. If they and Maria killed each other, that’d be great.
I didn’t know no one ever mentioned the rapid aging to Amber. So each hybrid is her own species?
Mmm, dark chocolate and raspberries…
OH! The piano’s making me cry.
The absolute perfection of Jake imprinting on Renesmee is obvious to us, but Ness probably wouldn’t feel about it the way we do, the way Bella does: the imprinting allowed Jake to heal and move on AND stay in the family. We see it as the perfect solution that fixed everything, but she’s the person it happened TO, and her life started in the middle of it.
“Why else do you want to marry me other than some archaic ingrained notion of tradition?” “If it’s so silly then why do you care so much about not having it?” Aaahhh, will someone else get in here and talk some sense into somebody?! (Meanwhile: Ness, all eyes are on the bride because the groom’s clothes are boring. No matter how hot he is – BORING.)
DaffyMaiden chapter 32 . 3/6
At least Amber is still able to see Carlisle, though it’s inconvenient. “The vultures”! X D
Haha – “Why did he have to tell me? Now I wanted to see it.”
I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben did go veggie.
I can’t imagine Maria hanging out in the house. The Drac Twins keep to themselves, but Maria likes to stir up trouble.
Now that’s the overthink/overreact at its fullest in Renesmee – Bella had to become vampire even if she had no child. The Volturi demanded it. Ness shouldn’t feel bad about that. But of course she does. It’s genetic. ; )
“You can’t compare humans and pigs,” says a wolf who’s shoveling his food like one!
Who said “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”? *looks* Audrey Hepburn! She also said, “On the one hand maybe I’ve remained infantile, while on the other I matured quickly, because at a young age I was very aware of suffering and fear.”
Oh, Emmett did that?! Aww! And Rosalie saw her parents, even though they (absolutely) couldn’t see her?
“For someone who hated anyone planning for her birthday, she sure seemed to love planning for mine.” Well, of course. I read somewhere recently (probably in a doctor’s waiting room) that kids’ birthdays are really for the parents. The writer realized that when she had her own child.
Perfect solution: golden-eyes can come to the party at the house. Amber can see them there.
“If there was one thing Leah hated about being a wolf aside from having emotionally stunted males in her head all the time, it was eating raw meat.”
Aww, kids learn quickly what Auntie Ness can do! That is enviable – no iPad required. I remember Ness herself with Zafrina’s “pretty pictures.”
Yes, Rachel, there’s plenty of stubbornness to go around in that family. At least they don’t fight like the four Bunker-Stivics. (I really need to stop it with the classic TV shows!)
Is there anyone who can have cheese on their burger, who chooses not to?! Seriously.
Carlisle probably hasn’t changed much from his human days. He’s a rare soul.
The wolves are reminding me of the scene where the boys ruin teenage Scarlett O’Hara’s party by rebel-yelling all over the place. Except those left the party and went straight to war.
Jake does have a reason to be confident. Aro is a coward and most of them never had to fight for real. However, saying “don’t do anything stupid” is now a family tradition. So is falling in love with (for practical reasons) the last person you should.
LOL at Jake learning scales. “How many are there?” ; D Nice to see Edward, it’s been a while (understandably). He’s in fine Edward form.
A complete concerto about their story! I love it!
DaffyMaiden chapter 31 . 3/1
I think Renesmee understands that she needs to spend at least half her time in the human world, even when the full vampires in her life aren’t in a constant state of dread. She needs to take care of both sides of herself. Spending 100% of her time around full vampires, as much as she loves them and they her, would not be good for her.
“A man of worth” – yep.
Leah’s not so surly anymore, though, is she?
“Tighter than any military unit and closer than any blood family” – on the nose again!
Amber and Jacob are similar in some ways!
“the dulcet droning of the Romanians” – oh gawd. X D
I wonder if Zafrina’s ability was that strong when she was only sixteen years vampire, or if it got stronger over the millennia. Ness MAY be able to grow hers.
“She hates celebrating but I don’t care.” Ness, that’s exactly the attitude your dad has developed over the years.
Soda-mentos explosions! : ) Amber, maybe you shouldn’t mention those around some of these guys. They’d still do it.
Eating between midnight and 3am is the best!
Maybe the guys don’t like to share things BECAUSE they have to share all their thoughts and feelings with one another. Like, can’t I have something to myself?!
Aww, Amber, you melt me. She’s really the best OC I’ve ever met.
You already know my opinion on who should be sperm donor. Somehow I have a feeling Ness might be the one to suggest that and then the other three’d be like, why didn’t we think of that? Or they’d be like, naaaaah! : )
What a beautiful image… Leah’s fertility probably will return when she stops phasing. How does a wolf retire when there are still vampires around? What is the process?
Oh, this is the lady who first met Seth in Infinite Arms! (Yeah, I took a peek.)
Haha, Amber (and Jake) get obsessive and Ness overthinks… I just love these people so much. They’re so warm with each other, so natural.
“You imprinted on her, so obviously she’s good with weird. If she wasn’t, then her soul mate wouldn’t be a giant dog.” Amber’s gonna publish up a storm, she’s so good with words. She may even become a household name, representing for her discipline like Neil deGrasse Tyson has for his.
See – I thought of Soylent Green when one of the young wolves in ch28 mentioned vampires “eat people,” and the first time I read this one, with Amber actually saying it, I knew I was reading the right author!
“I’m sure a lot of little animals are going to get scarred for life.” X D
They haven’t hunted together, have they? I didn’t even notice!
I like that they make sure the animals don’t feel anything. I didn’t know vampires smell more like vampires after they feed… but it makes such complete sense I don’t know why I never thought of it.
The connection between hunting and sex, though… that’s obvious even to me! Primal.
The water scene is perfect. Carefree, like Jake said.
More marriage angst. More nightmare. : ( I love the northern lights scene. “I wouldn’t give you up. She’d bonk me on the head if I did.”
DaffyMaiden chapter 30 . 2/22
So Ness sees that moving out was not an abandonment. That’s good. She wasn’t fully emotionally mature in college (who is?) so that’s why she felt like that then, being more connected to her family than a full human would be.
Amber is an unusual person in the best sort of way, but it seems that unlike Bella she’s not destined to be vampire even though she was born for the supernatural world. I was worried about the Volturi learning of her.
John Hughes movies! With spa treatments!
Good point: all the imprintees are unusual in the best way, not just Amber although she’s my favorite. (And the others don’t have to be vampires, so she won’t either.)
I remember when Nessie felt treated all human food as though it were lima beans! Pehuen will have his favorites eventually. (And she’s right, chocolate is better warm.)
So he’s the size of a four-year-old… when will he be fully mature? It’s good that it’s not all stress, all the time in the vamp house. Despite the Drac Twins (and Maria?) being there they have relaxed times – like the best kind of family trip – and relationships are budding all over the place. And another baby in the Black family, too.
The picture’s a nice touch. Cameras don’t lie! I wonder what if she’d seen it the day after it was taken, if it would have saved some agonizing.
“I’d much rather get whatever people felt I would like. A way of knowing who really knows you is to see what they give you on your birthday.” Preach it, Ness.
It’s funny that they have to be very careful not to ruin clothes and furniture, yet love bites don’t last on them!
There are two kinds of people: those who love Crock-Pots and those who don’t have one yet.
Thunder in the distance does add when you’re warm and relaxed. So does rain. …Oh, there is rain! And they’re on the porch. Aaah, the scents in the air… This chapter is perfectly titled. “I didn’t think life could get better than this.” It probably can’t!
LOL at Leah giving Jacob shit for being a tyrant at the garage! She never loses an opportunity (like Emmett.) And of course Amber just sees the upside for Ness in the Collin episode.
OK, so she doesn’t have to brush or floss. I wondered about that. LOL at “it seemed like a chore, all that rinsing and spitting!” I’m guessing that, from something Carlisle said when they were talking about chemical birth control, about her metabolism not wasting anything, she doesn’t have to use a toilet either? Or am I wrong?
Amber knew Brady before, you said. It’s like all the imprints have some connection to someone who knows their wolf before they meet their wolf. I’d forgotten about Jasper’s command center in the basement! The frailty of humans is something they’ll always have to deal with… but the alternative is limiting their acquaintance to other vampires and they wouldn’t want that.
“Keep him from doing something stupid.” Hmmm, who does that sound like? : )
DaffyMaiden chapter 29 . 2/20
“The most human conversation they’d ever had” must be a relief to them as well as a source of joy. I personally know what it’s like to feel relief at doing/feeling/being something totally ordinary and normal, and I’m not even a supernatural creature!
Of course Ness feels differently about growing up and leaving than a full human would, but as Fred points out, it’s really the threat hanging over their heads that’s making her hesitate. I love the Fred scenes, as usual. (So there’s another couple of Victoria vampires out there somewhere?)
Oh, so it was a planned hit! I remember reading it and thinking, “wait a minute…” But even when you plan, things can go wrong. You’d think these two would’ve seen at least one Wrestlemania in their lives.
I can just see Emmett showing the kids how his arms come off. And they’d be like, “aww, MY arms don’t come off! WHY don’t my arms come off?”
I can’t believe Maria invited herself to stay in the house. Is she really there out of curiosity, or did she want to be asked into the Guard at one point, still want to be, and see this as her chance? She does seem to be all about status.
Renesmee is coming into her own as an adult and as a vampire. Standing up to Maria when she threatened Jake – she’s seeing she really can be an equal in the relationship with her wolf, even though she’s half-human.
So Jacob and Jasper didn’t really get close before this? He’s been close, in different ways, with Edward, Carlisle, Emmett.
I’m sure no one thought or intended that Renesmee would move out in the middle of the night like someone who’s late with their rent! But it seemed perfect, the way it worked out – to me, that moment, her parents taking her up to the line to meet Jake, WAS the wedding, no matter what else might come afterward. I don’t think her parents’ feelings will be any stronger on an actual wedding day than they are here. And although Jake and Ness might feel more bride-and-groom like on an actual wedding day, I… somehow don’t think it will be *better* than this, just different.
And really, it’s not like the middle of the night is any different from the middle of the day to the individuals involved!
LOL at Alice feeling “far too normal.” The counterpoint to Jake and Ness who LIKE their normal moments.
Some of the five-star lines (sorry, I was really rushed with this review!)
-untying the bow of the decorative cloth belt on my shorts. [As in the belt wasn’t actually keeping the shorts on but, man that he is, he didn’t know that? ; ) ]
-As strong as he was, he was still entirely breakable, only more durable than a human.
-“Don’t worry so much, honey. It’ll give you wrinkles.” : D
-He really doesn’t play fair at all. / Then again, I didn’t either.
-Though I doubt the paperclip enjoyed that as much as I was.
-“if I move out and if there is a battle and I lose some of my family, I will never forgive myself for leaving. /…if I don’t take this opportunity, and I lose you, I’ll feel destroyed.”
-He seemed overly pleased that he’d at least gotten to rip Emmett’s arm off.
-This was such an odd conversation. It felt so normal… almost human.
-Who knew Carlisle liked to live life on the edge? I laughed to myself. The idea of Carlisle as an adrenaline junkie, like extreme sport loving humans, was entirely amusing.
-“This one’s got a screw loose.”
-The protection of a mate was certainly a paramount aspect of what it meant to be a vampire, even a measly half-breed like me.
-It was enough to cause a vampire sized migraine.
-No one really understood in this house what it means to need sleep.
-“I am excited,” I deadpanned just to hear her tinkling laughter.
-“You might want to be dressed though.”
DaffyMaiden chapter 28 . 2/16
Fight scenes can really bring the funny! “I used him to fling myself around” – that’s a great visual.
It kinda sucks that Ness has to get close enough to touch to make her gift work. But then, she could have no extra gifts at all, so I shouldn’t complain too much.
Caius is gonna be angry, for sure! Though I don’t think it will be a case of Aro LETTING him attack.
“Imagine the abomination between these two” XD XD When I was a child (cue spinny camera and dreamy sounds) there was a Florida newspaperman whose running gag, in addition to reporting every single snake-in-toilet situation that occurred, was to write, after particularly memorable phrases, “That would be a great name for a rock band.” Comin’ to ya live from the House of Blues, Vampire Radio Network is puh-roud to present … JESSIE AND THE ABOMINATIONS! : D
High praise for Jacob from Edward! But he started to praise him back in Eclipse; it probably isn’t such a rare thing anymore.
Pehuen’s gonna be there? I guess he has to. They’re not exactly fighting ABOUT him as they were with Ness, but they kida-sorta are, too. Sorry, that didn’t make much sense, did it? How big is he now? I know his growth rate is faster than Nessie’s was…
I like Garrett a lot. I’m glad you’re spending time with our revolutionary friend.
Female vampires have a lower-body strength advantage just like female humans do! : )
Ness and Ira have an advantage with Ness’ communication… OTOH, the other pairs have known each other a long time. I’m not saying it cancels out, only that maybe the others aren’t at so much of a disadvantage then? Idk.
Guess I’m not gonna see Amun drain an elk in any case.
How fragile humans are, emotionally as well as physically… I worry about Amber in the coming confrontation (though she’s not one of the emotionally fragile ones.) I’m not going to say what I worry because people besides you can read these and I don’t want to spoil anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled (I understand such people exist in the world, haha) in case I guess right!
Weather warning brilliant.
So Aro didn’t forget the guard dogs idea. A vampire never forgets anything.
The strategy is the same as last time: be ready to fight so they’ll think they might lose and not start anything.
“Still, they eat people.” THAT line made me think of Soylent Green when I read it the first time around.
Some of the wolves we know and love were pretty anti-‘leech’ at one point. Hope springs.
Great movies!
No one can possibly be shy or intimidated with Amber around. : )
Oh, PERFECT gift!
Of course a newbie tracker wouldn’t think to look up. Have any of them seen a vampire jump yet?
What does a cross-section of a vampire’s joint look like? What DO they look like inside? I figure you’d know. : )
Of course Carlisle was prepared. LOL at Edward MacGyvering an IV stand. Idk why that made me laugh, it just did.
Has everyone been to medical school to keep Carlisle current?
Five-star lines!
-You’d be surprised how resourceful and creative you become when you have Japanese steel as your only usable weapon.
-If he really wanted, he could easily get me off him. He didn’t for the sake of Jasper’s instruction. I was pleased though, the surprise of my pin would give me just enough time to dismember him if he were an enemy and not a beloved uncle. “This would be the part where you’d rip off the arm you have. Anytime you can get them in a position where you have the upper hand, take it and remove a limb or two.”
-He came up, a mouthful of dirt, laughing with glee.
-It was entirely weird to have your father in your head again when you were beginning to grow used to him being out of it.
-I felt a sense of pride that I’d earned her trust. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.
-A victorious laugh escaped my throat as I took in their shirts, twin imprints of the bottom of my boots. [What kind of boots? Inquiring minds want to know! Alice would appreciate me right now.]
-When I became an adult for my species, I gained the right to choose if I wanted to be trained.
-“I still don’t believe that I possess any quantifiable talent.” / “Ah, yes, but still you may possess such a talent even though you do not believe it so.”
-Alice was entirely busy scolding Jasper about getting mud in his expensive twill pants.
-Time wasn’t something to let whittle away. Life was experience. Dreary existence was a true death. A death of the soul.
-I was, in some ways, the physical embodiment of what the treaty had become. Not a tense truce, but strong, flesh and blood. Ties that weren’t broken so easily now.
-“Ah, thanks. Weird having you in my head again.”
-“Dude, wolf form, who needs clothes?” / “For my sake, don’t phase back if you show up without at least a pair of shorts. I still haven’t gotten the image of your naked ass out of my head since last time.”
-Ah, I guess the little sadist had been mentioned.
-“I won’t be some damn gargoyle guarding leeches!”
-Oh, so now he was impressed? What happened to the panic stricken wolf yesterday?
-“Should I expect you home tonight, or can I wash your sheets? They are due for a good wash.” So Mom.
-“I didn’t want to subject her to Claire just yet.”
-Others I didn’t recognize as I hadn’t learned their fur colors. [Idk why I like this line so much. I just do!]
-Being so young, they were left to do the wolf equivalent of “watching the car” in action movies.
-“An arm or a leg is a lot less of an annoyance to put back on than a head.” [So you CAN reattach a head! Again, what are their insides like?]
-“Emmett may have strength and control issues like a newborn” [haha, Carlisle.]
-“You’re in a drug-induced stupor. You don’t know what you’re saying. And if you do, I’ll kick the crap out of you myself.”
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