Reviews for Second Chances
ClumsyWrighter chapter 1 . 5/3/2014
well not a horreble ending, i know it must be hard to Wright one shots whit good endings but if you manage to not ruin it to bad i dont mind this kinf of endings
Hasuko chapter 1 . 11/26/2009
Whoops, I keep faving your stories because I'm used to the review option being there. (Not saying I wouldn't fave your fics and all...)

W-what? I missed some errors? *shoujo shock* I wasn't playing Mother 3 while I was correcting this, I swear!

You're right, this fic is reminiscent of Not the End. Like a companion fic of it. *nods*

Why Ike is so intrigued with Pokemon is beyond me. XD But it's an interesting concept. I like how you drew content from both Pokemon and FE worlds. I especially liked that Ike could relate Pokemon to his own life (or found something about the Pokemon world that Tellius didn't have). (I even giggled when Ike commented about sending kids Rolf's age to war. XD)

Ike warmed the hearts of all the Pokemon he met. (That makes me so giddy. X3) He just has that kind of power. Thanks for bringing that out in him. He even got through to Lucario. Amazing~

Ike is friends with royalty. (Why am I not surprised? XD) Words of wisdom and cups of tea.

Ah, of course. The obligatory Brawl match. LOL, I'm just kidding. They're fun to follow. Yay, I like seeing Dedede being a good sport. (Though I wonder if he's that nice in actuality. ;)

Oh, um... I didn't expect that to have happened to Red at all. That's rather dark. D8 D'aw, that's why he has Ike to comfort him. Hooray. :D

The last part was really cute. X3 I bet Ike really wanted to know what it was like being a trainer. (I know I do~ Squee~) Great, now I want visuals. Epic fic was epic again.
Ferdinand with Flowers chapter 1 . 11/26/2009
And. Wow. it's cute and fluffy and i am instantly reminded of cotton candy. You had me at the end; i was looking forward for some good guy on guy action.
SignedOut chapter 1 . 11/23/2009
I like this story. Well, to tell you the truth, I like any story that has to do with Red. (except for the ones that have him behaving like a idiot and making him think that everyong in brawl is a pokemon -.-)I'm not such a fan of yaoi though... I'm still favouriting it! :)