Reviews for Death
pickamix chapter 1 . 3/6/2010
Alright you had me on everything except the life after death stuff... I don't think Jack would presume as much. I don't think he would presume to know what comes after death if anything at all comes after death. To be someone who presumes to know something like that is very arrogant and while Jack can be cocky at times I don't think he's so arrogant as to make such assumtions.

Other than that this was very well done and I enjoyed it a lot.
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 11/25/2009
Without a doubt, my favorite so far. I think this is exactly what Jack's feelings are, would have become and should be. Your fic makes me better understand how he sees things via his psyche. It's perfect. It's strong with unique conviction, yet also slightly conflicted, I think. What I love about Jack is that he's never prided himself in the fact that he was Death. But he's obviously always been conflicted about his calling. The gradual build up in this piece shows how he remains steadfast in his beliefs as Death while simultaneously having feelings for Life. It's obvious in this monologue that he loves her, but he loves her in a way that it so powerful and deep that it transcends above everything, which is why I think he invites her to share in this unity in the way that he does. If he weds her in spirit, it is the ultimate act of selflessness and love. If he weds her in spirit, he can gain enough of her trust to wed her in the physical realm. To join in both a physical and spiritual unity.

You've stated this perfectly when you wrote:

"By the breath of love's blossom planted in life

As I dream of planting mine in hers"

Beautiful symbolism of love and unity. Bliss. Protection. Compassion. Integrity.

Thank you so much for the dedication. Almost brought tears to me eyes. So emotionally riveting!

Looking forward to Tru's monologue, which I'm hoping will maybe be her response to Jack's offer. :)