Reviews for Scenes from a Birthday Party
Random number generator chapter 1 . 10/10/2012
"he'll change it at Gringotts" "black market currency transaction" ?
Josephine Stone chapter 2 . 12/19/2010
"I told you not to pretend you knew anything about Quidditch," I'm glad someone other than me remembers this. That really made me hate Ginny and after reading this story it makes me think your not to found of some of the Weasley's.

The thing that got me about that quote is Hermione wasn't talking about Quidditch strategy or anything. She was talking about Harry being responsible. Since he was captain he really should be at all the games and practices. You don't have to know anything about sports or Quidditch to know the team captain has a responsibility to be there for his team.

So Ginny was just calling her stupid for... having an opinion that was right? It made Ginny seem stupid, because Hermione wasn't talking about Quidditch.
tenoh27 chapter 2 . 2/3/2010
This is such a beautifully gritty and raw look at the post-war situation in HP.

And for once, Hermione will end up with a guy who truly deserves her, Neville (its so sad that so few write for this marvellous pairing). Though you have stated that this wont be a monogamous happy ending, I am just glad that it will have one, and at least a part of this partnership includes Neville/Hermione.

I hope that Luna (she is truly a gem and would be a great friend) gets Hermiones respect and admiration one of these days in your story (looking forward to reading from the beginning), as she, along with Hermione and Neville, are my fave characters in HP.

Again, thank you so very much for writing such a fabulous story with a much desired pairing.
Becky chapter 2 . 1/30/2010
Ron is being depicted as a abusive man. He finds it hilarious when Hermione is hurt. Makes fun of her pain. Does he remember that she can indeed take pain, I remember her being tortured at the Malfoy's while keeping up a story to protect Harry and the mission. He has the nerve to protest that Neville helped her? What possible business is that of his? We don't hurt or humiliate the people we care about and if any man does this, he should be dumped so fast his head would spin. Abuse is unacceptable in any relationship. I don't care if he thinks she is his racial inferior. I don't care if he is so insecure that he has to put her down to make himself look good. What a pitiful excuse for a man.

Ginny looks pretty bad here as well. She is looking like a petty vindictive shrew. What is she jealous of? She's got her man, her family, no real stress...the Mudblood has been forced out...why be petty? She can't play professional sports until the politics are worked out? Hermione can't see her family until this is all complete. Has she any sense of balance? You are a good enough writer to make me become involved with their stories. Even if it makes me want to shake them by the collar and suggest they act like humans instead of chickens. (If you have ever been around chickens you might recognize how they bully and hurt a specific target...)

I hope you don't leave this story with an abusive Ron keeping Hermione because he is her "one true love" Too many young girls read these stories and that is a very dangerous thought. Because too many believe that nonsense, real people wind up hurt. Redeem Ron if you want him to be with Hermione, but don't leave him a bully, please. It has too much potential to do harm otherwise. I have had a few friends who were dumb enough to stay with their "one true love" even though he stole, cheated, hurt them, and did not respect them at all. They got old, hurt and he went off to greener pastures. Not good.
Becky chapter 2 . 1/28/2010
The way Ron is shown treating Hermione in this story is very telling. You don't bully and group mock the love of your life. Would Ron have treated Lav-Lav that way? Ron does not actually respect Hermione, she is something for his use/abuse. Neville is shown as the own decent person there. How DARE Ron show jealousy, he has made Hermione's life very difficult simply because she doesn't do exactly what he wants. I wonder, did he have a problem with the torture being broadcast because it highlights how useless he is? He has NEVER done anything to protect her. He verbally abuses her at every opportunity. In a society which Molly seems to advocate, where females only exists to serve their males and are "scarlet women" if their male is discontent, the male typically has the task of earning the bacon. Ron does not do that. Is the lack of respect for Hermione because she is a mudblood? Ron sees nothing wrong with cheating lesser beings, elfs Goblins, muggles (DH- taking food, Hermione worries about stealing and leaves money, Ron thinks that she is stupid for worring about it.) Are the Weasleys the reflection of the Malfoys? They are certainly exhibiting many signs of prejudice. Also, Molly isn't exactly a Weasley, so her personal beleifs could be quite different. It is Molly who rules the roost and raised the children. Gin is turning into quite a nasty piece of work. Does she actually have any non male friends?
SJ chapter 1 . 1/6/2010
I love how you put it "cross the border". It makes the Wizarding World seem that much more fey. And I like that your Hermione knows how to travel amoungst both worlds. Very clever and brave, indeed.
NevemTeve chapter 2 . 12/15/2009
I liked this very much, and I'm waiting for updates of 'Amends'.

PS: I liked your Percy, I've always thought he must be more than a stupid careerist;)