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owlhero chapter 8 . 11/23/2013
Well it seems as though this underground was smart to hide itself. Poor Zack, his torment would not so bad except he's had crazy dreams before.

Okay, Kurt's position in this story surprised me completely I admit. ESpecially there was no clue he was involved at all. Not even mentioned for more than a sentence possibly.

The dragon's pentration is perfect allowing themselves to move around inside the cover of the authorities and the law. I can only magine how far they are spread.

Zack was more people smart and socially aware than Cody on multiple occassions so it makes sense he pick up on voice clues. However his impulsiveness bit him again like it does as well.

I have to wonder if this a case of powers being buried under later on in life?

Okay teleportation or spatial manipulation has to be a power with that void showing up.

I am a little confused with the seeker? What are they again?

Zack's being used as bait for his brother. What a twist where Zack is the helpless one and Cody is the one with the powers. I wonder if anyone like Wilfred Tipton is involved in Dragon Order. It makes some sense to me.

Please continue this!
owlhero chapter 7 . 11/23/2013
Well I wonder if one of Donald's abilities is able to detect untruths since he's able to manipulate objects and the air, why not something more living?

Donald's viciousness just shows how much pressure he puts himself under and now enter these Dragons. Well I am detecting something like a underground gifted vs human world with gifted walking around in plain sight. This just makes the whole story more complicated which I love. It also seems as though there are unintentional hierarchy of powers the gifted have. Some automatically make you more powerful than others.

So Cody's the invaluable key to everything. Well he's lucky then or not.

Haha, I must admit that Cody using his troublemaking brillant in a twist was funny. And a nice game of chicken as well. At the same time, it shows how quickly he seems to have mastered his ability in only two years. Then again it he did, it matches his drive for his schoolwork as well. His manipulation was fascinating to read. It seems to me he's learned to manipulate the situation for his own desires although this time, the ends were not so selfless.

Seriously how sly of him to push them all to the edge like that. But it would even more convincing if he could expand his range to abilities and the time limit as well.

These dragons seem like a nasty bunch to me but Cody won a deal in the end and that's better than nothing.
owlhero chapter 6 . 11/23/2013
Well, this explains a lot. Such a simple and under the radar way for Donald to find out about prospective people he can use.

At the same time, the back and forth shows the steps Donald and Cody relationship has changed dramatically and been manipulated over time and the switching works fine and enhances what you want to show.

But the questions he asks should give an alarm to some but it is covered by his position as therapist.

I have to wonder of you are trying to showing a conection with Zack's depression from the first chapter (with its instant thought about seing therapist) and here? Or was it to throw me off. I have to wonder about that again with Cody showing up and bringing everyhting back up in full again. But at Zack knows some of the truth now. Of course, Cody like his usual self leaves his brother a little lost when it comes to knowledge.

I have to wonder now you revealed that little note last chapter how much Cody can hide from Donald especially with the unknown two other gifts. So Cody's ability to include the ability to block others. Curious that just makes him susupicious to Donald. I did like the spike in pressure showing Donald's abilities affect the air around him. Nice touch.

Besides the last scene makes wonder if Cody had some questions about what he was and another motive as well to the therapy interview?
owlhero chapter 5 . 11/23/2013
Brillant by the way with the (accidental(?)) tricking of the readers and the characters with the scene with Donald and Cody. I did not even realixe the way you wrote it hid things. Besides the AN did fill in some minor questions I had about Donald but nothing major. With that I can see why Cody believed hm so completely. In the end, however that was very sneaky of Donald to do what he did to the room. Its shows you how though he is for his planning and Cody's manipulation. I wonder if Cody will relaize before its too late.

I guess even being their friend, Max still does not know everything about Cody. I see there's a possibility you using their twin connection to have the twins communicate on occasion. If only subconsciously at some level.

How very sneaky of you, so the three gifts are just the primary gifts of Cody's group. But each also two other abilities to tap into as well. So many possibilites... No matter how hard Donald's tries, It seems as though part of Cody's core is still there. But even so, he's still able to pushed around in some situations.

Zack's opponents seem from a character standpoint. They switched the mood over quickly. Though I understand why you wrote them the way you did. Its does as though you went simple with them. Cody creating the offcers' presence was sneaky. Perhaps he knew how they would react in such a situation. But it also shows his own protective nature as well and the depths to which he's willing to go.

However, the powers were revealed was creative, showing the effects with the speech.

The ending to me was perfect, leaving the reader hanggn while giving us something to think about. I think Zack's world just came tumbling down.
owlhero chapter 4 . 11/20/2013
I have to wonder maybe Cody's powers somehow morphed into the vision Zack saw at school? Out of the box a little but an idea.

The momument to me seems a little public. I mean its like mocking Zac every day. I question the location for it. Zack's torture is unfortunate but I think its good he's expressing it.

Well Cody's powers are starting to be a little scary. I see now my idea high up was correct. It figures he would find a way to use the opposite of his abilities to his advantage. BUt he has to keep his secret close to him. The other people involved have different variations with their skills. Plus they've had more experience with them. But the temptation for him is almost worth it.
owlhero chapter 3 . 11/20/2013
So Cody was forced into this. Definitely see that happening. But I must say you threw a curveball I should expected considering your reputation at me with the bike heist. With its well planned execution, I liked the intentional foreshadowing you used.

Mackenize's motivations make him a character to build on. Well it appears Cody's ability just appeared before he left for the last time. And that he was forced to do all the that, its obvious even he has his limits.

The gifts are telekinsis, X-ray vision(Druid), sort of like a mind wipe or control. Although I suspect the last one is more expansive then that. I was not sure at the class since there are so many to look and remember, I have choosen to not stress over it.

As for the writing, the quality of your writing is not noticeably dropped off. I mean it might be less colorful then usual but it does not take away from the story.
owlhero chapter 2 . 11/20/2013
Its nice to see Zack having some semblence of a life with Max. The pairing seems to hit off real well. Carey's almost jailed-like worriness is understandable especially considering she wants to protect her "baby". Zack's grown up not arguing with his mother over small things over a tough victory. Poor Carey not even relaizing how much Cody's disappearance has impacted her subconsciously.

The rivalry with other women is reasonable and funny as well. Max could turn people off with her aggressiveness.

Now that was something unexpected with Cody. So many questions for me. It seems as though he has not gone willingly.
owlhero chapter 1 . 11/20/2013
I love the start here with the flash forward. Its a hard thing to use in a story sometimes. The changes and the pain for Zack. Its almost as if his mind was tormenting him.

The whole second scene was one big mystery. Taking Cody's regualr early wakeup to an extreme. Wow even Zack would eat healthy when there's nothing else to eat. But I have to wonder maybe Zack's brain was trying make sense (again?) of Cody's disappearance. Trying to give Zack something to grasp onto.

Having Bob around is intriguing only if because even he was seen rarely with the twins, to me its obvious he hung out with them a lot. A sad reoccuring normal day for Zack and his friends.
crimson11116 chapter 8 . 10/8/2012
please update soon
Veneficus-13 chapter 8 . 6/7/2011
This is a great story! I can't wait until the next chapter! Will there be another chapter? I noticed the last posting date.
hpenchantress chapter 8 . 6/20/2010
Wow! This is such a great story! I definitely have to keep an eye on this!

jamietheresa chapter 8 . 6/14/2010
Moree please! :)
The Angel of Eternal Rest chapter 8 . 12/30/2009
I love this story! I hope you continue. The suspense is killing me! Keep up the good work!
AnimeKpopKawaii chapter 8 . 12/25/2009
this chapter is great.

but i dont want zack to have any powers he should be ordinary.

but if you were planning to give him powers i dont think it should be has powerful as Cody's. like i said when i left a review Cody should have a hidden power and release it when the time comes.

And o Kurt everyone thought you were just some lead singer but no. lol

please update soon
AnimeKpopKawaii chapter 7 . 12/25/2009
om my super crazy freaking gosh this story is the BOMB!


you make it seem so real, and that is AWESOME!

im now going to read chapter 8 and i hope it is freaking amazing like this one.

and now i understand everyone's power. but what can that girl do.

loved your stories im gonna see if you have any other great stories like this one.


p.s- One day Cody should get so pissed of that his powers get stronger and he nearly kills donald. And maybe he should unlock a new gift that was hidden inside him.

anyways im just brain storming here.

please update chapter nine sooner.
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