Reviews for Gundam Wing: Once and Forever
Yokiko chapter 1 . 8/9/2000
Yay! I read this fic on your website a while ago. I had been wondering if you were gonna finish it. I'm just now starting to get into Rorouni Kenshin so this is quite interesting to me. Guess I'll have to look up more on the series so I know what's going on. Keep writing!
Draven chapter 1 . 8/9/2000
Yay! I just read this on your website a few days ago, only to have Netscape go kablooey on me before I could sign the guestbook. Now I don't have to go sifting through my bookmarks to beg you to write more.:) This is one of the most intruiging, creative crossovers I've ever come across. The central idea, splitting the Battosai and Kenshin in two and reincarnating them in different bodies is absolutely brilliant, and I really like how all the other characters seem to be sorting out-_especially_ Treize/Shishio and Lady Une/Kametari/Yumi. Shishio finally got to take over the world.:) And let's not even mention the complications you've added to Quatre and Trowa's lives.:) You've really done a great job integrating the Gundam Wing characters with their past lives. I really like how my favorite couples from Kenshin seem to be coming together in Gundam Wing: Aoshi/Misao, Kenshin/Kaoru, and (hopefully) Saitoh/Tokio. And even if I wasn't such a big Kenshin fan, the exploration of the Duo/Relena/Heero dynamic sells the story all by itself. It just needs more chapters.:) {whistles innocently} By the way, so does "That Which Lingers.":) {ducks, runs.}
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