Reviews for The Spotlight is On!
LadyHazelK chapter 80 . 3/12
Beautiful weddings!
LadyHazelK chapter 79 . 3/12
WOW! Three proposals in one night...all in a row! *sings* Awesome!
LadyHazelK chapter 77 . 3/12
Well, it went well
LadyHazelK chapter 76 . 3/12
Yeah, definitely the "why now?" Is happening in my brain. But I'm ready to find out!
LadyHazelK chapter 75 . 3/12
Glad I everything is going great!
LadyHazelK chapter 74 . 3/12
Bit of a time jump, lol! And Aww!
LadyHazelK chapter 73 . 3/12
Bahaha! That last paragraph is awesome! And I LOVE "Billionaire" :D
LadyHazelK chapter 72 . 3/12
That's right! It will be more special!
LadyHazelK chapter 71 . 3/12
Perhaps it's too soon, but not necessarily. I got married a month before I turned 21 and we didn't live together first. I'm not saying they have to get married now because they want to live together. When you love someone and that someone loves you back, especially the first time, everything is new. Sometimes, ya just gotta do it and see where the chips fall!
LadyHazelK chapter 69 . 3/12
LadyHazelK chapter 67 . 3/12
Yay! Everyone is better!
LadyHazelK chapter 65 . 3/12
He only misses the friendship that was once there. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's experienced that. Maybe not this type of situation, like with what Jake did, but still.
LadyHazelK chapter 64 . 3/12
Oh Lord. Nice exit there Edward, but I understand it. I also wish it hadn't taken them months and after the trial for them to talk.
LadyHazelK chapter 63 . 3/12
Yay! She's home!
LadyHazelK chapter 62 . 3/12
A good haircut sometimes is just what is needed to feel better :)
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