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Purple Pulse chapter 10 . 6/18
Okay so you want to know what’s fucked up, I have Spotify radio playing in the background and I tuned into where James ran into Bella, the song playing in the background has the lyrics “James has changed he don’t want me anymore”.
Not sure what to feel cause that’s a weird occurance...
Purple Pulse chapter 6 . 6/18
I haven’t even finished reading this chapter but I just wanted to say that Bella and Edwards relationships with their daughters warms my heart. I know so many single parents and it’s not easy, it’s a truly beautiful relationship *heart eyes forever*
Purple Pulse chapter 5 . 6/18
Okay Alice you really don’t hve psychic abilities in this fic. How did she not see they were talking about each other? Also can Lauren please back off she’s gettinh I the way haha.
Lizzie8714 chapter 41 . 4/8
I really enjoyed this story from start to finish! The only part that drove me a little crazy was the time line of the story was a bit mixed up towards the end. The whole story Elyse and Kate were 3 and 4 close to 4 and 5, then around the time of the wedding their ages were 5 and 6. The time line towards the ends also made it seem like they had been together for over a year when they weren't even really together for a year until around the time the twins were born. That was a little confusing. It was easily over looked though because I enjoyed the story so much. Thanks for writing!
Atwiggs chapter 7 . 3/26
Oh no! James is sober and of course he wants to see his daughter! Poor Bella!
Atwiggs chapter 6 . 3/26
Atwiggs chapter 3 . 3/26
I’ve been reading fanfic for about 9 years now but I missed this one and I love it! thx for writing luv! I doubt that you are still reading your reviews but you might be so I’ll drop a line here an there, just in case...
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 41 . 12/21/2017
God this was an amazing story. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but I couldn't put it down once I started. This was an amazing story and I am so happy that I got to read this!
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I loved it from start to finish and I am so glad I got to fall in love with your characters! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 38 . 12/20/2017
Thank god James is finally doing the right thing.
Still don't like Vicki.
But thank god James is finally doing right by his daughter.
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 37 . 12/20/2017
Awwww the house is so sweet!
I love these two. They just melt me.
I did wish Bella didn't let James get to her. Because honestly, he's spewing bullshit. What he's doing is not what's right for Elyse. What Bella is doing is being a concerned mother. Here is this strange man, whose never been a part of her child's life, has no idea how to be a parent, and yet all of a sudden he wants all this visitation and stuff. Bella took it in small steps which was the RIGHT thing for her daughter. And she is right to not allow him to see her when the first time she trusts him, he abuses that trust.
He is a vile person and I hope he gets like no visitation.
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 35 . 12/20/2017
I honestly don't have words.
That chapter was so beautiful and heartfelt, I was just blown away.
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 33 . 12/20/2017
I HATE James. He is a vile person and he's evil. How could he think it's good for his "daughter" (putting that in quotes because he's barely been a parent) to take her away from the only parent that has ever raised her.
He clearly doesn't care about Elyse in the slightest ad he's a selfish bitch.
Sorry for my rant.
But I find him truly despicable.
I also don't really like Alice. I don't think what she did was fair and I thought she was selfish. I was disappointed that rather than being upset with Alice, she turned it on herself and made herself feel bad. When in fact, Alice thought she knew what was best for Bella, which is so insulting, and completely ignored her wishes.
So not a huge fan of Alice.
I am seriously so in love with this story! The drama and the intrigue just keep me going!
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 31 . 12/20/2017
Still not a huge fan of the Swans.
I am interested to hear their story.
But I don't know how they could just not try harder to talk to their daughter, to actually have a face to face conversation with her.
But I loved the chapter and I can't wait for the next one! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 30 . 12/20/2017
I am not a huge fan of Alice's right now.
I think that going behind your "best friend's" back when her parents, who you barely know, hurt her so bad...that's just not cool.
And I didn't really appreciate the way she tried to "complicate" the situation, because honestly it doesn't seem that complicated.
Bella needed her family and they abandoned her when she needed them. They barely tried, only sending money, without actually trying to talk to her.
Honestly, I fidbher parents extremely disappointing and I think it's horrifying that they haven't reached out by now. Bella was a child when this happened, and they were her parents. They should have been there and supported her and they should be the ones to reach out and mend the horrible relationship that they broke.
So I don't think it's fair of Alice to shift blame on Bella, to go behind her back, and to have all these opinions about the whole thing. While she may think that she's doing what a good friend would do, that wasn't up to her and I think that she's betraying Bella.
I have a feeling Bella won't be upset with her (because she's too nice). But I definitely am disappointed in Alice and I don't think I like her.
Love Edward and love the engagement.
The proposal was so unique and creative and so full of love. This couple continually melts my heart and I love them to pieces! :)
Can't wait for more!
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 28 . 12/20/2017
James is vile.
Go Edward!
Bella was a freaking badass! Love her! :)
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