Reviews for Beautiful Stranger
cullenlover88 chapter 41 . 9/25
wonderful story
Missysue32 chapter 6 . 8/27
Finally! I’m absolutely addicted!
Guest chapter 35 . 11/29/2020
I’m a little confused about one thing. Last chapter of the chapter before when Charlie and Renée are first meeting Elyse, she’s three going on four. But in this chapter she’s five, did I miss something?
Elle Whitecap chapter 41 . 11/13/2020
Started out ok, then Bella became a moron and then it just went blah like nothing particularly special about the plot.
Elle Whitecap chapter 29 . 11/13/2020
Bella is dense. She’s already had the custody process explained to her so the “uh I don’t understand” stuff just makes her look completely stupid.. she nearly has a college degree. She can’t honestly be this dumb
Elle Whitecap chapter 19 . 11/13/2020
I’m sorry but this Bella really is stupid. It’s more than clear to even a moron what James and Victoria are planning and she just hands her daughter over on a silver platter. Frankly, I don’t really know what Edward sees in her. She’s not really that nice, she’s certainly very willfully ignorant. Other than sex, I don’t see what she adds to his life.
frostedglaze chapter 18 . 9/5/2020
Someone needs to sic Rosalie on Victoria.
frostedglaze chapter 16 . 9/5/2020
Yep, and now I just want to slap Bella. It looks like she is falling into James' game once again.
frostedglaze chapter 13 . 9/5/2020
Okay, Edward has redeemed himself, and now I just want to slap James. I don't trust him at all.
frostedglaze chapter 7 . 9/5/2020
I still want to slap Edward, but not as hard as the last chapters. When he told his mom that he only kisses girls he cares for...that means he cared for Lauren.

Bella just made a huge mistake ripping up that letter. There is evidence that she signed for the package. I just hope this does not come back and bite her on the ass.
frostedglaze chapter 6 . 9/5/2020
I'm still pissed of at Edward. First of all, what "stuff" did he do with skanky Lauren? Second, he continued to hurt Bella, and for what Lauren? He disregarded Bella's feelings for a cheap trick who was horrible to his daughter.

I wish Bella would punch him, but she won't. Instead she will say that it is all her fault and let Edward get away with treating her like crap.
frostedglaze chapter 5 . 9/5/2020
Bella should not have to chase Edward. He is the idiot who abandoned her last year and then went out with Lauren and made out with the skank, and liked it! This is now the second time he has put Lauren above Bella. To be honest he does not care about Bella at all. Especially since he was now happy being with Lauren and found the skank to be so smart and wonderful.
MissWM chapter 41 . 8/30/2020
This is a masterpiece! loved it. thanks for sharing!
VryUnique chapter 16 . 5/10/2020
Omg...l just a guess...Victoria can’t have kids...?
Don’t trust James. Thought it might be because of a competition with Edward but maybe not since he seems to have secrets with Vicky.
It was wrong not to tell bella Vicky was coming. Bella was absolutely right that it’s not the same where Edward is concerned. James wasn’t around to have any say in those decisions.
VryUnique chapter 7 . 5/10/2020
No it isn’t her prerogative. She might have full custody but she gets child support so she doesn’t have full control over her daughter. If she wanted that she should have gotten him to sign away parental rights. Unsure if that would have been a good idea or not since I’m unsure if she could have gotten by without the extra cash. Right now in the eyes of the law James was sick and now is better.
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