Reviews for Inviolate
Rangle chapter 19 . 6/28
In the end tho', Brainiac humbled Luthor quite badly. And from what I've read so far, Lex is toothles in this fanfic. This Lex is not smart enough to win against intelligent opponents unless by the grace of plot armor. He's very lacking in preparation, tactics, and adaptation. He only managed to pull though because of Deus Ex Machina aka Plot Armor.
Rangle chapter 6 . 6/27
This Lex is quite tame. He's charging ahead like a stupid naive cape.
Rangle chapter 1 . 6/27
PDAthe Colbert Report. ...hmm the fanfic is kind of dated.
Apex85 chapter 13 . 5/12
...I can never look ath comics the same way again.

From now on, THIS masterpiece will be the only DC Comics canon for me.
Apex85 chapter 5 . 5/9
At first, I was about to call BS on all of those inventions Lex made.

Then I remembered the end of Superman Red Son where he starteed his own millenia spanning dynasty.
Apex85 chapter 4 . 5/9
Damn. I got the chills.

Really regret not reading this story before now.
CyberManiac chapter 24 . 3/17
Ahhhh hahaha I totally called this chapter! Very craftily written - I wonder how many people managed to realize it. I especially loved the paragraphs right before the revealing sentence, where it was talking about the stars on the image. I was like, "Ha! I bet this is a metaphor!" and then I was proven right. It was a fun guessing game.
CyberManiac chapter 13 . 3/16
Well this turned epic! The sort of thing I love.
RecklessBaka chapter 26 . 3/13

I had an assignment to work on. Instead I got hooked onto this story and spent the whole day binge reading it...

Thanks a lot...

Still amazing story. Really makes me happy that people are cranking out quality fanfics, with great characters, amazing plot and well done pacing.

I'm glad that Lex survived, saved the universe and married his two girls. A beautiful ending.

PS. When did Luthor figure out Bruce wasn't Malone?
D3WnmC8aEHAS chapter 26 . 2/3
Fun wish fulfillment story. I have quite a few gripes with some of the situations, but overall very enjoyable. Well done!
authority02 chapter 26 . 1/24
He's just like a real superhero now - returning from the dead all the time!
tymofey chapter 26 . 1/22
This was magnificent. Thank you.
moonberserker chapter 26 . 1/15
This is the best Luthor story ever. Thanks for the good read.
dogbertcarroll chapter 26 . 1/4
Brilliant story and I loved the ending!
dogbertcarroll chapter 13 . 1/1
Teddy Manhunter makes me laugh far too much!
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