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Rorschach's Blot chapter 24 . 2/22/2011
Damn good read
nick012000 chapter 24 . 2/9/2011
I'll point out that the Appalachian mountains should stop any tsunamis from reaching further westward than their slopes; they may not be as tall as the Rocky Mountains, but they're still mountains. Lex should know this and realise that something is up as soon as he heard that the tsunami flooded so far west.
anon chapter 24 . 2/7/2011
I have always wanted to see Lex’s Black Mercy fantasy and maybe some others as well

At first I was hoping for Tommy “Hush” Elliot but after thinking about it, Joker is great and him taking Quinn’s name bothered me at first but it’s great because people still don’t know exactly who Joker was before

Aw they got divorced after Joker’s redemption that’s too bad but at least it was amicable

That’s so cool that she’s with Pam on J586

Sad it wasn’t the real Ra’s who (albeit forcibly) united the Middle East

Alright Gorilla City

Alright Waller

Aw poor Pete Ross

Oh yeah Red Son shout out extending life

Alright shout out to Lex’s armor in Crisis on Two Earths

Go Lex

At first the God-Emperor bothered me Lex doesn’t want people to worship him, but I loved the way it was explained

Loved the Brother Eye thing

The Black Mercy either people know or they take the logical next step and show the whole be careful what you wish for thing but Lex had to give up what he wants most still hope he gets at least some of that though

Not sure I’m digging the whole dirty old man thing with Cassandra

This is awesome

You are a genius
deathsheadx chapter 24 . 2/7/2011
I have always wondered why you went with Dead lena as i know technically she's not dead in the continuity this diverges from. As it is, the fact you did lends itself perfectly to the brutal realisation Lex goes through.

Also i find it makes twisted sense how brutal Lex's escape would be in comparison to superman's from the Black Mercy, as unlike Superman who has a lot of heart as they say, Lex is a man who has been so far over the line there is hardly anything left that could halm him emotionally enough to break free.
Saeth Ceirwyn chapter 24 . 2/7/2011
Poor Lex! Mind screwage is the worst form of toying, the most painful.

Well Lex really is Loki now, having let himself die to achieve his goal. It's the final thing he has to loose in order to be free.
MDLv3.2 chapter 24 . 2/7/2011
Ah, the "Black Mercy" gambit! The one thing that is truly inescapable - the Heart's Desire. And the only way to get out is to metaphorically tear out your own heart.

Well, since Superman once escaped one of those traps, Lex would have to so he could say he's at least equal. Karmic necessity and all that.

If the Guardians resorted to this, this most be the penultimate moment. All defenses gone, all lies stripped bare. All large blue melon-shaped objects smashed with a big golden sledgehammer.

enderverse chapter 24 . 2/7/2011
Love it. Completely awesome.
EveryDayHeresy chapter 23 . 2/1/2011
I am so very happy I found this story. I absolutely love it. Well done. Can't wait to see the end game.
Jen Rock chapter 23 . 1/30/2011
This story is amazing! The characterizations of everyone are perfect. I love all the little details and the humor. The Manhunter teddy bear was hilarious. I almost hope it survives but I'm sure Lex planned it's destruction pretty well.

Your explanations for why so many alien survivors end up on Earth and why so many mad scientists can build giant, destructive robots and yet can't seem to function in normal society is brilliant and makes perfect sense. I love all the cameos and appearances, especially Dr. Polaris since I'm a fan of his. I look forward to more.
Maxwell Gray chapter 23 . 1/27/2011
If Im right in what you want for the gold lantern corps. I can imagine a big speech for the gold lantern corps, "We are The Gold Lantern Corps; We are the rebels, the freedom fighters, the black sheep, and we fight for revolution, we fight for the lost! AND I'LL BE DAMNED IF WE DON'T TAKE IT BACK!
TrisakAminawn chapter 23 . 1/25/2011 Lex is still such a complete bastard, but he's pulling some crazy awesome stunts. My credulity is strained by how much he's getting away with, especially being high-handed with the Justice League et al, and by some of his interactions with Mercy and Eve, but that's pretty much it. Okay, and the Green Lantern scene in Coast City had a manufactured difficulty early on and then went much too smoothly for Lex.

I knew it was going to wind up going back to the Guardians from...absurdly early, although that could just be because I despise them. Has anyone ever liked them? Honestly? The cosmic forces of the universe only show up in comics to be dickheads. Cosmic scale comics are really depressing, actually. But I think you've managed to make them so nasty I was somewhat surprised. Not the war and scapegoating, what Stewart's been reporting lately.

Last few chapters have gotten kind of...warped in Lex's favor, more than they were at the start. I like him better with gimmicky pistols, unfinished battlesuits, and improvised cloth rope than in histrionically over-successful and self-aggrandizing ploys with Brimstone. As awesome as that was, it seemed kind of lacking on the follow-through. So...yeah, I guess I did have more critique than I thought. I'm good at critique. I also love this story and it had me laughing my head off repeatedly.

Okay, now the *talky* part starts.

The Manhunter spiel way back when has stuck in my mind. Some of it was bad history, of course, but considering we're in the DCU it was stunningly good history. The hypothalamus scarring that apparently explains why all the advanced tech that gets thrown around in comics never seems to change the world (why Reed Richards Is Useless and Status Quo Is God, not to mention the originally central examination of why Cut Lex Luthor A Check never worked out-by the way, I was referred to Inviolate by TVTropes ;D-and probably why Babs never got new legs) instead of putting it on the real meta reasons, was so tidy I was /seriously/ impressed, about equally to my astonishment at the variety of new and awesome things you manage to have Lex do. The thing with Batman-I wish Lex would stop with the Mallone thing, I find myself horribly embarrassed on his behalf, even though having him figure out exactly that much and no more was the ideal apogee to keep the universe working, like dozens of continental poets having their young knights fight Sir Gawain almost to a standstill but not beat him, because that would be tasteless. (I happen to think Lancelot is a little tasteless, but more to the point he's a creature of a later age. Either way, a Lex Luthor who breaks the laws of Sue the way Sir Lancelot did is probably not a good thing, so the flirting with the edge thing you did there was splendid.)

But the history. Right. That the Prester John story only relocated to Africa after it became obvious that the Mongols weren't Christians and so on is kind of irrelevant. It's the goddamned DCU, so just seeing Prester John at all is geek points awesome. That the only empire any of the Crusades gave heart-wounds to was Byzantium, which was already fading at the time, equally irrelevant. Han China I can't reliably comment upon, and the Reich thing was frankly interesting.

The fact that Rome was sacked because it fell, rather than falling because it was sacked, that's important, because it relates to some of the fic's major themes. By the time the Ostrogoths were looting instead of accepting citizenship, Rome was already going nowhere threatening. The thing about Rome, and various arcs of China, and the Muslim empires, is that once they reached a livable equilibrium as powers, they shifted their focus to maintaining it, and eventually conditions changed and mistakes were made and they declined, failing to adapt. This has been the story of civilization on Earth; this tendency of people to stop innovating and striving once comfortable is also, in the world of this story, the fault of systematic crippling of our racial capacities by the Manhunters.

What's interesting is that the modern, or at least twentieth-century, corporate paradigm of constant expansion is contrarily being put forth in this story as the model for healthy, normal civilizations. What life would and should do without the Guardians of Oa and their sabotage. History doesn't exactly bear that out, cosmic blue aliens aside; I'm thinking the longevity of the empire Alexander son of Philip built in his lifetime versus that which Orhan son of Osman advanced considerably on firm footing and left to his sons to continue. Twenty years to six hundred. Certainly there is a marvelous power in growth, and the principle that as long as an institution keeps reaching out and finding new resources to exploit it need never fade or die seems pretty solid. The colonial premise, mind, but as long as it's sustainable it should work, absent acts of deity. In fact, a more accurate depiction of the Fall of Rome would have been more in line with the general drive of the piece on this front, which might be why the inaccuracy surprised me.

It's just...I can't accept that as a model for healthy long-term anything. Even trees go back to the dirt eventually, and they're the closest thing to a natural example of the principle of constant expansion I can think of offhand, which is why farmland cleared from jungle is exhausted so quickly. Other than that, there are invasive species like kudzu, which are out of whack with their new reality, or else there's the kind of killer viruses that tear through a body reproducing and move on to do it in other bodies by the time they've killed the first one, and cancer. Vicious parasites and something that isn't even a life-form, just a cooperation error in the commune of cells called an animal body. /Not/ good role-models.

What the Guardians did to Lobo's race in this story was monstrous, naturally. Killing them off was completely uncalled-for by any measure, /especially/ since they were absurdly nice. It is also true that the idea of that kind of a breeding rate coming to share my planet is frankly terrifying, no matter how nice they were. (Which is why I allow that anti-immigration bigots have a slightly better point than most of their fellows. Not morally, but pragmatically.) Space may be infinite, but space in which to live distinctly fails to be so. The capitalist's mantra makes sense from Lex. After all, he may have embarrassed himself badly with it, but he definitely deserved that orange ring. As a model for running a universe or even a planet, it has however got certain flaws, so...yeah, that bugged me. Though it's not as if the fact that Lex is crazy awesome in this story means he's a role model, his /is/ a righteous crusade. With gore.

/Imposition/ of order is a serious free-will problem, but it is the nature of life to consume at the expense of other life, and boundary conditions always appear to anything eventually. This plot reduces to the problem of just government, law and order set against rights and freedom. This whole demon Guardian thing is like communist-state abuses writ large, without any of the normal 'reasons' things go wrong when people are trusted with power except ego. And fear, I suppose. The Guardians often read as cowards.

Obviously, Luthor is not an anarchist; proper political anarchy does not produce nearly the kind of surplus of goods or power he prefers, for one thing, and is terribly inefficient. Though it would probably work better with advanced technology. But...yeah. Apart from 'crazy awesome,' the problem of balancing dead order and cancerous growth was the main thing I took away from this story, although strictly speaking the text doesn't address it.

Oh, yeah. And, yay Gold Lanterns! It's kind of creepo that Sinestro's been handed that power to share with people who are almost certainly horribly evil in their own right, though bringing Barbara in helps, but I always thought gold would be nice to have. Used it in a mirror-world expansion at one point. What are they symbolically here, though? The Free Will Brigade?

Good lord, this is long. I still have nearly two thousand characters at my disposal, though, so I feel no shame. Okay, that's a lie. Uhm, receipt on delivery? o_o;

verystrangest chapter 23 . 1/22/2011
The perfect Lex Luthor redemption fic.
MDLv3.2 chapter 23 . 12/31/2010
Oh my. Oh my.

Gold Lantern Corps? Unexpected. I knew Stewart was mass-producing reprogrammed rings, but I was expecting standard Green, and using the slide to replace the ones under Oan control. Manufacturing a new Corps was not expected.

Gold as the color of Free Will? I like it. In the comics there have been ring Corps built on cold emotionless Will, on Fear, Hope, Greed, Compassion, Rage, and Love, as well as life and death. And they were all failures. Building a Corps on the concrete and very non-abstract concept of Freedom might be interesting. If there's a spin-off of this, it might be "Tales of the Gold Lantern Corps".

Excellent Sinestro. Also an excellent showing of Lex's spiritual evolution - while still pragmatic, he can now be horrified.

Now for the Central Power Battery. It would be cool if Lex got there first and when the Guardians showed up, he could say, "You're wondering why I called you here. I intend to reveal Whodunnit." :D
anon chapter 23 . 12/31/2010
Forgot to say can't wait to see Lex and his self chosen destiny
anon chapter 23 . 12/31/2010
Oh be careful Lex you sure you want to pick up superhero punning

Loved the Lord of the Rings reference

I liked that back and forth Lex and Sinestro had talking about women liking a man in uniform but mostly how while they need his ruthlessness he may find redemption, love seeing how Lex is both pragmatic and giving other villains a chance to avoid the self destructiveness

Oh Barbara this is going to be interesting, she had the whole everyone walks or she doesn't, maybe Lex could take care of that, it was AWESOME!

This is great you are a genius
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