Reviews for To Color A Marigold
Tuliharja chapter 1 . 8/8/2011
This was really deep. That why I'm already sorry if I can't express myself that well in this review...When something is enough deep, the words just seems just so useless to describe the thing.

I really enjoyed how you'd captured Kira's personality. How he saw the world he saw and how it seemed sort of 'crash' down because Gin's betraying...That why, it was somewhat ironic in the battle (last, big one) his world seemed to come back. And thanks to Kyoraku.

I usually dislike Kira, but this actually added enough depth to him, for me not to dislike him anymore that badly. This was really interesting to read...And I could just see in my eyes Kira's face when he heard Kyoraku's words.
Tomas the Betrayer chapter 1 . 5/2/2010
This right here shows a godlike ability to touch upon another person's creation. Maybe 'godlike' sounds like over-the-top flattery, but I gave it some thought, and the word came out as appropriate in my mind.
I like Kira. It started out as a simple appreciation for the ruthlessness he displayed fighting Rangiku. But my favor was cemented only recently, when he mentally devastated the rogue zanpakuto Kazeshini before cutting the cringing wretch down. That was a great scene. But here I find that you have gotten closer to him than I ever did, VioTanequil!
I really liked the mental image of Kira explaining his fighting style to members of the Eleventh, and gaining no more than befuddled stares from those muscle-heads. "...and that's why I do it!" "...Guh...?" I had intended to review after reading that. But you really threw me for a loop at the end, when you pointed out that of all the things Izuru regretted, his victories in battle were not on the list. It would have been criminal for me not to leave some words after being stunned by that thought! And it's really a smart way to look at it. Only Ichigo goes, "Oh, this isn't how I wanted to win! It's not fair, here, cut my arm and leg off!" With our downcast lieutenant, it's not a matter of coming out feeling like you did a heroic job of it. It's finishing the fight before it can finish you. You're not supposed to be pleased-as-punch afterwards.
Kira and Kyoraku should go out drinking after this, they're both inclined that way to begin with. Remember that hilarious scene after the 'Shinigami Golden' description of his zanpakuto, when Hisagi remarked on how Izuru always hit the bottle so hard? Really, those two were meant to get smashed together! Well, I think that's all I have to say. My compliments on being able to create such a wonderfully insightful work. Keep it up, VioTio!
WinterVines chapter 1 . 12/22/2009
Wow. Deep thinking. That's what I like about your fics. A lot of them are like that. I appreciate people that think things out. And you're so good at delivering that. -WV
Moomoogirl1 chapter 1 . 11/26/2009
Interesting insightful intake on Izura's "grief and war" values. I liked this. It was nicely written and executed. :)