Reviews for You Love Me Once
raspberry63 chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
Wow, I just discovered this story and it was so good! Very well written, and an unexpected couple, but you made it work. You're really good. The end was very sad (you nearly made me cry) but the last line of Xena was perfect. If you feel like writing another story an this couple, don't hesitate! (or Ephiny with someone else, I totally love her).
the mighty lu bu chapter 1 . 1/24/2010
Here is a review for this story that has none.

Far as i can see it, i don't know why it don't. It is a very well told short Xena story covering an issue about Xena rarely covered and but clearly obvisous.

That is that Everyone loves Gabrielle and she is a real bitch to them and that Xena helps so many of her freinds but they confort Gabby not Xena.

I like gabrielle but i always thoaght that was crappy. Especially in joxer's case. Joxer is a cluts and something of a dumb ass, but if i had a freind that treated me the way he treated Gabrielle i would be nice to them (hopefully if this person happened to be a dude, he left the lover portion out.)

However gabby always treated him aweful, even after he was dead sometimes.

To the helicon and back an Amazon who scared refered to herself as Joxer facing the dryads. She did not say joxer saved them or anything.

Joxer was not cowardly. Lets see, for his freinds he went up against Callisto three times, dahak, Ares, Xena, eve and countless barbarions.

But no!

Gabrielle did not defend joxer and say he was brave.

Sorry about all that. nothing like a good rant. Very good short story, keep writing/