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xgodxsendx chapter 1 . 9/29
hey finish this fanfiction
SamuraiBuddha chapter 1 . 9/11
Love it
PugTheMagician chapter 58 . 8/27
Annoyingly i'm going to have to stop reading here at chp 58. I just jumped to the last chapter to see if my fears of the story being abandoned were founded and they are. I just can't stand reading a great story like this only for it to be cut off unsatisfyingly so i'm stopping because hinata and sakura deciding to share is as good a ending as i'm likely to get. Now to get away from my whining lets get back to the review. I absolutely LOVED that you had gunzo think deidaras art was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and his plans afterwards to make an even bigger explosion. I am dissapointed that we didn't see the battle against sasori as whilst i doubt it would have been horribly different from canon i though hinatas inclusion would have made some good changes. I am glad that you didn't kill off sai i actually like your sai more than the manga one so i'm glad he servived his betrayal of root. I was confused why you had gaara die from the extraction since without kisame there it should have taken much longer to seal and sinc the show had them getting there just as he died i would have expected your naruto to have reached there part way through the sealing. I really like your ability for zabuzas blade and that you actually have a reason for it. It also explains why his sensei would be glad he recieved that sword as due to its limited uses he would be sure not to become someone relying on one thing above all like th other swordsmen. I liked th fights in the root ambush, especially hakus as even thouh he had the disadvantage he still beat his opponent, even showing that he learnt mor than just ice jutsu and how you had his sword freeze him alive in a desert. I also like that the sakura hinata vs torune fu one at least started out as a teamwork battle. I am reeeeeally happy that kushina was able to get rid of her sharingan suggestion and was curious what mikotos complete reasons were. I like how kushina decimated gai kurenai and the eternal chuunin as it was pretty cool if short. And i absolutely love that when naruto found out he could be with both hinata and sakura zombie jiraya rose from the grave
PugTheMagician chapter 50 . 8/25
I loved the kiri chunin exams, they were clever and focused heavily on knowing when to fight and when not. I thought amis samurai armor puppet was alright, especially its flight capabilities. I liked the prison break arc and how it forced ino to toughen up considerably. The race mission with idate was very well done in my opinion, especially having him be a root operative. I am honestly a little worried at the small number pf chapters left when we are only getting into shippuden now but i trust it will end well. I absolutely loved the yakumo arc and how it both repaired her relationship with kurenai and helped kurenai decide to get with guy. I liked the isaribi on as well. The way you had all of ankos team grinning at the idea of blowing up a base full of sea monsters was just great. I am curious how the confrontation between naruto and kushina will go down, will it be tragic, will it be happy? I guess i'll find out
Ratchet2546 chapter 64 . 8/24
You've worked too hard to just abandon this story man.
PugTheMagician chapter 40 . 8/21
I really like what you are doing with the filler arcs so far. I thought that you had raiga and ranmarus relationship be more sinister than the animes was interesting. I absolutely loved that you had hakus summons be the penguins of madagascar, though calling the youngest genin rather than private did annoy me a bit. Interesting how you let tayuya keep the curse mark and how it worked. I like that naruto got to learn about kushina, it should make their confrontation much more interesting and emotional. I also find the conspiracy with ibiki and shibi to be intriguing, i wonder how things will go with danzou considering h has some aburames of his own. Loved the little thing about rather than mei becoming momochi zabuza should become a terumi, that was good for some laughs. i like Fu, especially that she got her lessons on mating from icha icha. She seemed very lonely an i hope she meets an aburami or a kamizuru clan member, i remember in one story i read they almost worshipped her biju. I'm a bit dissapointed at the kiri rebellion just for how short it was and that it was only from 2 points of view rather than varied. I feel that ino is being rather pathetic at the moment especially with how she is disregarding what everyone else says about her. I loved that the reason ami hated hinata was that she risked ruining her future female harem, that is just great
PugTheMagician chapter 30 . 8/18
Interesting how you used a new arc to end with tsunade becoming hokage and naruto learning rasengan. I like that you brought shinno and amaru into it as well and am curious what he would use his favour for. One thing i've liked about your story so far i that it has a great balance between new action and the same vibe the actual show had. Alot of the time i steer clear of fics like that but just like with pre-shippuden sakura you are doing a good job at getting me to like it. I like ami now, though like alot of shinobi i think she is way to limited in her skillset. And having her be angry and after sasuke because she is lesbian and scared what others would think made her alot more human to me. I like how you had sakura act pretty badass in the snow arc with her taking out a carriage, slitting a guys throat then using his own turret. I hope that now she is apprenticed to tsunade i don't see a lack of badassery on her part. When you had kakashi tell sasuke his life story i actually hoped he woul take it to heart an not join orochimaru. Good idea for orochimarus new jutsu, i'm calling it in my head the parasitic soul clone (not quite catchy is it?), it is definately something he would do and the fact it was first used on an innocent 13 yearold boy definately helps in the "orochimaru is an evil bastard" front. I like how you had minor changes in the sasuke retrieval arc like how since kimimaro wasn't ill anymore he lived after coming out of his bone spire (what good that did him) or that you had the sound five injected with a trigger released chakra bomb in case of capture. One thing i am dissapointed with so far is narutos lack of jutsu. Earlier when he was still traveling with zabuza it was said that he kept learning jutsu fast and had almost cleaned zabuza out on ones to learn, yet so far since naruto came back to konoha we have only seen his exploding rock clone and some air bullets, no water prisons or dragons or maybe even a simple rock wall. That is my only qualm so far, that you built him up to be a virtual library of jutsu yet you have him only spamming shadowclones and the occasional air bullet. I am surprised that rin went to danzou willingly, i wonder how the inevitable meeting between kakashi and rin will go down now. The sam can be said for kushina, will she be released from the sharingans compulsion or will she end up dead probably by narutos own hands cursing him as the kyuubi. I look forward to reading the next 10 chapters for the answers to some
PugTheMagician chapter 20 . 8/14
I like what you did with the chuunin exams. I like that you deviated from the norm by not having sasuke recieve the curse mark and how not having its power and weakness it changed things along the way. Like how he didn't have the juice for more than two chidori a day. Also very clever way you had naruto win his fight against sasuke in the finals. I also thought shikamaru's tactic of a circulor field of shadow around him was clever and he rightfully should have won had he had the resolve. It was also refreshing seeing shikamaru heated up about not having naruto join konoha as you can always expect interesting things to happen when he actually cares about something. The early capture of team dosu was good, i especially liked naruto having his clones set up like a fireing squad, nice touch with the sword swing. I like that sakura showed some backbone an actually broke sasukes nose. I'm not generally a fan of pre-shippuden sakura (okay fine i hated her) but your one i am starting to like. I like ho you had hinata and sakura reform their friendship and that it DIDN'T get ruined by their mutual attraction. I wonder, is the fact that polygamy isn't illegal not widely know or is it simply a case of being brought up with only 1 man for only 1 woman being the general formula. I am curious what will happen with kushina considering her mental instability, will she ever be cured or god forbid will she actually try again to kill naruto like she tried at his birth? Kudos again on changing how tsunades retrieval went, i can honestly say i have never seen it done like that.
PugTheMagician chapter 10 . 8/11
I liked the zamas part of the story and how it lead to naruto reveling his jinchuriki status. I especially liked that as a result of naruto leaving one guy alive it lead to the root agents and orochimarus goons becoming aware of him an who he was travelling with. I also like how you gave a bit more info into how zabuzas coup attempt went and why mei wasn't originally involved. I also like how you changed the wave arc, especially the use of the ice clone as a decoy dead body
DarksiderForever chapter 1 . 8/2
Cool. This is a brilliant idea. Cant wait to see where it goes. I would have picked a crazier teacher, but what can ya do.
Kiara.Queen.of.Kaos chapter 64 . 5/23
Awesome story.
nlaci55 chapter 64 . 5/17
I love this story so much I hope one day you will continue
Kiara.Queen.of.Kaos chapter 3 . 5/15
Kiara.Queen.of.Kaos chapter 2 . 5/15
holy Shit this is awesome.
Chaoticist chapter 33 . 5/3's the thing. Kushina was the previous container for the nine-tails. So she knows from personal experience that he isn't the demon. So stories where she lives but wants to kill him for taking away her husband and "son" disappoint me greatly. It was a great ride up to here, but I can't continue reading.
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