Reviews for The Dream Is True
ElvenQueen18 chapter 1 . 10/12/2015
I was in the mood to read some Shirou/Saber fics, and even though I have quite a few of them on my favorite stories list, I wanted to see if I could find one I hadn't read yet.

Lo and behold, I came across this gem. :)

I can sum up this one-shot in one word: Beautiful. In about a thousand words, you managed to capture the sheer devotion Shirou has for Saber. For him, it doesn't matter how much harder his life has gotten ever since the Grail War ended - it'll all be worth it once he and Saber reunite in the ever-distant utopia. It's like the hope Shirou has for a reunion with the woman he loves serves as the light shining at the end of a dark tunnel.

I also like that you touched on the fact that Shirou has had to deal with issues that are very similar to Saber's. Sure, the exact circumstances surrounding their respective issues are different, but both Shirou and Saber are self-sacrificing to a fault, have low self-worth, and feel immense guilt over something in their pasts whether said guilt is justified or not. Their similarities are such an important aspect of their romance that, honestly, Shirou could've said, "I am you," at any point during this one-shot and I would have totally understood what he was saying.

All in all, this is lovely stuff, and I give you a gold star.
night-rainbow27 chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
*takes in a deep breath* That was so good! I loved it! I thought it was a very realistic piece from Shirou's POV, though it had a more optimistic turn that my story did. You portrayed Shirou's feelings for Saber very well, especially where you said "the sake of everyone else, you gave your life, body and heart." The next sentence is deinitely favorite. So very true on Saber part and Shirou trying to convince her otherwise.

It was very well written, loved the description and the depth of his feelings. It was, somehow refreshing to read this, though i can't explain in words why.

The only that that slightly tugged at me were the two setences in parentheses. While i understood the purpose of them, i personally never liked to use parentheses in my writing and don't care for them when i'm reading. But that's a matter of opinion, really.

All in all, a definite fave. :) Maybe you should try letting your mind do the writing more often. As for what you said in your A/N, i think it was pretty balanced. It was too optimistic to be angst and much too realistic, in my eyes, for it to be fluff. Great job!