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Guest chapter 83 . 6/26
Kagome is now in the place that Kikyo once was to her with Inuyasha and Kanna. Only Kagome is filled with compassion even after dying and being brought back. Her heart is overflowing with love and acceptance. Kagome's ability to love others is what brought everyone together. She was born to be sent back 500 years, so that she could be the bridge between humans and demons and half-demons. I think she will change the past so that her own time will in turn be changed, or perhaps things will fall into place, just as she was meant to be where she is now. Everything comes full circle.
TsukiyoTenshi chapter 100 . 6/25
Could I just ask a really quick question?
Um, I know the meanings of enough of the flowers that you'd used in the story, or rather the primary meanings, but the secondary and so on and so forth after that I was unaware of. So my question is: Did you have a reference for the floral language meanings you used here?

Loved this fic, by the way! I loved Rin's honest and blunt comments, though as that might sound it really did capture the childish nature of children seeing and understanding more than adults, or at least that's just my opinion...
Guest chapter 100 . 6/22
i love this story thank you for writing it
lilac.firecracker chapter 44 . 6/11
kanna and inuyasha? hmm...
PhoenixAsh6953 chapter 100 . 6/3
I read this story a long time ago when you first posted it, and I didn't have an account then so I couldn't really leave a review. I don't know if this will even count as a review, actually, but I feel the need to say it: this story is what got me hooked on the Kagome/Sesshomaru pairing and I've been addicted ever since. I love the way you write romance. It's so sweet while at the same time not full of tired cliches: just the right amount of cliche ;)! I was going through a bit of a rough spot a few years back emotionally, and this story actually served a great escape for me. I loved keeping an eye out for the next chapter. So I just wanted to say, thank you so much for kinda being my therapist, even if you didn't realize it.
Isfahiyah chapter 24 . 5/17
True to your heart...You must be true to your heart...That's when the heavens will part...And baby shower you with my love...Open your eyes...Your heart will tell you no lies...And when you're true to your heart...You know it's gonna lead you straight to me...(insert saxophone and crazy dancing dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy)
Isfahiyah chapter 16 . 5/17
So, I've read this story before, but I'm terrible about reviewing most of the time. I apologize for that. It's awesome and very well-written, and Rin is adorable. Everyone should have a Rin. I also wanted to let you know that "In Flanders Fields" started playing in my head as soon as Rin picked the flower, which is a little weird for an InuYasha fic but very apropos for the chapter...
Ariastella chapter 72 . 4/6
So, basically, you're saying that Naraku, or as he is now, Naratama, has officially been downgraded from "Menace" to "Sesshomaru's Stress Ball." I find this fate to be cruel, but fitting.
Ariastella chapter 46 . 4/6
The only thing that could've made that scene better is if Kagome turned & shouted to the very wind "Newsflash, hussy, I already knew that." Also, the names Kagaku & Nagura refuse to leave me alone.
Ariastella chapter 44 . 4/6
I know the story's already over, & for all I know, you could already have addressed this in a later chapter, perhaps even the next 1. However, at the risk of making a complete fool of myself, I still wish to add my 2 cents. It would be adorable/funny if Kagome also informed the group about the Holiday Tradition that also comes with Mistletoe. *wink*
kyokomisuto chapter 100 . 4/1
I think I just found my new favorite story never before has a story made me cry this much but also make me so happy to read
fanficfanatic711 chapter 76 . 2/25
Some are but a lot are either gay or married. *sigh*
fanficfanatic711 chapter 62 . 2/25
Men are like blenders, you need one but you're not sure why.
fanficfanatic711 chapter 48 . 2/25
fanficfanatic711 chapter 12 . 2/25
Inuyasha is a Rin is a Kagome is a(n)
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