Reviews for The Ways of Will
Eika chapter 1 . 11/29/2002
Nice! But I won't continue, sorry, I HATE ROMANCE!
sugar sweet2 chapter 6 . 7/29/2002
Awww, your story is soo sweet! i luved it! awesome job, i hope that you keep writing FF IX stories! _
zorn and thorn chapter 6 . 7/15/2002
Zorn:We shall slay the normal reviewer!

Thorn:Slay the normal reviewer we shall!

Zorn: This fic was great!

Thorn:Great this fic was!

Zorn: I give meteor power to Thorn!

Thorn: To Zorn, I give flare power!

Zorn: Flare!


(normal reviewe is fried to a world rejoices)
Junsui chapter 2 . 4/5/2002
I think normal reviewer was having PMS. If it's a guy, then that is pathetic. Not being a fan of romance myself, (in fact, I despise it) I thought this was the least sappy, most lucid one I have ever read. I love all of your fics. They are always well reasoned and logical, and they don't leave gaps. Also to normal reviewer, romance is never predictable. That's what makes it such a nasty thing. You can't manipulate it. Keep writing Sly Eagle, and normal reviewer can fuck a cow in their spare time.
Kato chapter 6 . 4/5/2002
Hey... this truly was a unique fic. I RARELY review any fics anymore. So feel special. ;

You really do have a nack for this sort of thing. I hope you make lots more of them for me to read. _ Keep up the good work! No flamers here!

Victoria Hughes chapter 6 . 4/4/2002
aaah, so sweet! ::dies from sap overdose::

Children? *smirk* could be interesting ...

Erm ... Terra sounds like a really cool world. It looks like you crossed Earth with some unique ideas of your own. It's a nice balance. I love your descriptions of New Bran Bal, Zidane's choice of clothing, Garnet's wedding dress, and the wedding in general. Additionally, I like how you make Zidane more mature, and yet still keep his personality. His usage of his Terran identity is perfect! And you capture Garnet and Zidane's interaction well.

By the way, Garnet looked really pretty with short hair. x

Er ... what else? Uh, uh ... shoot! It's good! Keep writing, I like your work!
Bishie no Miko chapter 1 . 2/23/2002
Dammit, when will I learn to read the reviews first to see if I must screech at some moronic idiot for slamming an excellent work? Really.

First of all, "normal reviewer," (and I don't need to express my feelings about not signing things and being a cowardly ass, since that's already been done), I wonder what your motivation was for leaving such a trashy flame. Did the authoress do something bad to you? Are you bitter about romance? Did you need to insult somebody better than you to make yourself feel big? Because for some reason, you were driven to actually spout lies to make mindless gibberish look more legit (at least to you anyway), as if trying extra-hard to hurt someone's feelings. Really now, if you're going to lie, at least tell a good one. E-mailed Square, huh? Told you everything, did they? Well, you must be one lucky bastard, because Square's not exactly the friendliest company around (I seem to remember a friend merely requesting permission for her school choir to perform a Final Fantasy song, and they kindly took the time to deny her the privelage). You must be *real* special for them to actually write you something personal and time-consuming like a game explanation.

And when insulting someone, at LEAST insult them properly! You gave NO examples; if Zidane and Garnet don't act "naturally," or if the plot is "lame" and "predictable," at LEAST give reasons WHY you think so! Oh... wait, perhaps you tried, but you couldn't... due to the fact that you CAN'T find examples of such things. After all, Sly Eagle has characterization damn-near perfected. And why is it that you took the time to read her other stories? I mean, it's a strange thing to do, since you hate her so much. Unless you just scanned the top of "Between the Lines" to see what it's vaguely about for the single purpose of insulting it, which is REALLY pathetic. And your other insults just won't do, either; telling someone they should write a book instead of wasting their time with fanfiction is a rather weak hit, especially since your point seems to be that she "sucks." And not only is it weak, but you reveal something shallow about yourself when you say such things... which is a bad move for ANY flamer, since you need to look as intelligent as possible. Waste of time? We write because we love it, and because we love something enough to write about it. It's not a waste of time at all. I pity you, poor soul, who apparently thinks nothing is worthwhile unless you're being paid.

It seems you're right about one thing, though (gasp!): people ARE lenient at , and bad stories are rarely treated as such, often getting reviews identical to those given to masterpieces. But did it ever occur to you WHY? That people don't always enjoy hurting other people? I've also noticed that the only stories that really get flamed viciously are the good ones. Maybe that's because people aren't as worried about hurting some poor person's feelings, but I have another theory: that it's because the good ones are strong enough in character development, plot, and above all, proof, to challenge people's own beliefs about something... be it minor or something major. Which, in turn, confuses and insults those insecure people who can't take any challenges, lest their world crumble around them. And so they do the only thing they can do: lash out. Of course, this is just an opinion.

Well, "face reality," as you put it. Don't pick fights with the big girls. You'll just embarass yourself.

Oh, and sorry for taking up so much ranting space, Sly Eagle... It's just, I didn't review very constructively anyway, and defending you was a good way to do it. People like him/her just... just get under my skin sometimes, ya know? ; On a side note, I'm looking forward to your next chapter in your continuation fic about their kids! Love your work!
Bishie no Miko chapter 6 . 2/23/2002
*giggle* AWWWW! That was so cuuuute! *grin* I finally got enough time to read this thing. Heehee! Don't tell Outlaw Star fans, though, because they'll kill me for not writing my fic. *sweatdrop* But it was so good! And luckily I know what all that means. *whew* except for the Des You Ni part... rrr... *runs to her universal translator* DAAAAAAAD!
Metropolis Works chapter 1 . 2/23/2002
"Normal" reviewer? Shutup : THIS STORY KICKS ASS. I highly doubt you could e-mail SquareSoft and have them explain everything. If that really DID happen, good for you but dont screw up others days with you "lame" reviews :) I also notice your just a simple peasant folk with no account to or anything... so shutup and mind your own business. (NO OFFENCE to those of you who are NOT apart/member to . Its losers like "Normal" Reviewer that mess the whole system of things up... TO THE AUTHOR: VERY GOOD! Extremely interesting. It was a no put down the book type thing if ya know what I mean _~ Love it. A lot of information and well explains the characters.

YOUR story, YOUR ideas, YOUR mood setting.

"Keep it that way."

- Silvara the Silver Dragon
Yuffie143 chapter 6 . 2/19/2002
Wonderful! Is that the end? Even if it is, great story! You're style of writing is very nice! I enjoyed it!
Nips chapter 6 . 2/15/2002
the end? is that the end to the whole thing or just the chapter? i hope it's just the chapter. keep it up!
Raiegki Leviathan chapter 6 . 2/15/2002
_ Aww...I luv it.

*Glares at "Normal" Reviewer* What do you think fanfiction is! It's not what's true what's not. It's all about creativity. -_- The only bad writer is one with no creativity. I bet you didn't even e-mail Square, and I highly doubt they'd tell you everything.

Why are you even here? You're the one who needs a life.

Besides, "Normal" Reviewers explain why fics are bad.
Santonea chapter 6 . 2/15/2002
:claps: Nice finish! (And nooo, I don't think it's sappy. Emotional, yes, sweet, yes, sappy, no.) But it's good!

And a note to the incensed reviewer below: You’re being a jerk. If you expected anyone to take you seriously, you should have conducted yourself with some decency and been respectful to the people you’re talking to. You’re also being cowardly. You ought to at least allow the author some method of responding to your “comments.” Finally, you’re simply wrong on all counts.
Normal Reviewer Not Lenient One chapter 6 . 2/15/2002

Can't anyone write a good romance where the male and female act like one normally would? These romances peple write are lame, predictable (I knew what was happening from chapter 1), and just boring. *falls asleep*. get a life. Write a book or something. Why do you write this pointless shit for free? I could see if you were being paid. Nah, this's probably the only way someone will except your work. Oh, and those 'nice' reviews are given to EVERY fic on this site. People are lenient here. Very much so. Face Reality: You Suck. So does your other FFIX fic, the one about the parts they never explain (which is 99% wrong BTW. I e-mailed square and hey explained everything. So ha.)
Midnight Crow chapter 6 . 2/15/2002
Sigh, it seems that everything that has happened today is all over... _ T'was wonderful. Some of the Japanese I could understand. Cheers for Zidane & Dagger.
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